The premium package by Tim Cain - Incisive Create Ad Effectiveness


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The Premium Package presentation by Tim Cain head of research and insight at AOP for IncisiveCreate

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  • Dwell time Frequency of visits
  • Examine the ATTRIBUTES AND PROPERTIES of successful websites Define HOW PEOPLE INTERACT with the website Reasons – entertainment, ideas, catch up or just routine Emotional – passionate, engaging Actions – video, newsletters, competitions Attitudes – good quality content, trust it, best source of news ADS Attitude – trust it, relevant Awareness – notice it, prompts me Brand perception – feel more positive or negative is it matched Investigate the relationship between websites and their advertising - do the reactions of one impact on the reception of the other Do positive perceptions of the website filter through to the advertising Once positive perceptions of the site and the advertising is in place, how does this translate for the brand? Does the ad become more ‘effective’ as a result of positive perceptions of the site and advertising i.e. is the desired actionable/behavioural response enhanced
  • Depth of content, highly targeted, destination site, ads integral to experience Portals – breadth of content, broadcast, not destination site Social – engagement with site not ad, focus on socialising, uninvited messages
  • high engagement rates for digital advertising delivered to tablets or e-readers along with magazine content The survey of 30,000 digital ads across 1,000 magazine issues from April-July
  • Context is key the value to advertisers of leveraging the “Strength of Voice” To quantify the impact delivered in terms of responsiveness by consumers
  • What people REASON to be right X How strongly they INTUITIVELY feel their answers to be right BRAND & COMPETITOR 1,2,3,4, Brand Values Approachable Aspirational Convenient Expensive Expert Good advice Great range Intimidating Local Poor quality Poor value Unfriendly Unhelpful
  • All positive measures shift explicitly for higher exposure and negatives more quickly rejected Qual. interviews reinforce this – content partnerships spontaneously rated as useful, helpful, relevant and good for brand reputation Evidence of a different effect vs. conventional ads CP appears to gain more active involvement and persuasion effect as well as building sense of brand closeness Overall evidence of stronger shifts with repeat exposure Also evidence of CP being generally welcomed / valued if relevant – scope for further validation of media strength CP appears to gain more active involvement and persuasion effect as well as building sense of brand closeness
  • The premium package by Tim Cain - Incisive Create Ad Effectiveness

    1. 1. AOP – The Premium PackageIncisive Media – Create5th March 2013
    2. 2. Why Environment matters the ‘quality’ of touch points are becoming more important,particularly in an increasing cluttered advertising environment
    3. 3. It starts with Engagement “the level of involvement, interaction, intimacy, and influence an individual has with a brand over time”
    4. 4. The New Rules of Engagement
    5. 5. AOP Measures of ENGAGEMENT Site (How en gage cont audienc ment: ent) es c onsuDime me w nsio ebsi ns d te Adve eterm ined r tisin by :- (How g en Rea audi gage sons for v ence men Emo isitin Drive r s rea ct to t: tiona g dete s of adv adve l atta rmin e rtisin Actio chm ed b rtising b g) ns ta ent y ehav ken iour Attitu on s des ite Attitu towa des rds s towa ite Awa rds a rene dver adve ss o tising rtisin Resp f adv g onsi ertis vene ing ss to Bran d pe rcep tion
    6. 6. Premium content sites attract greater trust than portals and social networks a positive effect on branding and response
    7. 7. Call to action by environment d ve goo dt o ha nt s it e s e iv e l c o n t e ns re p e r c g in a to a c t io th a t a t is o r i ca ll s i ive l l s it e o n t e n t , t h a t d r O f a lit y c quaQ14c. And how strongly do you agree or disagree that the following statements apply to <SITE>.Base: All accessing internet at least once a week/visited site twice in last month (1340)
    8. 8. Source: comScore Marketing Solutions“How strongly do you agree or disagree that the site shown and its content is trustworthy?
    9. 9. Source: comScore Marketing SolutionsHow strongly do you agree or disagree that you trust the advertisers and brands that appear on this site?”
    10. 10. Source: comScore Marketing Solutions“How strongly do you agree or disagree that advertising on this site is relevant to you? How strongly do you agree ordisagree with the statement, ‘I expect to see advertising of a higher quality on this site compared to other websites Iuse’?”
    11. 11. Source: comScore Marketing Solutions
    12. 12. Source: comScore Marketing Solutions
    13. 13. Source: comScore Marketing Solutions“The brand advertising was for (brand) how strongly do you agree or disagree that you trust this brand?How interested are you in learning more about the products and services provided by this brand or its competitors?”
    14. 14. Source: comScore Marketing Solutions
    15. 15. Search term usageSource: comScore Marketing Solutions
    16. 16. Search term usage Site VisitationSource: comScore Marketing Solutions
    17. 17. every 10 index points of trust = 4.7% lift in site visitationSource: comScore Marketing Solutions
    18. 18. Tablets: High ad interaction on content rich sites 55% • of digital magazine readers noted or read a digital ad on their tablet or e-reader (GfK MRI Starch Digital Oct ‘12) 52% • of these • interacted with the ad & 1:3 took each of the following actions:- touching or clicking the ad to expand it viewed multiple pages of a multi-page ad accessed a Web site through the ad watched a video or commercial viewed a gallery downloaded an app
    19. 19. Strength of VoiceThe unique value of content partnerships - AOP 2013
    20. 20. Implicit ResearchWe asked people whether they associate a specific brand value with specific brands Respondents are What people asked to indicate consciously reason YES or NO to be their opinion We measure How strongly an their response in opinion is held by milliseconds an individual
    21. 21. Sample= 334 How brand scores change / improve over time est t BBes% of agreement Speed of response
    22. 22. Sample= 334 Positive attributes +18% +18% e st t BBes Competitor 1% of agreement Competitor 2 Competitor 4 Competitor 3 Speed of response
    23. 23. Thank-yous Tim Cain @ukaop @timrcain