The 99%


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Introduces the suggestion of an HR solution to the current global unrest that is able to create a migration from the 99% to the 1%:

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The 99%

  1. 1. +234-703-430-2486 The 99% By Peter Anyebe Viewmy profile I facilitated at the 2011 pre-conference MCPEP of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management, CIPM, held at Abuja, Nigeria in November. The theme was, PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. And I made two, 2 presentations titled Implementation and Management; and, Forms and Methods. I also facilitated at the end of year MCPEP of the Nigerian Institute of Management, NIM at Makurdi with the theme, MASTERING HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT. Again, I made two, 2 presentations titled, Changing Role of the Human Resource Function; and, Reward Management System. I maintained one, 1 theme in all four, 4 presentations, The Changing Role of the Human ResourceWordPress Function. And the following four, 4 items were in focus: Trace the path to a precise HRGoogle Me Flash the light on the enormity of the responsibility that HR practitioners have to humanity Link the global labour unrest to the current limitations of HR, that has stagnated as administrative partners; and is yet to make the full shift to strategic partners, and subsequently precise executives Present the value creation model as an objective conceptual basis for the shift It is known that the shift in focus from administrative to strategic HR began in earnest at about the year 2000. Eleven, 11 years later in 2011, most nations, including Nigeria, have stagnated at the administrative level. The suggestion for a second, 2nd shift to precise HR would therefore be confusing for several practitioners. The inevitability of this shift has however been necessitated by the current global happenings. Especially when this writer thinks that the solution to the
  2. 2. +234-703-430-2486 WordPresscrises rests with an HR that is precise, like engineering and accountancy. A preciseHR would be characterised as follows: Put a value precisely on people, according to the number of essentials, Nu they are able to identify, of the expected five, 5 Reward the performance at task by the standard procedure Put labour on the shelf, like other commodities Predict the mix of personnel quality that can produce a certain ROIThese form the basis for operationalising the popular dictum of the defunct socialistphilosophy: From each according to their ability To each according to their need Then ability would be evaluated on the factor-C, which predicts the return oninvestment, ROI. And need on the factor-Rw, which measures reward. In this casehowever, need is evaluated against Maslow’s upper hierarchy for fulfilment; ratherthan the lower physiological needs. This is expected to motivate the shift from the99% to the 1%. The difference between these two, 2 groups is their focus onMaslow’s hierarchy. While the 1% focus on fulfilment, the 99% focus onphysiology. Unfortunately, it is the former that nature rewards. Notice that the value creation paradigm derives from the natural order, N-O. Andthe 1% - 99% dichotomy is only another expression of the Pareto 80-20 Rule,according to which 80% of the work in most organisations is done by 20% of thepersonnel. In this case, 99% of the wealth is created by 1% of the people.The value creation model is designed to kick-start the migration from the team of80%ters to the group of 20%ters. In addition, it pegs the reward that any group canget to 200%. Moreover, income is determined by the ROI that is generated. To earna certain amount therefore, it would be necessary to contribute an equivalent ROI. View my profile Google Me
  3. 3. Use the following links for further discussion on the value creation paradigm: Value Creation Model: Hierarchy:, F role of the Human Resource Function Limits of Reality
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