Malaria and kala azar ranchi 2012


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Presentation Points at CASA EMK meeting

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Malaria and kala azar ranchi 2012

  1. 1. Malaria and Kala Azar 4th November 2012 HRDC Ranchi
  2. 2. Malaria and KA- beyond Jharkhand• KA among Oraons in Debijhora• Mal Paharia death Dheklapara• Barharwa going to Mumbai in Vananchal• Malaria in Baidan• Mass Transit (mono) Rail in Mumbai
  3. 3. From NVBDCP consultant U Dinajpur
  4. 4. KA among Oraons in Debijhora• As many as 33 labourers had Kala Azar in Bohura Line of Debijhora Tea Estate near Siliguri (West Bengal) in 2011• A total of 72 cases in that block Chopra are from tribal families• This is out of the reported 106 KA in the block (Chopra/ Dalua) and a grand total of 182 cases in Uttar Dinajpur district• Many of them are Oraons who migrated 100 years ago in search of a better living• Tea estates were the face of “development” and replaced the forests and farms of the local Mech, Rabha, (in Assam Bodo) and Rajbanshi communities
  5. 5. Contribution of tribal case
  6. 6. Nepal 6 PKDL180 cases of Kala azar in 2011Uttar Dinajpur (West Bengal)Including 11 PKDL Bangladesh Bihar 3 PKDL 2 PKDL
  7. 7. Mal Paharia death in Dheklapara• The patient had 5 gm % Hemoglobin• The North Bengal Medical College reported Congestive Cardiac Failure as the cause of death• A lot of Paharias in Pakur have Kala Azar• Paharia were (wrongly) considered a “criminal” tribe by the British
  8. 8. Vananchal• I travelled here on the 2nd night by the Vananchal Express from Pakur• There were many young people from Barharwa without reservations• They were going to Mumbai via Ranchi and Rourkela• They migrate outside because wage rates are higher than in Jharkhand
  9. 9. Tea estates with migrant Jharkhandi labour Dheklapara Debijhora
  10. 10. Malaria in Baidan• Last year after a festival there were malaria deaths in Sitgram (Raiganj Block) and many cases in Baidan (Kaliaganj Block) of Uttar Dinajpur• Workers return from labour sites outside for their festivals• For the contractors- temporary migrant labour is cheap and less demanding than local workers
  11. 11. Mass Transit (mono) Rail in Mumbai• Many temporary workers from all over the country are flocking to Mumbai to complete this overdue project• They work day and night shifts• Despite protective clothing, repellants and treatment there has been transmission of malaria and deaths
  12. 12. Mid Term Surveys and Action • October- December 2012 • January-March 2013
  13. 13. October- December 2012• Each week village workers can record the number of fever and deaths in November- possibly due to the dry weather and standing crops many young men stay outside to guard the fields and end up with malaria (information by Prof E Hansdak who is from Mohulpahari area)• Pulse Polio - Health department can give Chloroquine to all Pulse Polio teams especially in early December when there are the most deaths. They should treat all fever cases• Dengue - there is an outbreak this year. We can do malaria testing for all fever cases along with dengue or other tests
  14. 14. January-March 2013• Medical Camps can be conducted as often as possible during the favourable weather• February 2013 is a good time for a Mid Term Kala Azar Survey for the EMK project