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Doctor and family!


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Doctor and family!

  1. 1. Universal Health Coverage • Who • When • Where • What • Why • How
  2. 2. How Does Society See The Dream Health Professional• A Film/ Story You Remember with an Ideal Doctor/ Nurse• Nurse/ Doctor Visits Patient’s Home• Takes A Cup of Tea• Spends Time• Empathizes• Knows Everybody By Name• The “Family Physician”
  3. 3. Evolution Of The Community Health Professional• Patient As Extended Family• A bit like All Things Great and Beautiful• Modeled On The Family Priest (jajman/ pastor)• 3 Plays for Puritans - GB Shaw• Social Role of a Community Nurse/Family Doctor
  4. 4. Birth of The Clinic• Why?• Bethune• Motorcycle• Gonoshashthya• Uttaranchal Henrik Ibsen 1882 Norway Satyajit Ray 1990 West Bengal
  5. 5. If Family Health Worker Is What We Want..• Covers 2000 population• Lives There• Has Family There• Has Friends There• Teacher• Mayor/ Pradhan• May be from there
  6. 6. With Quality• Trained For 5 to 10 years (in phases)• Interaction With University and Hospital• Interaction With Colleagues In Similar Areas• Influences Research• Gets Latest Information• Helps Train Next Generation
  7. 7. So….• Whom do We Select?• Where Do We Train?• Who Gives Training?• How Do We Place?• What Is The Mode of Communication (Centre-Periphery)• Why Do We Need Feedback?• When Do We Start?
  8. 8. Health Professional and Family Dreaming !
  9. 9. Links•• Medical Nemesis••• The Devils Disciple• Ganashatru• Opposite View in-indian-villages.html•