Workshop 1 revised


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Workshop 1 revised

  1. 1. Workshops onBorn-Digital Materials Workflow Peter Chan, Digital Archivist Oct. 6, 2011
  2. 2. Workshops Agenda• Oct. 6: Overview of Born-digital Workflow, Pre-accessioning (Digital Material Survey), Accessioning (Media count, rehouse, label, media photograph)• Oct. 20: Accessioning (disk imaging using FTK Imager, create FTK case, collection summary, AT accession record), Processing using FTK(technical appraisal, search terms/patterns for sensitive materials)• Oct 27: Processing (labeling, bookmarking, report, processing notes for finding aid)• Nov 3: Delivery (Hypatia); Processing Images; Processing Emails
  3. 3. Week 1• Confluence – Born Digital Archives• Born-digital Workflow• Born-digital Material Survey• High Resolution Photos• Preliminary accessioning – Media count – Media photo
  4. 4. Confluence•• Centralized place to put documents, presentations, notes, tips, etc.• Now – Presentations – Workflow – Forensic Lab equipment – Manuals – Miscellaneous
  5. 5. Born Digital Archives
  6. 6. Born-Digital Workflow – Textual Files Pre- Delivery & Accessioning ProcessingAccessioning Access Physical control Restricted files Users view collections (remote or in- Survey collection person) Extract technical metadata Quarantine & run virus check Users register & agree to terms of Analyze feasibility Assign descriptive metadata use Create disk image Assign rights metadata Enhanced curation Generate summaries Users browse and search materials Create display derivative Photograph media & labels Create finding aids Legal agreement Users tag & annotate items Create/update accession record Create catalog record Prepare for accessioning Users submit requests Transfer data to secured storage Transfer files with metadata and display derivative to delivery platform
  7. 7. Pre-Accessioning Tools /Activities Deliverables Person Survey collection AIMS Digital Material Survey Survey results Analyze feasibility Digital Archivist Resources defined High resolution photos of Enhanced curation GigaPan Robot + Canon EOS T1i workspace Legal agreement template Legal agreement Legal agreement / attachments (MSWord) Transfer method / timePrepare for accessioning Digital archivist determined
  8. 8. Accessioning Tools / Activities Deliverables Persons Control of media, files held “Physical” control Manual / SecureFX™ / Others locally Quarantine & run virus check Sophos™ Virus free files Create disk image FTK™ Imager Disk image, audit log, image log Generate summaries AccessData FTK Summary report Photographs of labels and Photograph media & labels Canon EOS T1i with copy stand mediaCreate/update accession record Archivists’ Toolkit (AT) AT accession record Transfer data to secured SecureFX™ Files on secure network storage
  9. 9. Processing Tools / Activities Deliverables Persons Restricted files AccessData FTK™ Files flagged & restricted from view Extract technical metadata AccessData FTK™ Various [see below] Assign descriptive metadata AccessData FTK™ Descriptive data added via ‘labels’ Assign rights metadata AccessData FTK™ Access data added via ‘labels’ Create display derivative Transit Solution™ HTML version of original files Create finding aid Archivists’ Toolkit EAD Catalog Record links to born-digital Create catalog record SirsiDynix filesTransfer files to delivery platform [many steps] Files, etc. deposited in repositories
  10. 10. Delivery & Access Tools / Activities Deliverables Persons Users view collections Web or stand-alone Hypatia or Reading (remote or in-person) delivery Room computerUsers register & agree to Web registration & Signed electronic terms of use agreement form agreementUsers browse and search Search results: metadata Hypatia, EAD materials and digital objects Users tag & annotate Digital objects tagged - Hypatia items associated with user IDs Requests routed by User submit requests Email link repository
  11. 11. Digital Material Survey• 6wOPzodyGZOhsatkQzq-YQOdjfrvDWYHI- OQ/edit?hl=en_US&pli=1• Part I: This part of the survey is designed to be a prompt sheet for phone / face-to-face interview with donors by curators / digital archivists.• Part II: This part of the survey is designed to be filled out by digital archivists regarding technical details of the tools used to create digital material.
  12. 12. High Resolution Photo
  13. 13. Gigapan Robot
  14. 14. High Resolution Photo• Stanford Memorial Church high resolution photo taken in April 2009 (483 megapixels)• Office of Henry Lowood, Curator for History of Science & Technology at Stanford taken in April 2011 (130 megapixels) f4e83ae48de5735a93e767a17688978
  15. 15. Feasibility Study• Equipment (punch card reader, tape reader, etc.)• Passwords• Outsource – Recovery for 1 hard drive $2,500 – Reformat tape to CD/DVD: $150 per tape plus the output media and shipping. $25 for a DVD.
  16. 16. AT Accession Record• Media count• Computer count• Size in MB/TB, etc.• No. of files• Link to – Image log spreadsheet – Collection summary from FTK
  17. 17. Media Count• Media count by – 3, 3.5, 5.25, 8 inch. floppy diskettes – Zip disk – Open reel, cartridge tape – CD, DVD, Optical disk – External hard drive• Computer – Desktop / Portable – Mac / PC / Others
  18. 18. 8-inch, 5.25-inch, and 3.5-inch floppy
  19. 19. Smith Corona DataDisk 3-inch floppy
  20. 20. 100MB Zip Disc for Iomega Zip
  21. 21. Open Reel Tape
  22. 22. Cartridge Tape
  23. 23. Punch Cards
  24. 24. Apple II
  25. 25. Commodore C64 SX-64
  26. 26. Kaypro 10 portable computer
  27. 27. Media Label /Rehouse• Label – Use “Call No._CMxxx” as label name, 0.5 x 1.875 inch. label – Template %26-Software/Templates/Labels/Return-Address- Labels/Return-Address-Label-80-per-sheet_Microsoft- Word.htm?N=0&refchannel=c042fd03ab30a110VgnVCM1 000002118140aRCRD• Re-House – Follow the same box no. naming convention as other materials (paper, av, etc.).
  28. 28. Media Sleeve
  29. 29. Rehouse Media
  30. 30.
  31. 31.
  32. 32. Canon EOS Utility
  33. 33. Live View Shooting
  34. 34. Filename• Photographing media – Use ““Call No._CMxxx “ as filename – If more than 1 photo is taken, add _1 for first and _2 for second photo, etc. (e.g. front, back, box, etc.) – Use computer to control the camera if you have more than 20 media to photo; otherwise, just use stand alone camera. – Store all photos in “Media Photo” folder
  35. 35. Preference
  36. 36. Media Photo
  37. 37. Media Photo
  38. 38. Media Photo
  39. 39. Media Photo