Strategically using linked in for Business


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Deborah Chaddock Brown takes you beyond creating a LinkedIn account to talk about how this powerful social networking site can help to build credibility, build community and build your business.

Starting with making sure you've creating a complete profile, she moves into the tactics of using LinkedIn for a few minutes each day to stay connected to your network and keep your name in front of prospects. She finishes by reviewing the power of people and company searches to assist with sales calls and researching potential prospects.
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Strategically using linked in for Business

  1. 1. Strategically Using LinkedIn In just 15 minutes each dayDeborah AllWrite Ink 2012 1Chaddock Brown
  2. 2. LinkedIn ReviewProfile Must Haves: Your Photo Headline – not a title Customized url: Customized Websites/BlogsDeborah AllWrite Ink 2012 2Chaddock Brown
  3. 3. Deborah AllWrite Ink 2012 3Chaddock Brown
  4. 4. Deborah AllWrite Ink 2012 4Chaddock Brown
  5. 5. Add Sections• Certifications• Courses• Honors and Awards• Languages• Organizations• Patents• Test Scores• Projects• Volunteer Causes• PublicationsDeborah AllWrite Ink 2012 5Chaddock Brown
  6. 6. Add Skill SetsDeborah AllWrite Ink 2012 6Chaddock Brown
  7. 7. Add Applications• Blog• Slideshare• Amazon Reading List• Events• PollsDeborah AllWrite Ink 2012 7Chaddock Brown
  8. 8. Company PageDeborah AllWrite Ink 2012 8Chaddock Brown
  9. 9. LinkedIn in 15 Minutes Each Day Build Credibility Build Community Build BusinessDeborah AllWrite Ink 2012 9Chaddock Brown
  10. 10. Goals• Find a job• Build your network• Find prospects• Inroads to a company• Establish your brandDeborah AllWrite Ink 2012 10Chaddock Brown
  11. 11. Build Your Network• Review Invitations• People You May Know• Adding New Names – Networking events – Potential Customers – Centers of Influence – Group Leaders – Community LeadersDeborah AllWrite Ink 2012 11Chaddock Brown
  12. 12. Invitation Questions• What if I don’t know them?• What if I don’t like them?• What if I changed my mind?• What if I don’t know them but I WANT to?Deborah AllWrite Ink 2012 12Chaddock Brown
  13. 13. Status Updates• LinkedIn Today news• Your network news• RSS Feeds – articles of interest• Promotional messages• To Tweet or Not to Tweet?Deborah AllWrite Ink 2012 13Chaddock Brown
  14. 14. Be Involved• Group Discussions• Questions and Answers• Polls• Events• Don’t Be Dave MaskinDeborah AllWrite Ink 2012 14Chaddock Brown
  15. 15. LinkedIn NetworkDeborah AllWrite Ink 2012 15Chaddock Brown
  16. 16. Deborah AllWrite Ink 2012 16Chaddock Brown
  17. 17. Getting to the Good StuffDeborah AllWrite Ink 2012 17Chaddock Brown
  18. 18. Searching for People• By name• By title• By company• By geographical locationDeborah AllWrite Ink 2012 18Chaddock Brown
  19. 19. Deborah AllWrite Ink 2012 19Chaddock Brown
  20. 20. Deborah AllWrite Ink 2012 20Chaddock Brown
  21. 21. Search for Companies• Industry• Location• Size• Job openings• ConnectionsDeborah AllWrite Ink 2012 21Chaddock Brown
  22. 22. Deborah AllWrite Ink 2012 22Chaddock Brown
  23. 23. Deborah Chaddock BrownAllWriteInk.comSpeaker, Trainer, Website Writer, Author330-414-8792Follow me:Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn@putcustomers1stdeborah@allwriteink.comDeborah AllWrite Ink 2012 23Chaddock Brown