PTC Laboratories (Thailand) DNA Introduction Presentation (English)


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Introduction to PTC Laboratories (Thailand) in English
- Get to know us and how we can help with your DNA needs.
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PTC Laboratories (Thailand) DNA Introduction Presentation (English)

  2. 2. Laboratories THAILAND PTC Paternity Testing Corporation (PTC Laboratories) is one of the largest AABB-accredited DNA testing labs in the world. WELCOME TO THE WORLD’S TRUSTED DNA LABORATORY PTC  Laboratory,  Missouri,  USA.   1996 Founded in Columbia, Missouri, USA. | 2005 Expanded into Asia. | 2008 Thailand office established.
  3. 3. Laboratories THAILAND PTC 50,000+ Annual DNA Tests 2,000+ International Collection Centers 10+ Thailand Collection Centers min. 99.99+% Probability of Accuracy Guarantee
  4. 4. Laboratories THAILAND PTC OUR CORE SCIENTIFIC TEAM We are a family-run laboratory and our scientists are among the most experienced in their field. Our directors, supervisors and managers each have more than 15 years’ experience in high throughput, high-quality DNA testing in a demanding environment. Our key scientists have provided expert testimony in court, and given DNA advice and comment to the media on civic and criminal cases. Our team has helped to identify victims of mass disasters, such as of the 2014 Air Asia Indonesia QZ8501 crash, the 2011 Japanese Tsunami, and 2005’s Hurricane Katrina in the USA. One of PTC’s owners and founders, Michelle Beckwith, is on the board of forensic DNA management and mass fatality consulting organisation, SNA International. She is a key contributing author of the Mass Fatality Identification Team Handbook, adopted by almost all rescue teams, including The Red Cross. & Our Medical Director, Dr. Judith Miles M.D., Ph.D. was the Genetics Consultant to the State of Missouri for more than 25 years, and is the former Director of the Division of Medical Genetics for the University of Missouri, School of Medicine. To learn about our DNA lab technicians & scientists, their qualifications and backgrounds, please click below. meet-the-core-ptc-team
  5. 5. Laboratories THAILAND PTC RFLP ª  Restriction enzyme: Hae III ª  Loci available (8 Loci): D2S44, D10S28, D17S79, D4S136, D7S467, D6S136, D5S110, D1S339 ª  Uses: ¡  For crime labs with old data ¡  Complex family reconstructions LABORATORY CAPABILITIES PCR ª  STR Markers: 26 Loci ª  Y-STR Markers: 23 Loci GENETRAIT LABORATORIES – Pharmacogenetics ª  High throughput automation ª  Quant Studio 12K Flex with open array ª  Accufill ª  King Fisher or Magmax ª  Automated 12 channel pipette &/or robotic liquid handler
  6. 6. Laboratories THAILAND PTC INTERNATIONAL ACCREDITATIONS AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) is the industry-recognised regulating authority for Relationship Testing, required for Legal and Immigration DNA Testing in many countries. The AABB sets all of the regulations for standardisation testing, reporting, and forms, as well as the setting minimum test requirements. ISO17025 is an international accreditation for paternity and forensic testing from the International Standards Organisation. This is a requirement in many countries around the World to perform Legal testing, including Thailand. This authority also sets chain-of-custody rules for Legal Testing. VIEW CERTIFICATES & VIEW CERTIFICATES & DNA REGULATION & ACCREDITATION DNA Relationship Testing is not regulated by a government agency. Therefore, accreditation is the only safeguard a private individual has to know that a paternity testing laboratory is performing sound and accepted scientific methodology. Paternity Testing Corporation (PTC) holds numerous accreditations, making us one of the most utilised and trusted DNA labs in the World.
  7. 7. Laboratories THAILAND PTC INTERNATIONAL ACCREDITATIONS NYDOH is a Relationship Testing Accreditation. New York is the only state in the USA that regulates standards for paternity testing and this stringent accreditation is essential to test anyone in New York for paternity. Paternity Testing Corporation is NYDOH accredited for Parentage & Identity Testing. CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) are regulatory standards that apply to all clinical laboratory testing on humans in the USA, except clinical trials and basic research. Paternity Testing Corporation is CLIA-accredited for our Clinical Testing. VIEW CERTIFICATES & VIEW CERTIFICATES & FOOD & DRUG ADMINISTRATION CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL CENTER FOR MEDICAID SERVICES ASCLD/LAB (American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board) is a not-for-profit organization specializing in the accreditation of public and private crime laboratories since 1982. The organization provides on-going support, education and oversight of facilities striving for excellence in forensic analysis. VIEW CERTIFICATES &
  8. 8. Laboratories THAILAND PTC NOTABLE MENTIONS Utilised by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Criminal Justice System, and Law Enforcement Agencies. Various US State contracts for the Department of Child Support Enforcement and Family Services. Collaboration with many forensic and university labs on smaller projects, including providing support services to the Tech Museum at the Stanford School of Medicine. STTR (Small Business Technology Transfer) research grant, in collaboration with the University of Missouri on genetic screening research, by the US Department of Health and Human Services’ NIH (National Institutes of Health) agency. Forensic Science Research and Development Award for: -  ‘Automated Processing of Sexual Assault Cases Using Selective Degradation’ for the development of a new method of differential extraction (ERASE), by the National Institute of Justice’s (NIJ). - ‘Detection and Quantitation of Spermatozoa’ for the development of a new method of differential extraction (ERASE). US Department of Commerce award for Export Achievement Certificate for accomplishments in the global marketplace and numerous local Chamber of Commerce awards.
  9. 9. Laboratories THAILAND PTC IN THE MEDIA High-Stakes Test SOURCE: Daily Business Review   DNA provides suspect in 21-year-old slaying case SOURCE: USA Today dna_x.htm   Columbia DNA Analysis Firm Expands as Demand for Services Increases SOURCE: Missouri 2005 Business & Technology Showcase    Test seen as crime scene breakthrough - Columbia lab developing kit with MU SOURCE: The Columbia Daily Tribune   Eacker proceedings continued to Feb. 11 SOURCE: Peninsula Clarion   Eacker's motion for new trial, dismissal continues SOURCE: Peninsula Clarion   DNA lab solves crimes, changes lives SOURCE: Columbia Business Times lives/   Anthony D. Woods SOURCE: The Innocence Project PTC Labs markets DNA kit to crime labs - Tests could help ID rape suspects SOURCE: The Columbia Daily Tribune article_f84cfbeb-8ee6-5392-a3b7-6e4c519f5ccc.html   Carroll County man charged with statutory rape SOURCE: Marshall Democrat-News
  10. 10. Laboratories THAILAND PTC IN THE COURTS Jimmy Eacker Murder Trial This case has an on-going evidentiary hearing to decide whether the prosecution criminally withheld evidence in this case, ultimately the defense is trying to get Mr Eacker a new trial, or have his conviction dropped. Samples of the vaginal swab have been sent to Paternity Testing Corporation by request of the Alaska Police department to assist in this case. READ ABOUT IT IN THE NEWS:   Theopolis Hughes Johnson II Murder Case The case is a statutory rape and murder case of a 13 year old pregnant girl. Paternity Testing Corporation issued a report stating there was a 99.992% probability that the son Theopolis Hughes Johnson III was that father of the deceased girl's baby. While the Missouri state highway patrol also concluded it was the DNA of the father Theopolis Hughes Johnson II, who was on the vaginal swab from the deceased girl. The girl was 22 weeks’ pregnant at the time of death. READ ABOUT IT IN THE NEWS:   Johnny Briscoe Murder Case This was a wrongful conviction, and framed case for murder by an acquaintance. Paternity Testing Corporation processed the DNA samples from the cigarettes that were forgotten by the St Louis Police Department's crime lab, to exonerate him. READ ABOUT IT IN THE NEWS:   Arbie Dean Williams Murder Case This is the investigation in to the death of 15 year old Linda Strait in 1982. At the time, DNA testing was not available. In 1998, prosecutors sent the DNA laced pillow case to Paternity Testing Corporation. Paternity Testing Corporation was able to obtain a partial DNA profile from the pillowcase. Which led prosecutors to a suspect, that was already incarcerated for another crime. READ ABOUT IT IN THE NEWS:   Anthony Woods Rape Case This is a wrongful conviction case. Woods refused to ever admit wrongdoing causing him to spend 18 years in prison, even though he would have been released earlier if he admitted to the crime. In 2005 Paternity Testing Corporation obtained a partial profile from the derogated sample from this case, exonerating Woods. Woods' conviction has since been overturned. READ ABOUT IT IN THE NEWS:
  11. 11. Laboratories THAILAND PTC WHAT WE PROVIDE
  12. 12. Laboratories THAILAND PTC CHAIN-OF-CUSTODY SAMPLE COLLECTION & AABB-ACCREDITED TESTING WITH NOTARIZED LEGAL RESULTS Paternity and Family Relationship DNA testing for legal or official use in many countries around the world. Express Testing is also available. AUTHENTICATED RESULTS Full service authentication service – including all Government seals in the USA and Thailand, plus certified translations – to enable your results to be used for legal or official use in Thailand / Taiwan, such as Birth Certificates changes and citizenship applications. Contact us to find out more. IMMIGRATION CASES Our results are accepted by many Embassies around the world for passport / citizenship applications, including Thailand, USA, UK, Switzerland, Germany, France, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Sweden, and many more Embassies. DNA TESTING SERVICES
  13. 13. Laboratories THAILAND PTC PARENTAGE TESTING FOR IVF & SURROGACY CASES Particularly in the case of determining biological parentage of children from egg/sperm donors and surrogate mothers. Contact us for details. AT-HOME & PEACE-OF-MIND TESTING Providing the same stringent level of testing as a Legal Test, but you collect your own sample in the comfort of your own home. NOTE: The results will be notarized, but as there is no Chain-of-Custody or Verification of Identification in At-Home / Peace-of-Mind tests, the results cannot be used for any legal or official purpose. HOME VISITS & NATIONWIDE COLLECTION CENTERS Have your DNA collected, following Chain-of-Custody procedure, by coming into one of our 2,000+ worldwide Collection Centers (10+ in Thailand), or organise for PTC to come to you at your home, hospital or hotel. Contact us for details. DNA TESTING SERVICES
  14. 14. Laboratories THAILAND PTC INFIDELITY TESTING Blood and/or semen detection via forensic testing using unusual samples, such as a bed sheet or underwear. Special packages combining blood and/or semen detection with DNA profiling are available. Contact us for details. ACCREDITED FORENSIC DNA TESTING Our lab provides accredited forensic testing for identification and disaster relief efforts, as well as in criminal and civic cases. PTC also innovated the Erase Sperm Isolation Kit, which is used by criminal forensic laboratories, primarily in rape cases. To find out more about Erase, please contact us or visit UNUSUAL SAMPLES IN DNA TESTING We can extract DNA from a variety of test unusual samples, such as toothbrush, hair, nail clippings, bed sheets, etc., and advise you on how to best collect the unusual sample, and its likelihood of yielding enough DNA to test. Please always contact us before submitting unusual samples for testing. DNA TESTING SERVICES
  15. 15. Laboratories THAILAND PTC PERSONALIZED MEDICATION & PHARMACOGENETICS GeneTrait Laboratories is a division of Paternity Testing Corporation, and which specializes in DNA-based personalised medication and pharmacogenetics. We provide doctors with gene-based screening panels to help them identify the gene traits of their patients in relation to Pain Management Drug Metabolism, Cardiac Risk Factor and Drug Metabolism, and Psychotropic Drug Metabolism. For more information about GeneTrait Laboratories, please contact us or visit
  16. 16. Laboratories THAILAND PTC SOME THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW Trying to choose between DNA laboratories can be difficult, as most people are not shopping for a paternity test every day. In the following slides are some things that can help you to make sure you are using a real, accredited laboratory or not. 1. Questions You Should Ask Your DNA Lab (and our answers) 2. What’s So Important About a 99.99% Guarantee? (99.99% explained)
  17. 17. Laboratories THAILAND PTC
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  20. 20. Laboratories THAILAND PTC
  21. 21. Laboratories THAILAND PTC
  22. 22. Laboratories THAILAND PTC
  23. 23. Laboratories THAILAND PTC
  24. 24. Laboratories THAILAND PTC “THE RIGHT ANSWER FIRST TIME, EVERY TIME.” ª  PTC maintains a guaranteed minimum 99.99% Policy on ALL but one of our standard relationship tests. ª  Due to being such a new technology, our Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity test (via blood sample) currently has a guarantee of 99.9%. ª  A mutation or a motherless test will NOT affect this policy, as we continue to test the sample until the Paternity Index (PI) is 10,000 or an inclusion rate of 99.99%. ª  An At-Home/Peace-of-Mind Test will NOT affect this policy. Just because a client choses a peace-of-mind (non-Legal) test, does not mean that they do not deserve proper testing and a correct answer. ª  If there is not enough genetic material to perform the test (such as when testing unusual samples, such as a toothbrush, cigarette butt, etc.), we will request a different sample to continue the test and to honour our 99.99% Policy.
  25. 25. Laboratories THAILAND PTC WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY ABOUT US We’e helped people from around the world to answer some of life’s most important questions. Here, some of them share their stories and experiences.
  26. 26. Laboratories THAILAND PTC
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  32. 32. Laboratories THAILAND PTC PTC Laboratories (Thailand) ‘Park Avenue’, 3rd Floor, 126/33 Sukhumvit 63 (Ekkamai Road), Khlongtan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok, Thailand 10110 พี ที ซี แลบบอราทอรี (ประเทศไทย)2 อาคาร พารค อเวนิว ชั้น 3 / 126/33 สุขุมวิท ซอย 63 (ถนน เอกมัย) / แขวงคลองตันเหนือ เขตวัฒนา/ กรุงเทพมหานคร 10110/ / ptclabsthailand @dna_thailand /PTCLabsThai /+PTCLabsThailand /company/paternity-testing-corporation 02-381-5410 SCAN TO SAVE OUR CONTACT DETAILS สแกนเพื่อดูขอมูลของเรา/ 086-347-7620 Customer Support in English & Thai บริการลูกค้าสัมพันธ์ ทั้งภาษาอังกฤษ & ไทย