Safety is everybody's business


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It's a safety awareness essay by Puspendu Pattanayek

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Safety is everybody's business

  1. 1. SAFETY IS EVERYBODY’S BUSINESS - Puspendu Pattanayek E-mail: is the state of being "safe" , the condition of being protected against physical, social,spiritual, financial, political, emotional, occupational, psychological, educational or other typesor consequences of failure, damage, error, accidents, harm or any other event ...The word S A F E T Y can be stated as- S - Stay A - Alert F - For E - Every T - Task Y - You do..Safety is as simple as ABC- Always Be Careful. We always take care for our family members. Wepray to God for better living; we pray to God to save our life. But we should believe that onlywe can save our life by taking care for ourselves.In this era of fast life we are very busy to perform our task. Sometimes we forget to maintainsome basic rules for doing our job. We try to finish it by shortcut. We always should avoidshortcuts. Shortcuts can short our life. There are a number of dangers around us. Danger doesnot present only in our workplace it also present in our daily activities- at home, at market, atcinema hall, at road everywhere. We have to be care for that.An accident takes place only for two reasons- unsafe act and unsafe situation. All acts are doneby us. We have to decide how we will do it- safely or unsafely. Some of unsafe situations aremade by us by doing improper maintenance, and some unsafe situations are made of naturalcalamities. But we can easily remove the second one only by hospitalized our environment. Inthe primitive age our world was not suitable for human beings. We have developed it; we havecivilized it. Only we can change the situation. It is in our hand.
  2. 2. Our company, our government can make some safety rules & policies. But what does it make-ifwe do not follow it? The government has the responsibility to build a road, to apply traffic rules,to make the systems. And every citizen should must obey the rules, follow the systems to avoidthe accident. The Government, the Police man, the rules, the safety sign boards etc. never cansave you if you until obey it.In our work environment, company provides us tools, PPE etc. as per requirement. A workmanshould wear the PPE like- safety shoes, safety helmet, safety goggles, ear muff, dust musk etc.while doing his/her works. Company does the job safety analysis (JSA), put the MSDS at workplaces. Company provides the required PPE for the workmen. Company arranges the propersafety awareness programme for the employees. But all these can fulfill our goal-zero accidentonly when everybody takes it as their own business. So, all employees must know- How to perform their assigned jobs safely, Safety and health hazards associated with their jobs and how to control the hazards, Specific work procedures (SOP) and safety requirements at the site, What kinds of PPE have to be used. How to use and maintain tools, equipment, and machines required for their jobs; and Safety and health rules that apply to their jobs.And all employees must perform their jobs as per SOP, by wearing suitable PPE, with valid workpermit, and by using suitable tools and tackles.Finally, everybody should perform for his/her own interest, for the interest of the organizationwhere he/she is working, for the interest of the society where he/she live, and for his/hernation. So, let’s start from today- a good team work with SAFETY FIRST. ---- ----