tony scaria previous year questions last minute revision notes high yield topic aiims neet neet pg aiims pg preparation tony scaria image based questions last minute revision neet aiims pg preparation notes revision notes neet aiims pg psychiatry high yield topics microbiology physiology previous year questions neet pg dermatology paediatrics preparation notes slideshare ent ophthalmology high yeild topic pharmacology revision notes pharmacology previous year question frequently asked questions pathology types aiims pg tonyscaria amphotericin b neet pg preparation biochemistry neet pg preparation tonsils last minute revison investigation of choice image based question meningitis complications kawasaki disease mbbs . undergraduates..... suture materials.... mayos sci with images notes from lecture classes.....listers diagnosis causes causes pathophysilogy complications etiology types .......treatment treatment ent signs ophthalmology ppt rhinocerebral pulmonary cutaneous mucormycosis hyperphosphatemia hypophosphatemia phosphorous metabolism cbc interpretation risk factors seminar osteoporosis general medicine exam analysis reabsorption csf formstion csf circulation xanthochromia csf in health and disease chaddock gordon amputated limb babinski oppenhein bing aiims pg preparation revision notes acoustic neuroma entrepreneurship antigenic shift antigenic drift influenza orthomyxo myxovirus conducting system of heart anaesthesia vitiligo rhinophyma acne rosacea miliaria seabceous gland sweat gland fox fordyce spots irritant contact dermatitis contact dermatitis seborrhic dermatitis atopic dermatitis stasis eczema pityriasis rosea lichen nitidus lyme disease jarisch herscheimer reaction parts of hernia littre's hernia indirect hernia direct hernia calcium oxalate stones ttp autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease tubular disorders of kidney hypocalcemia pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism albert hereditary osteodystrophy secondary hyperparathyroidism normal calicum metabolism fibrin cap capsular drop nodular glomerulosclerosis marsh classification of celiac disease celiac disease presentation amebiasis typhoid ulcer intestinal tuberculosis irritable bowel syndrome toxic megacolon extraintestinal manifestation of ibd thumb printing ulcerative colitis comb sign accordion sign most common libmann sachs vegetation based on lecture notes itraconazole fluconazole ketoconazole azoles griesofulvin rifabutin rifampicin ethambutol first line & second line antitubercular drugs inh certolizumab adalimumab efalizumab canakinumab anakinra interleukin antagonist okt3 trastuzumab last monoclonal antibody anticancer drugs enzymology amblyopia lebers hereditary optic neuritis optic neuritis pg revision notes vortex keratopathy band shaped keratopathy munson sign keratoconus cornea keratoscope keratometry pachymeter lysogenic cycle lytic conjugation transduction bacterial genetics surgical land marks of facial nerve acoustic stapedial reflex nerve to stapedius branches of facial nerve anatomy of facial nerve bell's palsy bell facial nerve eves tonsillar snare eagle syndrome malignancy of tonsil tonsillectomy gynaec high yield topic fibroid leiomyoma gynacecology bacterial growth curve important topic radiology notes gamma scanner notes barium enema barium meal barium swallow revison notes radiology musculoskeletal system rickets scurvy achondroplasia usg hida year questions previous based on previous year questions orthopaedics medicine polyarteritis nodosa hsp small vessel vasculitis takayasu giant cell arteritis mitochondrial myopathy synovial sarcoma myotonic dystrophy muscular dystrophy genetic becker duchene christmas tree cataract paediatrics community medicine microbiology 3 serotypes polio eradication end game strategy vaccine afp surveillance hand foor mouth disease enterovirus polio iem flow diagram biochemistry tony scaria mycologyprevious year questions tony scaria parasitology previous year questions community medicine spm guinea worm... insects of public health importanc third year mbbs students university exam kuhas im ..pupae of housefly entomology dengue chikungunea filariasis vector in male female vector indices house fly social and preventive medicine community medicine pupae larvae wings mouth vector bone diseases ticks c xray mbbs final year exam dislocation fracture co plates bipolar plates screws cortical cancello excision of sebaceous cyst cholecystectomy circumcision thyroidectomy excision of lipoma appendicectomy tracheostomy hydrocele repair hern difference between nasal secretion reservoir sign : double target sign glucose estimation b2 transferrin images localisation treatment ct mri conservative surgical endotracheal tube nephrotic syndrome nephritic syndrome uti few xrays vaccines for mbbs pratical exams all itp paediatrics osce instrument nutrition drugs mbbs s ..comparisonno lock to prevent permanent damage t . students under graduates mbbs students balloon tamponade cervical brush green armytage forceps family planning devices. cervical dilators uterine sound ayres spatula cut 380 method condoms abdominal wall retractor ;aparoscopic devices trochar and cannula instruments. obstetrics & gnaecology ppt ..pap sme doyens retractor self retaining d&c management rectocele uterine prolapse .................................................. anterior colpopexy ward mayos sacroclopopexy cystocele anterior middle posterior compartments mesh repair repair fothergills repair urogynaecology vaginal h urethrocele genital prolapse khannas sling procedure hypertrophic..........................diagnosis tr infectious syphilis pachydermia leprosy non infectious tuberculosis curricula based on dhingra....mbbs treatment scleroma reinkes edema . diagrams laryngis treatment.... ophthalmology ................ symptoms clinical features surgical blind .optical jack in the box laser clinical features ethmoidal polyp nasal polypi management ent ppt otorhinolaryngology diagram management t antrochoanal complication s inddications elective emergency tracheostomy. uses surgery different instruments.....tracheostomy tube uses otorhinolaryngology mollisons tonsil dissector & a clinical features.... management myopia....... hypermetropia....... astigmatism.... diseases of conjunctivac conjunctivitis .....................ppt.......................... for mbbs students surgery clinical methods types management in brief allergic rhinitis symptoms ..ppt ..ophthalmology
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