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Bus left you waiting in the cold? Use your cell phone to track it down


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Bus left you waiting in the cold? Use your cell phone to track it down

  1. 1. Thinking about what to buy this holiday season? Check american Indian Ian out our holiday gift guide Boots skates to success ARTS, 8A SPORTS, 6A The STUDenT VOICe OF The OhIO STaTe UnIVerSITY Tuesday november 25, 2008 128th year, No. 46 irst copy free, additional copies 50¢ phone records could track rapist, expert says he believes the man convicted of the would certainly work to assist the By Leigh Brock Serial rape and cell towers Lantern staff writer of the crime, Adam Saleh, is innocent. Columbus Police,” Merritt said. However, these findings were never pre- Columbus police Sgt. David Pelphrey Every three minutes, a cell phone that is turned on can be tracked sented in court. of the special victims and sexual assault The Columbus Division of Police is as long as it is within the coverage area of the wireless network. The jury found Adam Saleh guilty unit is skeptical of Levitan’s theory. still investigating the Northwest Serial This data is recorded and kept for up to six months and can be and he is currently serving 38 years to “If I could say one thing, I’d say it’s Rapist, who is believed to be responsible available to law enforcement o cials with proper legal documen- life in prison. preposterous,” Pelphrey said. “But any- for seven attacks in northwest and west tation. All seven of the Northwest Serial Rapist’s attacks were in Laura Merritt, Verizon’s midwest thing’s conceivable.” Columbus. Although close range with at least two cell towers that could have picked spokeswoman, confirmed that a cell Pelphrey does not deny the impor- it has almost been up the victims’ cell phone signals. After generating a list of phone phone can be tracked if it is turned on, tance of technology but said he doubts five months since the numbers that were tracked at the same time, one common phone even if there is no activity at the time. that it is the key to identifying the first attack, police number among the lists should lead to the rapist, according to Ben Levitan said the police might find a rapist. remain hopeful that Levitan, a cell phone expert. vital clue in the seven rape victims’ cell “Ultimately, technology is not what’s they will find new phone records. going to solve this case — it’s a lot about leads. Using these records, police can trace communication, following up on clues Ben Levitan, a Oct. 23 5 which cell phone tower was picking and going out and knocking on doors,” Busch Boulevard, South pioneer in cell phone Columbus up the signal at the time of the attacks. Pelphrey said. Ben Levitan design and develop- Then, they can gather a list of other num- Until the serial rapist is apprehended, Sources: Ben Levitan, Verizon and Crime Stoppers ment whose expertise Oct. 1 3 bers that used the same tower during the police suggest women take a proactive Wakeford Street, near includes location-based cell phone evi- Olentangy Commons time period of every attack. approach to their own safety. June 4 dence, said he believes the rapist could Drivemere Road, Hilliard “You could find a list of numbers Central Ohio Crime Stoppers is col- easily be caught if he has a cell phone. really quickly, and most likely only find laborating with the FBI, Fraternal Order 2 1 Levitan was an expert witness in the Oct. 24 one common phone number between of Police and CoreTactix Self Defense murder trial of Julie Popovich, a former King Avenue, Northwest Side Sept. 12 the lists,” Levitan said. and Fitness Training to organize eight Ohio State student whose remains were Smiley’s Corner, Northwest 6 And that one phone number, Levitan free women’s self defense classes to Columbus found near Hoover Dam on Sept. 1, 2005, said, would most likely lead police to the accommodate 600 participants. nearly a month after she disappeared Oct. 5 serial rapist. Although the classes are sold from Ledo’s Lounge on North High White Cedar Court, near Verizon was quick to offer help. “We out, women can join a waiting list at Galloway Road serial rape attacks Street. have assisted hundreds of law enforce- Nov. 2 By comparing cell phone records of 7 Marlowe Court, West Side 4 cell phone towers ment agencies across the country and the suspect and Popovich, Levitan said GRAPHIC LInDSeY SWanSOn⁄ THE LANTERN said Charles Murman, team a new boat and then be able to from Denison University in By amber Phelps Lantern staff writer captain and a junior in indus- switch to an older boat.” the past to host a regatta. “The boats are falling apart. We’re not trial and systems engineering. A new fleet would cost the “They have really nice “In 2000, it had been a long sailing team almost $15,000, a boats and are supported by allowed to hold championship regattas The Ohio State sailing time since the team qualified. sum that is beyond the team’s their school,” Murman said. team will spend Thanksgiv- because our boats are crummy. Our boats It’s very competitive.” reach, Murman said. “We’re crossing our fingers ing weekend clad in wetsuits are kind of a joke to other teams.” The achievement is well “The boats are falling and hoping someone can help while competing in below deserved, Murman said, as apart,” Murman said. “We’re us purchase a new fleet.” freezing temperatures. the team has overcome finan- not allowed to hold champi- The team practices at the Charles Murman, team captain The team will be one of five cial woes this year. onship regattas because our man-made Hoover Reservoir Midwest teams competing “Our boats are old and from boats are crummy. Our boats in Westerville. in the 62nd Annual Timme the 1970s,” said Bryn Bach- are kind of a joke to other “Many of my friends don’t Angsten Memorial Regatta, a man, a member of the sail- teams.” know where we practice since Although the team has 12 buy a new boat,” Murman national competition in Chi- ing team and a senior in art. Hosting teams have to we don’t have a lake around boats, the condition of the said. “It’s not wise to pur- cago. This is the first time the “Because we are a self-sup- provide boats for regatta campus,” Bachman said. boats hinders the team’s abil- chase only one boat because it OSU Sailing Team has quali- ported group, we have to pay participants. ity to practice and compete, would make practicing more fied for a national regatta dues and coordinate our own The OSU sailing team has Murman said. difficult. We can’t expect since 2000. See SaILInG Page 4 fundraising to compete.” had to rely on boats loaned “It would cost $3,000 to team members to practice on “It’s a huge achievement,”