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Published in: Technology, Education
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  1. 1. Processing and Delivering Email Archives in Special Collections Using MUSE Personal Digital Archiving 2012 Peter Chan, Digital Archivist
  3. 3. Challenge• Copyrights / Privacy – No web delivery? Reading room only?• Sensitive information – SS#, student records, etc.• Description – No. of emails, recipients, folders, contents?• Delivering – Same as original or more?
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Emails in Our Collections• Robert Creeley – 50,000+• Richard Fikes – 100,000• Stephen H. Schneider• John McCarthy• Mandelbrot• Arlene Blum• Harrison• ………………………………….
  6. 6. Access for Emails converted to XML• Build search index• Build access control• Merge with existing search and discovery portal• Big development effort.
  7. 7. Sentiment Analysis
  8. 8. Muse Lexicon
  9. 9. Revised Lexicon
  10. 10. Groups Over Time
  11. 11. Attachments
  12. 12. Communication Charts
  13. 13. Topic of the Month
  14. 14. Actual Email
  15. 15. Browsing Lens
  16. 16. Processing Emails - MUSE• Edit the pre-built lexicon – Screen for sensitive information (SS#, student records, etc.) and mark for restriction. – Group by known projects, conference, etc.• Standard MUSE functions – Group, topics, attachment wall, communication chart, browsing lens.
  17. 17. Delivering Emails - MUSE• Web – Summary information – Sentiment, group, topics, communication links – Browsing lens (preview only)• Reading room – Individual emails – Attachments – Browsing lens (link to emails)
  18. 18. Use MUSE - Gap• More sophisticated search – Pattern search (SS#, credit card#, etc.) – Full text, thesaurus, misspell, etc.• Original views (folders)• Delivery mode for metadata (package for download or server at Stanford).• Multiple lexicons• Foreign languages (long term)
  19. 19. Future• More people to collaborate in the development.• More people to use the software.• Funding • Contact me ( if you are interested in any of the above.