Principle Group: Sustainability - protecting the future


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A Guide to sustainable Brand Implementation from Principle Group, leading global rebranding consultancies.

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Principle Group: Sustainability - protecting the future

  1. 1. Sustaproteinabi lit c t in g y: the fu ture
  2. 2. A message from Richard Butter eld,Founder and Chairman of Principle Group As an organisation that operates across the globe, Principle Group is vibrant, upbeat, energetic – and very serious about sustainability. We’re certain that what we all do today and how we do it will in uence the future of our planet. Committed to positive change, we want to keep innovating, developing and succeeding without harming the Earth or its communities. We’re deeply passionate about protecting our beautiful, dynamic and fragile planet. In partnership with our clients, we’re shaping a more enlightened and sustainable future.
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  4. 4. brandll reat is stiA g ptconce concept.he gap ust iainto reality3. D.riMdagneatge theep j rn t B d e We tu en design an lessly. And k . betwe process, seam everywhere whole your vision – true to s s to Interior riors from tting all inte rs of Branded ve interio e do stems fo r . Protecti re, blast or bullet. furniture tant to What w Signs ns nding sy and way ss continents. kinds – re sis tail an d Sig sites or acro g r Fit out ish t out to the re single hed. brandin date you and- nis anufactured. Facility cient way to up n cts. Start-to- tors. Major proje nt. Hi-te ch to h and m te d designed The mos quality, faster an l b c anking se s. Total commitm e Custom- erever you wish. facility. Best tive than genera etail wh t-e ec always Minute d Installed more cos onstruction, and r vehicle nan ce rc s Graphic y vinyl graphics fo ion Mainte intenance of you r r contracto r standards. ou a lit High-qu rior signage, exh ibit r ma Regula vironments ins ide o built to y en d te liveries, in work. branded luding lighting an lay outsid e, inc and disp d safety. health an
  5. 5. ision:trueOur v liverto de onsistent and cd presence bran here in anyw orld. the w
  6. 6. a ina ilty: bilip eSu satmatter of princ iple Grou p is ter, Princ ed people plemen , talent brand im g As a global ith fresh-thinkin brace change. ked w nd em jam-pac prove practice a cts, world-class e. im du on eager to n by quality pro at’s second-to-n rive We’re d d customer care th an ental services nvironm careful eye on e ver design eeping a d for cle Kno wn for k ple, we’re fame , our policy and r exam costs) ture. issues (fo r clients’ energy a sustainable fu ou ve that cuts shaped to achie ity rategy is stainabil st es our su ation rais ed to an 1 certi c itt Our ISO 1400 er. We’re comm enda in all our ill furth il ity ag game st nt and sustainab rldwide. env ironme tions hips wo s and rela activitie
  7. 7. mp lia nceCo ’ve don e oes. So hat wewhat the law says, gdW le n taAt Princip top of all curren ke sure we’re we kee p on d ma tions an g regula emergin ant. pli fully com all legal t meets te man agemen electrical and Our was ts in full. Waste is a major en E) requirem quipment (WEE and we’re ic e try electron n in our indus liance atio p consider f Transform Com memb ers o . Scheme xt? tal ironmen W hat’s ne ant to lead in env’re heading well w we we Because nt and practice, e go the extra m e .W manage ple compliance r sta and all sim ou beyond tect our clients, ractice in areas pro st p mile to holders with be lth and safety. ake hea other st management, such as risk
  8. 8. te & cling as cy Little changes matter.W re of our sta we now shred At the suggestion of one waste paper and reuse it ste in ten one gate wa we’ve d portant. We segreier and reducingWhat ally im for packaging. g’s re eas ycling andRecyclin ays, making rec wide on reusing rising tw di eren ’re working Gro up- ur sta are e In fact, o waste la nd ll. W erever possible. ities for making wh rtun recycling tting new oppo spo stars in r. rd and rde cardboa work ha d lots of ducts in ally use radition ping pro r busin ess has t se less by wrap he UK, and by Ou eu hin t g. Now w port wit ce waste packagin nkets for trans do use, we redu d. bla we de reusable the cardboard f collections nee compac ting b er o ent the num ? anagem storage and cut t’s nextcure clear waste mand improve Wha e to se g onitor We pled o that we can m ss baseline ice. rtunities pract ng oppo e recycli mple, we improv For exa view and s. W e will re main o ce site aining sta to all our e by tr ce waste . across nd ll us plan to cut our la and recyclable o e organic segregat
  9. 9. How m e a pair o uch ene nvirofact rgy briefs c f men’s cottdoes its lifet onsume du on ime? ring Each pa100 kilo ir of pants eboiling watt hours ats up more a kettle – th over 2equivalent toan 000 tim And it’s n ot the pro es! m ost dam d uction o a r in washin ge: a whopping distribution tha g your p 80% of t t ants. he energ does the To reduc y used is et spent washing he impact of you ) on the r pants ( tempera environm and all y tu ent our around 4 re of the wash fr , simply lower t other 1% on e om 40°C he annual s lec to aving of tricity for your la 30°C. You’ll sav everyon around £ undry – e e in 300 tha year to p the UK joined in for a typical ho t’s an ower ne u arly all t , we’d save enou sehold. If he stree gh energ t lights in y the coun each try!
  10. 10. uct bility rod inaP tasus keep it simple! p roduct e rence to e’ve donan make a big di et the heart of ourWhat w sign c that de n is a at desig l onment aWe know ity. And since gre reduce the envir bil tosustaina e do all we can busin ess, w ducts. of our pro s of life impacts warenes inds on raising a . With our ed our m orkforce ol IS O 140 01 focus hroughout our w together to po essm ent t ’re w orking cycle ass er informed, we hat matter. teams bett ges t ake chan y and m creativit What’s next? We’ve got big environmental ambitions for our products. We’ll work on using fewer materials in each one, giving simpler and greener life cycles. We’ll also strive to increase our products’ renewable, recycled and recyclable content. And by avoiding composite materials wherever possible, we’ll make it easier to separate and recycle at the end of a product’s life.
  11. 11. How m e does a any tre nvirofact smoker esOne ful cost?produc ly grown tre e every e 300 cigis used to arettes . The avera g across th e annual tobacco e world consump man, wo is 8 t man and 20 cigarettes fo ion child. r every Apart fro m cigarette the huge impac productio t on hea global d lth eforesta n contributes sig , every 30 tion. If a ni cantly 0c tree to destroyin igarettes produc must be felled fo g a vast ed, then r supply t 1 w he whole 8.5 billion trees e’re world’s c each yea igarette r to habit.
  12. 12. ain ility ly chnab upp staiS su our done ach andWhat we’vesiness with global ree reviewed uis a b e’v e. WPrinciple twork is extensiv the speci c er ne with suppli process lity but urement best qua our proc suring not just f en o. target o sustainability to max imum we xt? reat care W hat’s ne ur suppliers with gustainability. o s ing ain By choos e our supply ch can op timis to brand materials ake a ady to m pact. From raw ioning, we’re re l im iss nmenta decomm nce to our enviro re real di e
  13. 13. and ort cs nsp istiTra log What’s next? n hat strea mlined vinced t ery at local leve ’ll We’re co and deliv n e plane productio eryone – and th by bundling l t. We ev at bene ts ow our clients th together, we strive to sh ucts s or prod utting di eren t project r of deliveries, c o. e to he numb onment can cut t m and the envir the t to costs to have a lo done t and log istics transpor tWhat we’ve ability, transpor r a start. Road s all sustain issions, fo nd train comes to of world CO 2 em t planes, boats a When it u r… 23% issions, b answer fo r the highest em ounts. means fo am network accounts in ever-growing ter national orld. Instead, w e contr ibute i eren ce, our in round the w aking a d a and o clients stalling Comm itted to m ship products t ing, delivering, in , that gives us t don’t jus nufactur at’s more that we missions by ma , anywhere. Wh s and workers in ur e ime sse shrink o g locally – anyt ort local busine main tainin nities to supp opportu brilliant markets. ing develop
  14. 14. bon car isOur print ot g...smaller! . n-track dto stay ofo in ermine n. We’re det itive actio tched by pos tegy ma rbon stra ett w ca nce of lo importa g the derstand ervice: we un d in lip-s not intereste on. We’re ting our carb nt to cut e commitme roup-wid ade a strong, G We’ve m t and next? footprin What’s l assess our baselinest steps include ’l ir , gas Lots! We rney forward. F lectricity plan o ur jou mission s from e carbon e tackling fuels. ement icle -manag and veh g tow ards Eco tion which o workin registra We’re als cheme (EMAS) of 2010. it S d and Aud chieve by the en we aim to a
  15. 15. How m e it take uch wa nvirofact ter 1 kilog to producedoes ram of beef?Loads! Up to 1 00,000 litres, i n fact. Making beef water pe is thirsty work rd .A every kil ay and up to 75 beef cow drinks ogram o 0 litres o up to 10 f the wh f eat it ea water are neede 0 litres of So here’s ts. d to grow fo beef join od for thought: t fo wh much w r Sunday lunch en you have yo ater as o , you’ll b ur next k ne perso e il n will dr indirectly consu ogram ink in an ming as entire life time.
  16. 16. vesO ur ronment o bje cti nd we ing… a n to preserve o is chang er we ca ev ge too, will chan ur waste t we willll By 2015 r land limit ouo just 3%Our envi nd exing wher a ns. adapting uture generatio rf planet fo design : ugh in telligent We will n resou rces thro • cu t down o rials ner mate ciency • use gree ty equa l cost effi sus tainabili • make e waste • minimis ility ise recyclab • maxim tation e transpor • reduc cus. ote a local fo • prom
  17. 17. r we wy r on yea energYea e our reduc mption by ill 10% Ev d g r l cut our we wiluse gas ery yea reenho CO 2 an ions by 10% consu emiss
  18. 18. to uch ...Ge t in merica orth ASA, Inc aneN le U LPrincip keside Centre 2060 La Knoxville2 m TN 3792 incipleg gs dale@pr 58 sasha.ra 865 692 40 M ain: 1 877 692 4058 :1 Toll-free65 692 4104 Fax: 1 8 ipleglo ww w.princ & Asia Europe roup tate le G Princip Industrial Es Tandem o Waterlo eld HD5 0AL Hudders ingdom United K ipleglob gan d@princ 003 claire.lo (0) 1484 430 7 Te l: 44 1484 430 04 0) Fax: 44 ( global. com rinciple www.p
  19. 19. North A Main: + merica Toll-free 1 865 692 4058 :+ Europe 1 877 692 4058Tel: +44 (0) 1484www.p 430 003 rinciple global. com