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Drp 12 08 V2


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DRP Conference

DRP Conference

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Transcript

    • 1. DRP BCP 2008: Changing World Pini Cohen EVP & Senior Analyst Architecture & Infrastructure Strategies [email_address] My blog :
    • 2.  
    • 3.  
    • 4. BCM - A Viewpoint
    • 5. Agenda
      • Definitions
      • STKI DRP Round Table – input from the users
      • BCMDRP Pitfalls
      • DRP Levels
      • The new economy and Cloud Computing
    • 6. Definitions
      • BCM (Business Continuity Management) The development, maintenance and implementation of strategies; plans and actions to ensure the continued availability of critical business processes and services
      • Disaster Recovery Planning ( DRP ) is a subset of Business Continuity Planning (BCP) that focuses on the processes, plans, and procedures to recover an organization’s technology infrastructure to support critical business processes and functions within a predetermined time after a disaster or unplanned disruption in operations.$FILE/BCM%20Seminar%20220306.ppt
    • 7. Example of BCM activities considerations
      • Evacuation
      • Setting up an information centre, to register employees and make an inventory of missing or wounded people
      • Care for employees; families and victims; community
      • Setting up communication and IT networks
      • Creating alternative office space
      • Reallocation - Transportation & hotels near the alternative office space
      • Managing / Recovering day to day business
      • Security (physical security)
      • Reputation Management
      Source:$FILE/BCM%20Seminar%20220306.ppt stki modifications
    • 8. The Ongoing Trend: Eliminating Data Loss on Recovery
      • IT must deliver current-state recovery capability by application or LOB
      • For each application, business leaders have traditionally defined:
        • RTOs: Recovery time objectives
        • RPOs: Recovery point objectives
        • LBO: Lost business opportunity
        • Required recovery classes
        • Financial impact of outages (e.g., hour, day, week, month)
      • IT should provide a categorization framework for the evaluation
      Crisis Classification Recovery From RPO State RTO Lost Business Opportunity Recovery Point Failure Point Lost Data RPO Time Restart Point
    • 9. STKI Round Table
    • 10. STKI DRP Roundtable – Who Decides?
      • Large variety between organizations:
        • BCM committee that reports to the IT
        • BCM committee that reports to Operations
        • BCM committee that reports to the CEO
        • DRP is IT initiative
      • SOX has boosted BCMDRP in many organizations
    • 11. STKI DRP Roundtable – Who Decide?
    • 12. STKI DRP Round Table - Location 40% of organization are in the process of improving their BCMDRP status
    • 13. STKI DRP Round Table – New Systems
      • Large variety:
        • Standard Default is DRP with same capacity for each applicationsystem
        • Each applicationssystem X 3 !!! (cluster+DRP)
        • Standard is storage replication but only one server
        • Standards (Gold, Platinum, Silver) for the different application types
      As connections between business processes will grow – the differentiation will be harder because consistency issues
    • 14. STKI DRP Round Tables - Drills
      • Most drills are done without changing “real” data
      • Only few organizations have BCM drills (“fire in the building”)
      • Although drpfailover architecture is mature, many issues are discovered only on drills
      • Catastrophic IT failure is happening once in 5 years
    • 15. STKI DRP Round Table - Technologies
      • Storage Replication
      • Boot form SAN
      • Server Virtualization
      • Cluster
      • DBMS log shipping
      • SBC VDI
      • Heterogeneous Storage Replication CDP
      • Storage snapshots
      • Scale out applications
    • 16. Pitfalls and mistakes – BCP BCM
      • IT is in charge
      • BCP vs. DRP - Lack of integration with DR (e.g., data center plans not providing voice/data network, systems, and personnel support for work-area recovery )
      • Lack of education and awareness of explicit roles and responsibilities
      • Lack of maintenance/updates
      • Business executives believe backed-up information can be recovered quickly
      • Users test the ability to recovery systems separately but do not check consistency of systems and data
    • 17. BC & DRP Service Level Model
    • 18. BC & DRP Service Level Model continued
    • 19. TWO DIFFERENT PERIODS IN EACH GREAT SURGE big-bang Next big-bang Degree of diffusion of the technological revolution Time We Are Here Turning Point Institutional recomposition and role shift INSTALLATION PERIOD ‘ Creative destruction’ Paradigm shift DEPLOYMENT PERIOD Reaping of growth and social benefits from the prevailing paradigm 2O - 30 years 2O - 30 years ???
    • 20. During the deployment phase: unprecedented opportunities and new business models
    • 21. What is Cloud Computing? 4+ billion phones by 2010 Web 2.0-enabled PCs, TVs, etc. Businesses, from startups to enterprises 1. data and services reside in massively scalable data centers 2. accessed from any connected devices over the internet . All Rights Reserved 2008@STKI Moshav Bnei Zion, Israel +972 9 790 7000
    • 22. Monitor and Control QoS with vCenter AppSpeed Policies (SLA) Quality of Service 99.9% Uptime Fault Protection Encryption Enabled
      • Monitor application performance from end-user perspective
      • Collect and correlate across tiers and in VI
      • Automated SLA management
      • Enables proactive detection of end user performance issues
      • Integration with VI enables root cause and remediation
      55 Users 2 Servers 1 Database ü ü ü 75 Users 4 Servers
    • 23. Amazon EC2 Source:
    • 24. Cloud ROA - example
      • Problem
      • 17K pages of Hillary Clinton’s White House schedule published as unsearchable PDF
      • Convert images into searchable text and deliver them within the same day news cycle
      • Insufficient internal IT resources
      • Solution
      • Host user-provided OCR tools on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Service
      • Acquire needed compute time using Amazon’s pay- as-you-go pricing
      • Result
      • Conversion completed in 9 Hours on 200 virtual processors
      • Used 1,407 hours of virtual machine time for a final expense of $144.62
    • 25. Types of (infra) Cloud Computing Source:
    • 26. Thank you Pini Cohen EVP & Senior Analyst Architecture & Infrastructure Strategies [email_address] My blog :