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Intro Gen


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Diamond Tool Manufacturing Project

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Intro Gen

  1. 1. B/28 Balaji Indus 8 strial Estate, Hanuman N , Nagar, Akurli Road, Kand i divali (E), Mumb – 400101 Tel.: +91 22. 2965 57 50, Mobile: +91. 982 01 20601. bai 1.Ma anufacturer: H Sintering Pr Hot ress, Cold Pres and Complet Plant for Manufacturing Diamond Segme ss te ents and Wire S Saw PearlsRef.: TE/INR NTRO-01/ /GEN/201 11-12 Dt.:Dear Sir,DFirst of all we thF a hank you very mu u uch for your int terest in our productra ange and are now glad to give you details a d w about our machin as follows r nesWe are one of tW o the leadding mannufactur rers of c complete plant and emachiner requim ry ired for the m r manufactu ure of Diamond Tools for dStone, CoS oncrete, Glass, C Ceramic & Refra actory cu utting ap pplicatio on.Established in 19E 994, we have mo than 17 yea ore n ars of ex xperienc in ceDiamond Tools. We aim in prD d ms roviding indigeno veloped high ously devquality, inq nnovativ and ec ve conomica produ al ucts. We have r e realized f fromvery begiv inning t that Qua ality do oesnt cost... it pays. t We ar a recustomer-driven and quali a ity-driven company. nWe are in the forefron of SiW nt intering techno g ology in India. A n .c onstant updat t ting of t technol ogy and a focu on a on-go d us an oingR & D effort has en nsured us an undis n sputed leaders shipposition , with more tha 70+ Installp m an lations all ove r IndiaToday, we comprT w vely cove the c omplete range o Mach ines rehensiv er offo Diam or mond To histicated electr onic ustry wi th high ly soph ool indu dc ontrols includin Micro processo P.I.D. temper ng or . rature coontroller etc rWe have wide raW ange of Sinterin machi ng ines from 50kva to 150 m a 0kvawith singw gle phas and three p hase AC and D heat ing syst se C DC tem,In nduction heatin syste n ng em, Vac cuum sy ystem, D Double compacctions ystem & Infinite Variab le Pressu syst e ure tem etc. designs and buiWe also dW ilds spec cial purp pose maachines t meet and tomatch sm specific needs and s shares its exp pertise of proccessparamete and focus on the prep ers n ecision & quality with th Diam y he mondTool induT ustry it r relates to o.
  2. 2. Scope of our supply :S y • Single / Va S ariable Sp peed Rotaary Mixing • Mixing Ma M achine with 2 to 6 bottles Mixing  • Three Dim T mensional l Turbulla a Mixing  nes Machin • Orbital Mixing Mac O chine •CCP‐150T SStandard Cold Pres ss with  two side c clamping cylinders s Cold  •FFully Auto omatic Vo olumetric Mech. / Hyd. Coldd Press Compacttion  • 1 15 ton Sem mi autommatic Cold d Press for Wire Sa aw Pearls  Presse es • 50 kva to 150 kva c 5 capacity H Hot Sintering Press ses • Double Co D ompactio on, Vacuum & Varia able Pressure syste em Hot   • 3 Phase A 3 A. C. / D. C C. balance e load hea ating syet tem Sinterin ng  • In nduction Sinteringg for Wire e Saw Peaarls Presse es • Weighing Balances W s • Hardness Tester H Other  • Cooling To C ower Equipme ents • Microscop M pe • steel Mou s ulds • Graphite M G Moulds • Aluminium A m Frames s Accessories • In nsulation n Sheets • Radius Grinding Machine R • Rotary San R nd Blastin ng Machine Specia al  • Dressing & D & Sharpening and Exposingg Machine e Machin nes • In nduction Brazing a and Tensioning Ma achine
  3. 3. Brief descrB ription of productio proces : f on ss Cold press the  Receive vaarious metal  Weigh and MMix the  pow wder in steel  Powders, , Diamonds,  powder and  m moulds on  Steel blan nks & bushess  Diamondds in  Hyd draulic Cold  as raw materials. required proportion. r comppaction presss. Clea aning, Deburrring  Sinterin ng the Segm ments / Pearls (Beads) in  & Grinding o & of  Graphite mould on Hot press und der controlle ed  Seg gments / Peaarls  tim me, temperatture, pressur re cycle. (Bea ads) as requi ired. Br razing the  Exposin ng, Polishing, ,  Testing of the seg gments /  seg gments on  Varnishinng, Painting & &  Pearls (Beads P s) for  Circu ular or Gangg  despatch segments / cu utters  Dimension, W Weight,  saww blanks as  or Pearls (Be eads) / Wiree Saw  Den nsity, Hardne ess etc. r required. Chain to end user / Dea alers.Estimate f DiamoE for ond Tool P Project : Standard Project (75kva)1 Cost of machin & equip nes pment Rs. 15.00 to 25.00 Lac2 Floor space req r quired 800 to 1,2 200 sq. fee et3 Total power req quired 60 to 90 hp h4 Total labour required 4 to 6 per shift r 50,000 to 60,000 G Gang Saw Seg/month or S h5 Produ uction cap pacity (Two shifts) o 80,000 to 100,000 W Wire Saw Pearls/mo onthAdd the cost of LaA and, Plant & Build t ding, Electrification and Wat ter conne ectionch harges to work out t total proje cost ect
  4. 4. We can al guide you step by step to set-u your pW lso e p p up project as follows : s Providing y you comple ete Plant lay yout for you ur Factory / / Office etc., Installation n and comm missioning o of all the machines pro ocured by y you, Training of f your man‐ ‐power for o operating / / maintainin ng various m machines in n your plant t, After sales s services of f our machi ines with pr roper guida ance on pre eventive ma aintenance, Guiding yo ou in various process p parameters like : time – temperatu – ure – pressure & soak cycle Developing g suppliers for raw materials and even field t trial of your segments, if required d.List of MacL chinery re equired al long with their bud dgetary pr rices : No De escription of machin nes Specificat tion Price Rs. e 1 Mi ixing mach hine MM-5/1A AC XX,00 00/= 2 Co compa old action pres ss CP-150T X,XX,00 00/= 3 Ho Sinterin presses ot ng HSP-75K/ /20T(E) X,XX,00 00/= 4 Ot ther Equip pments LOT X,XX,00 00/= 5 Va arious Acc cessories Moulds, F Frames etc c X,XX,00 00/= 15,65,00 00/= Our 75 5kva Sint tering p lant is m most sta andard a vers and satile system to pro duce an type of Diam ny mond toools fro m Circu ular to GGang saw, W saw pearls, Stepped Taper & Sand Wire d, r dwich se gments etc. We are in to th business since last 17 years a we h e his e 7 and have sup pplied more than 70 (Seventy Sinter ( y) ring plan all ov India and the all nts ver a ey nning to t entir satisfa are run the re action of the con f ncerned authorit ties.We hope the informW mation give above will be of your int en terest and that we look dfo orward to receive you positive reply at a early date for our mutual b ur e an d benefit.Thanking you and asT y ssuring you of our b best attenti ion at all t the times, we remain n,Yours FaithY hfully,fo techno engineer or rs,Dharmesh Patel.D