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  • 1. Re: When can baby ducklings leave mum? Re: When can baby ducklings leave mum? Source:−−08/msg00057.html • From: A_ L _P <hay_hell_pea@xxxxxxxxxx> • Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2008 10:06:26 +1200 addicted2chickens wrote: On Aug 14, 4:04 am, quot; Jillquot; <n...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: cmcca...@xxxxxxxxx wrote: Wat?...I take every chick or duckling away from the mother as soon as they hatch. You run less risk of the mother tramping them or killing them in any way. You also have much more work to do. The birds have to be indoors for longer, so do not benefit from the outdoor environment so quickly, which includes good ranging feeding as well as an improved immune system. They also seem to have a better chance of survival under a bulb in a small box, And just as much chance of something going wrong catastrophically −− too wet, too chilled, powercut, wrong feeding, etc and as they get older move them into a bigger box with less heat. That way your duck will lay hatch more and you will have more ducklings! That depends entirely on the genetics of the duck. Some will only lay x number of eggs whatever happens. My point is that both methods have merits and both have pitfalls. Raising youngsters with broodies can be equally successful as artificial. And they can both fail. If you have found your way works for you, that is great, but it does not make it the only way. Re: When can baby ducklings leave mum? 1
  • 2. Re: When can baby ducklings leave mum? −− regards Jill Bowis Domestic Poultry and Waterfowl Solutions Herbaceous; Herb and Alpine Nursery Seasonal Farm Food Jill is correct.If you are giving the ducklings to others its best to wait until they get their first feathers (with muscovies thats about a month old) Duck moms are like people moms, some just arent cut out for it while others would keep the ducklings until they were a year old.When you have a hatch if you took one baby from the clutch to raise you will see mom can gro Re: When can baby ducklings leave mum? 2