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Clock tower selling guide_v4


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Provided branding, copywritting, and graphic design …

Provided branding, copywritting, and graphic design

Client, Real estate broker, came to me for a unique solution that would establish his personal brand and help him stand out amongst his peers. He also wanted it to be a customizable solution, editable and printable in-house, while still maintaining features to be visually impactful when sent digitally, so that he could cater it slightly for each client. The printing restriction posed a challenge of being able to interpret infographics with little color. This was achieved through selective color for optimal impact, complete with infographics / data visualizations, forms, charts, and layout design.

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  • 1. Listing & Selling YOUR Home Prepared Especially For: Vijay & Padmini Venkatesan This Guide was Created to Help You: • • Negotiate terms of sale • With price negotiations • | Find the right home to purchase • 2950 Buskirk Ave. Suite 300 Prepare your home for sale With paperwork Walnut Creek, CA 94597 | Phone: 925.415.6075 | Fax: 925.478.7910 | BRE # 01869066
  • 2. Broker Ken Jacobs, CRS, GRI, ASP –Broker/Owner ClockTower Realty I started Clocktower Realty in 2005 with a simple purpose—to create a different perspective on real estate sales, one where the client never questions that the advice they’re being given is to serve their best interest, regardless if it ends in a sale or not. When working with me, you can expect a broker that listens and understands your unique situation, whether you’re a first time home buyer, or experienced investor or home seller. I strive to keep updated on changing market conditions at all times so that I can provide my clients with the best and most up to date information to make informed decisions. ★ CRS Designation (Certified Residential Specialist) ★ GRI Designation (Graduate, Realtor Institute) ★ ASP Designation (Accredited Staging Professional) ★ Licensed as Real Estate Salesperson since 1998 ★ Licensed as Real Estate Broker since 2002 Represented clients in the purchase or sale of over 300 homes Member of: ★ ★ Walnut Creek, CA 94597 | National Association of Realtors ★ | California Association of Realtors ★ 2950 Buskirk Ave. Suite 300 Contra Costa Association of Realtors National Association of Residential Property Managers Phone: 925.415.6075 | Fax: 925.478.7910 | BRE # 01869066
  • 3. Setting Expectations Helpful Opinions & Advice I won’t just tell you what you want to hear. Over my years in real estate, I have found that it is more productive to arm you with the benefit of my knowledge. When you know the potential challenges, marketing or pricing miscues, neighborhood problems, contractual issues, etc., you are well equipped to make informed decisions for you and your family. Communication I understand this is an important decision in your life, maybe even the most important. You deserve clear, effective communication at all times – It should be all about You. Because of this, I am committed to providing you with everything from returning phone calls and emails promptly, to making sure you have a full understanding of all details throughout your home sale or purchase process. No Surprises! Thoroughness You can expect us to help you figure out how to address any needed repairs or upgrades, staging, and other presale concerns, market your home with the highest quality marketing materials and photographs, and ensure that every available marketing resource is utilized. While your home is listed, I will stay in constant communication. You can expect shared feedback from other agents and potential buyers, updates on market and financing issues, and a non-stop work ethic towards completing a successful sale. Integrity You will never wonder what my agenda is. My only goal is to insure your satisfaction with the handling of your sale, giving you the benefit of my experience to make the best decision for your individual situation. 2950 Buskirk Ave. Suite 300 | Walnut Creek, CA 94597 | Phone: 925.415.6075 | Fax: 925.478.7910 | BRE # 01869066
  • 4. From Living In to... SALE Ready Set the Stage Staging is the process in which I morph a home from “living in” mode, to “sale ready” mode. It is the concept of furnishing and decorating your home to show off it’s best qualities, while minimizing it’s negatives. Staging is Part of My Job Included in our fees for listing and selling your home, I perform basic staging services* for all of my home listings. Beginning with a thorough walk-through of your home, I will identify any areas of opportunity, such as repairs, painting, or replacements, schedule estimates for work that you approve, and coordinate with contractors through completion. Once any repairs or upgrades are complete, I will arrange furniture and accessories to show your home in the best light. *Basic staging services include an Accredited Staging Professional (ASP®) to plan and reorganize all the rooms in your home with existing furniture and decorations, to enhance the positive aspects of your home. Staging of vacant homes, or adding additional furniture or accessories can be done at an additional cost. 2950 Buskirk Ave. Suite 300 | Walnut Creek, CA 94597 | Phone: 925.415.6075 | Fax: 925.478.7910 | BRE # 01869066
  • 5. First Impressions Count. Lasting Impressions Sell. Use minimal furniture, placed strategically to highlight the home’s architectural features minimize items and tidy up closetsto make them look more spacious ul usaefmake ost n nd a ting n Pai ing r Floo e en c themmts you are rov imp Remove excess items from counters, walls and furniture Remove personal items, such as family photos, and replace with intentional emotional cues, such as flowers and candles, throughout the home. Like anything else, first impressions count. Set the stage by investing a small amount of time and money that will give your home an edge over other listings in the area. When the time comes to show it to prospective buyers, these little things make a big difference, setting the tone for how everything that comes after it is perceived and remembered even after the tour is over. I will do a full walk-through of your home, identify areas of improvement, schedule estimates for work that you approve, and coordinate with contractors through completion. The Goal of Staging is to HELP BUYERS CONNECT AND rather than feeling IT aAS THEIR OWN, IMAGINE like guest in someone else’s home. 2950 Buskirk Ave. Suite 300 | Walnut Creek, CA 94597 | Phone: 925.415.6075 | Fax: 925.478.7910 | BRE # 01869066
  • 6. Staging: the preparing of one’s home, making it sellable so the buyer can MENTALLY move in. Landscaping can add 7 – 15% Front patio areas clean, with trimmed plants and fresh mulch Entranceway (doorknobs, doorbell, front door) in good condition Front door area clean, with plants or flowers to the value of your home Clear walk and driveway of leaves DID YOU KNOW? Research shows that professionally staged homes are proven to sell faster, and to sell for more money, than non-staged homes? The Goal of Staging is to HELP BUYERS CONNECT AND rather than feeling IT aAS THEIR OWN, IMAGINE like guest in someone else’s home. 2950 Buskirk Ave. Suite 300 | Walnut Creek, CA 94597 | Phone: 925.415.6075 | Fax: 925.478.7910 | BRE # 01869066
  • 7. Professionally Staged Homes Sell 20–40% Faster than Vacant Ones Staging List    (Clutter eats equity!) Take down photographs (Depersonalize the home)   In the bathroom, remove all items from counter tops and commode tops. Clear all objects from the kitchen counter tops. Clear refrigerator fronts of messages, pictures, etc. (A sparse kitchen helps the buyer mentally move their own things into your kitchen.) It is best to leave for the day and allow the Staging Professionals to be alone while staging your home Once I have staged® your home for showing, the following guidelines will help keep your home looking “sale ready” during the market period.  Once I have staged® your home for showing, the following guidelines will help keep your home looking “sale ready” during the market period.               Keep room draperies and shades open. 2950 Buskirk Ave. Suite 300 Have your home well‐lit during showing. All lights should be turned on. Avoid clutter and keep the house as clean as possible on a daily basis. Keep toys put away. Bikes, wagons and skateboards should not be out in front. Light music, such as jazz or classical playing in the background is recommended. Avoid cooking foods with strong odors that can linger. During an open house, allow me to show your home without you present. Refer direct inquiries about your house to me. If you’re home during a viewing, leave the Realtor® alone to show your property. Be friendly and encourage people to make themselves at home. Answer questions candidly, but avoid questioning potential buyers. Keep pets outdoors or better yet, consider having them stay with friends if possible. Some buyers are turned off by pets, some could be allergic. Remove or replace attached items not included in the sale of your house prior to putting it on the market, so there is no confusion, or arguments later over what’s in. | Walnut Creek, CA 94597 | Phone: 925.415.6075 | Fax: 925.478.7910 | BRE # 01869066
  • 8. Price it Right It’s important to price your property correctly from Day 1. It is better to price it right the first time than to chase the market down to the right price. Buyers tend to cluster around certain price points. The more buyers in a category, the more buyers available to consider purchasing your property. The goal is to determine the desirable price that will result in the most qualified buying pool. Determining factors in pricing your home: • Comparable properties that have sold and are pending in your area • Current properties on the market in your neighborhood or in your price range • Location of your home (i.e. adjacent to open space, cul‐de‐sac location, busy street, view lot, etc.) • Year built • Upgrades, additions, and/or remodeling • Emotional and curb appeal • Landscaping, backyard and lot features #1 The Closer to Fair Market Value, the Larger the Pool of Interested Buyers Pricing goal is to attract other agents and qualified buyers to visit the property. Once your property is receiving showings, the next steps are to encourage offers and negotiate a sale. Only by pricing to encourage showings can you expect to negotiate the best offer % of Buyers who will be interested for your home. 2950 Buskirk Ave. Suite 300 | Walnut Creek, CA 94597 | Phone: 925.415.6075 | Fax: 925.478.7910 | BRE # 01869066
  • 9. Overpricing is THE MOST COMMON MISTAKE that sellers make. Some rules for pricing your home accurately Know Your Buyer Buyers are looking for a home that gives them a specific feeling. The expensive tile entryway or whirlpool bath you’ve installed may mean more to you than to a prospective buyer. Don’t expect to recover all costs from amenities you’ve added. Some improvements will have more appeal and value than others. Take a step back, walk through your home as a prospective buyer might and be realistic about your home’s shortcomings. View your home as an investment and try and put your personal feelings aside. Know Your Market In the rapidly rising market I have seen over the last few years, it has been wise to pay more attention to the prices of available homes and pending sales to estimate value, as they would be more likely to show the current increases than properties sold. In a stable or declining market, the opposite is true, and properties actually sold will give you a much more valid estimate of your home’s value than available homes sitting on the market. 2950 Buskirk Ave. Suite 300 | Walnut Creek, CA 94597 | Phone: 925.415.6075 | Fax: 925.478.7910 | BRE # 01869066
  • 10. Wood Destroying Pests & Organisms Inspection Report Inspections are a crucial part of the home selling process. If there are issues identified from this report, they will be one of two types: Section 1 items Where active infestation exists from either termites or other wood destroying organisms. If any Section 1 items are discovered, it is recommended that the seller have those items properly repaired per the specifications in the report. Most contracts will stipulate that the seller correct any Section 1 deficiencies prior to close of escrow, and a “clearance” of those items will likely be required by the buyer’s lender. Section 2 items Items that could lead to a Section 1 condition, such as faulty caulking in a bathroom or kitchen area or a leak in a pipe. Most contracts specify the buyer taking responsibility for these minor problems, but it is always prudent to evaluate these items as to how they might affect the salability of your home. Other Inspections The buyer of your home may have any inspections done that they choose, at their own expense. Prior to putting your home on the market, it is recommended that you obtain a: • Home Inspection • Swimming Pool Inspection • Roof Inspection • Engineer’s Report • Chimney Inspection • HVAC Inspection Any concerns that the buyer has after conducting these inspections can be negotiated between the buyer and seller. The seller is generally under no obligation to repair items found by these other inspections. The buyer can choose to cancel the purchase if, within the specified time limits, they have a concern that the seller refuses to address. 2950 Buskirk Ave. Suite 300 | Walnut Creek, CA 94597 | Phone: 925.415.6075 | Fax: 925.478.7910 | BRE # 01869066
  • 11. Failing to disclose known material facts about the property can lead to severe monetary penalties. Disclose all known information about your home to a prospective buyer. There are a number of forms you will need to fill out specifically addressing the condition of the property and any known outside influences that could affect the future value. Has there been any slippage or foundation repairs done? If the property is in an area that has a Home owner’s Association, will they be raising dues or conducting repairs in the near future? These are just examples of items that would need to be disclosed to prospective buyers. TEMENT E STA CLOSUR SEQ.) OF ER DIS 2, ET CITY TRANSF A, E §110 IN THE IFORNI . 11/10) ESTATE NIA CIVIL COD ATED OF CAL , Revised TY SITU (CALIFOR , STATE Form TDS IN PROPER (C.A.R. PERTY REAL BED PRO IS NOT A NS THE . IT DESCRI THIS CONCER ABOVE (S) IN OF ENT NCIPAL OF THE STATEM , COUNTY (S) MAY ANY PRI SURE DITION NCIPAL e) DISCLO ENTING S THE PRI THE CON OF (dat RES THIS OF E AS S) REP RRANTIE SURE IL COD AGENT( NS OR WA DISCLO AS THE CIV CRIBED ENT IS A N 1102 OF LER(S) OR ANY PECTIO es, DES INS disclosur STATEM WITH SECTIO MS THE SEL UTE FOR ANY require THIS E FOR D BY liens on NCE STIT r statutes -money CLOSUR ANY KIN A SUB e. Othe COMPLIA purchase ER DIS NTY OF IS NOT Civil Cod H OTH of the zone and WARRA CTION, AND re ION WIT ion 1102 special study Disclosu to Sect RDINAT Hazard be made TRANSA OBTAIN. ple: I. COO Natural will e pursuant n (for exam TO is t is mad have or WISH ding the actio matter REAL men trans law, inclu information, the subject re State estate ired by r real ssment where Disclosu es requ particula ial asse on this form, Transfer s r disclosur , or spec l Estate ils of the and othe e, fire, flood osure obligation This Rea upon the deta osures quak g discl wing discl yances, earthto satisfy the dependin property). l The follo ded rt anno sit. residentia losures: include airpo and are inten ipt for depo fer, ted Disc may or rece Substitu tatement that real estate trans of sale ract information on this Report/S with this to the cont in this ection may rely ipal(s) in conn d pursuant es: Buyers any princ ective osur complete TION same: senting prosp the n reports rts or discl INFORMAis not a warranty, agent(s) repre property. OF THE Inspectio inspection repo the LER'S this rizes any ATIONS sale of l II. SEL WEEN though y autho ipated RESENT Additiona CT BET that even r hereb l or antic THE REP CONTRA knowledge property. Selle with any actua with the ARE NOT T OF ANY subject in connection informationpurchase the (S) AND D TO BE PAR LER n or entity following terms to ses the THE SELNOT INTENDE any perso r disclo on what statement to E BY IS The Selle whether and NS MAD URE AND of this ATIO ing LOS de a copy in decid RESENT IS A DISC n to provi ARE REP RMATION transactio er Pool: LOWING . THIS INFO tant Barri Child Resis er: THE FOL ), IF ANY LER. erty. g Heat Electric AGENT(S ER AND SEL pying the prop ked below: * Pool/Spa Conditionin Solar ow Air Gas THE BUY is not occu the items chec Wall/Wind is Heater: Electric erty has Seller Water Sprinklers r System ct prop Solar subje Sewe Gas A. The Public Supply: Tank Water Range Septic Well Pump City Oven Sump Utility or Softener Private Microwave r Water ing Other Dishwashe pactor Patio/Deck ecue ly: Barb (Tank) Gas Supp Trash Com Built-in Bottled Disposal Utility Garbage yer Hookups Gazebo Screens Gate(s) Bars Window Washer/Dr rs Security on Security hed anism Window Not Attac Rain Gutte se Mech Garage: Alarms e(s) hed Quick Relea ows Attac Devic Burglar Wind Opener(s) Monoxide ) Bedroom Carport ge Door Carbon atic Gara Detector(s Controls Autom Smoke Remote Number (approx.) s) in Fire Alarm Fireplace( na TV Anten Sauna Dish Spa: Cover Satellite Hot/Tub Age: Safety (Attach Locking in Intercom describe. ing Wiring Heat yes, then 220 Volt itioning Central No. If Air Cond Yes Type: r(s) Central Roof(s): r Coole condition? Evaporato operating not in in ) that are Fan(s) above Exhaust , of the er ( ) , any other means Gas Start e or any ( knowledge Initials opy machin (Seller's) Other: Seller's of your f, by photoc thereo best VED. , to the any portionRIGHTS RESER ssary): form, or Are there sheets if nece of this , INC. ALL uction Date ORS® reprod 3) software additional orized N OF REALT ) E 1 OF zipForm® the unauth ASSOCIATIO by forbid ORNIA Reviewed page 2) )( (TDS PAG Prepared using U.S. Code) 010, CALIF (*see on (Title 17 TEMENT 10 ( States ght © 1991-2 Initials Copyri United E STA Buyer's ht laws of the terized formats. CLOSUR Fax: 925-478-79 The copyrig 3) ile or compu ER DIS facsim E 1 OF including TRANSF 94597 80-1260 0 (PAG ESTATE Phone: 925-2 ut Creek, CA ISED 11/1 REAL 300 Waln TDS REV Ave. Suite Buskirk bs Ken Jaco Realty 2950 Agent: Clocktower Broker: something about the property that they otherwise may not have remembered or may not have considered important enough to disclose. The questions ask for the seller’s actual knowledge not a warranty regarding the property’s condition. Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement Asks specific questions about the condition of the property. It will be necessary for you to disclose any recent repairs, knowledge of easements or common areas shared with other homeowners among other issues. This form is required by law in all residential real estate transactions of 1‐4 units. Natural Hazard Disclosure Will disclose to the buyer whether the property is in a Special Hazard Zone, such as a Flood Zone or Earthquake Fault Zone. If the home does fall into some of these categories, the lender might require the buyer to purchase additional insurance coverage. These reports are furnished by an outside geological firm, and typically Seller Property Questionnaire cost $100—$150. Supplements the Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement. It is a form to be completed by the seller in an effort to give a buyer a more comprehensive understanding of the property to be acquired. The four pages of questions can often prompt a seller to remember Lead Based Paint Disclosure 2950 Buskirk Ave. Suite 300 | Walnut Creek, CA 94597 | If the home was built prior to 1978, you must give you this disclosure, which tells the buyer of your knowledge of any lead‐based paint on the property. Phone: 925.415.6075 | Fax: 925.478.7910 | BRE # 01869066
  • 12. The goal of our marketing plan is to expose your home to the greatest number of able and willing buyers. Marketing /mar·ket·ing/ noun (In Real Estate) is the ongoing process of bringing your home to the attention of buyers and those that represent them, primarily real estate professionals. Reaching clients looking for a home like yours involves a well planned strategy. I market all listings by establishing a carefully planned advertising campaign tailored to a properties unique position in the market. I’ll put your home where it needs to be for the greatest return BROKERS TOUR MULTIPLE LISTING PRINT BROCHURES 2950 Buskirk Ave. Suite 300 REALTOR NETWORKING INTERNET | Walnut Creek, CA 94597 | Phone: 925.415.6075 | Fax: 925.478.7910 | BRE # 01869066
  • 13. 90% of Homeowners Search Online During their Home Buying Process The RIGHT Internet marketing can help sell your home. Most buyers these days are either starting their home search on the Internet, or are using it along with their Realtor® to preview potential properties. Here’s how I make sure your home stands out when buyers are looking for a home on the Internet. There are a number of very popular websites that don’t get fed information from the local MLS, and for those I make sure each one is uploaded immediately with the same information and pictures. I make your home easy to find. On our website, in addition to property information, potential buyers can view more information about local schools, area services, neighborhoods, and other more detailed information about your home. When they have an interest, buyers will typically locate the page on my personal website after viewing the property initially on one of the sites listed above, so I strive to make my website a place to really put your home on a full display, as people viewing the property here are generally quite interested and may have already come to view your home. 2950 Buskirk Ave. Suite 300 | Walnut Creek, CA 94597 | Phone: 925.415.6075 | Fax: 925.478.7910 | BRE # 01869066
  • 14. How the System Works Another reason to price your home properly — If buyers are looking up to $500,000, and you’re over priced at $515,000, when your market value is more likely around $480,000, potential buyers won’t see your home listing!
  • 15. I help you enjoy the process. When you list your home with me, you can expect the highest degree of professionalism, communication, and diligent work to get your home sold and escrow closed, while taking care of all the details involved. You can expect me to:  Do a detailed walk‐through with you to determine what can be done to put your home in the best possible condition to attract the greatest number of buyers.  Help set up and coordinate any desired pre-sale work, such as painting, flooring, or other misc. repairs, as well as maid service and carpet & window cleaning, if necessary.  Order any necessary pre‐sale inspections and reports, and meet with the pest inspector at the property.  Order an HOA document package, if applicable, to have ready for potential buyers to review.  Professionally stage your home to show it’s best qualities, while minimizing any deficiencies.  Oversee the photography of your home to showcase its best features.  Create all marketing materials, including the feature sheet that potential buyers will receive at the property, all Internet advertising, and multiple listing service listing.  Send you a copy of the MLS listing and links to all other advertising to check for accuracy.  Assist you in filling out all required disclosure forms  Create property informational brochure in full color, and make available at the property.  Upload all property information and pictures to multiple websites  Put a lock-box on your home so other Realtors® can gain access  Create an informational binder to be left at your home with all the disclosures and reports, as well as local community and school information for potential buyers to review during a showing.  Make other active agents in the community aware of your home listing.  Conduct Broker’s Open House Tour  Insure that there are always sufficient color flyers available on the sign post outside your home, if applicable.  Follow up on showings to elicit constructive feedback from Realtors and prospective buyers.  Keep you informed during the entire listing period of all activity on a consistent basis.  To establish and set offer guidelines prior to presentation, especially if there is a multiple offer situation.  Meet and present all written offers to you directly. 2950 Buskirk Ave. Suite 300 | Walnut Creek, CA 94597 | Phone: 925.415.6075 | Fax: 925.478.7910 | BRE # 01869066
  • 16. We’ve Got an Offer! Now What? When an offer comes in, I will handle all of the following details:  Review each clause with you so that you understand the contract in its entirety.  Provide explanations and advice on current market conditions as they relate to a purchase offer we have received.  Check with the prospective buyer’s mortgage broker or lender to confirm that the terms being presented in the offer are accurate, and verify that the pre‐approval of any buyer loans are satisfactory.  Review all presented contracts to ensure your interests are being protected in regards to the terms.  Provide professional negotiations on your behalf  Prepare and deliver to the buyer’s agent, any counter offer(s) necessary to change the terms of the contract per your wishes.  Prepare a comparative net sheet reflecting all expenses and a bottom line estimate of your proceeds at closing  2950 Buskirk Ave. Suite 300 Ensure all parties in any transaction are being treated fairly and with the highest level of consideration. It’s always possible that a buyer whose offer is accepted is either unwilling or unable to fulfill the terms of the contract. Keeping good communication open with other prospective buyers and agents makes good business sense. | Walnut Creek, CA 94597 | Phone: 925.415.6075 | Fax: 925.478.7910 | BRE # 01869066
  • 17. Terms, Timing, Tax Accept, Reject, Counter Price may not be the most important issue in the offer. Terms, timing, and tax issues may be more important and should be closely considered. Price and terms become a function of each other ‐ terms will influence the price. Understanding the Purchase Contract I will take the time to explain all areas of the eight page purchase offer to you. My goal is to give you the best, accurate information with which to make informed decisions. No surprises. Terms Many of the costs associated with selling your home are negotiable with the buyer and specified in the purchase offer. I will explain each of those costs to you in determining your net proceeds based on the terms specified. Buyer Qualification If a buyer is unable to fulfill the terms of the contract, you have wasted precious time that your home could be marketed to qualified buyers. I will do my best to insure that any prospective buyers are fully qualified to complete the purchase of your property. Responding to Offers You have three options when you receive an offer on your property: Accept, Reject or Counter. I will spell out all the alternatives in detail and explain the consequences of any decision fully. 2950 Buskirk Ave. Suite 300 | Walnut Creek, CA 94597 | Phone: 925.415.6075 | Fax: 925.478.7910 | BRE # 01869066
  • 18. Sealing the Deal. When an offer is accepted, and escrow opened, there are a lot of moving parts that need to be managed so you can move in, on time. You can count on me to take care of the following items:   Ensure that all parties receive copies of all appropriate documents and disclosures pertinent to the transaction.  Ensure that all buyer contingencies are met and removed in writing, and the buyers have read and accepted all disclosures within the time limits established by the contract.   Keep you informed of the buyer’s progress throughout the transaction.   Keep you informed of all inspections and their findings.   Have any requested estimates regarding possible repair work prepared for you.  Order and monitor any corrective work that you have authorized, and ensure it is completed in a timely manner.  Ensure that all loan documents and closing documents are ordered and drawn in a timely manner by the escrow company    2950 Buskirk Ave. Suite 300 Receive and examine the title report to ensure that any unexpected problems are corrected. Coordinate closing and move‐in dates with you. Meet the appraiser at the property to provide comparable sales data and answer any questions about your home and neighborhood. Discuss different options with you, offer professional advice and provide negotiations in regards to any request for repairs by the buyers. If applicable, contact the Homeowner’s Association to handle all repair issues that they are responsible for. Deliver the keys to the buyers at closing Deliver proceeds check or arrange direct wire of funds to you upon closing. | Walnut Creek, CA 94597 | Phone: 925.415.6075 | Fax: 925.478.7910 | BRE # 01869066
  • 19. What is Escrow? : MONEY HELD BY A NEUTRAL THIRD PARTYON BEHALF OF TRANSACTING PARTIES. Buyer chooses escrow holder and deposits initial deposit into escrow account within three days of offer acceptance 4 $ $ 1 5 Orders title report and HOA documents, if applicable 3 Orders any seller loan payoffs on the property 7 Receives remaining funds to close from buyer Arranges notary signing of final transfer documents with seller 6 Receives buyer’s loan documents and arranges notary signing with buyer $ 2 Organizes and arranges payment for all closing expenses, pro-rations of property taxes and other items Receives loan funds from buyer’s lender 9 $ Records sale with county recorder 10 2950 Buskirk Ave. Suite 300 | $ $ $ $ 8 Disperses all funds to seller’s lenders to pay existing loans off, pay real estate commissions, property taxes and any other required items, and delivers remaining funds to seller. Walnut Creek, CA 94597 | Phone: 925.415.6075 | Fax: 925.478.7910 | BRE # 01869066
  • 20. Sealing the Deal There are a number of different costs associated with selling real estate. Many of these costs are negotiable between the parties. In our area, some of these costs typically are paid by one party or the other. Here is an example of what a seller’s costs would look like for a sale of a $650,000 home with a $425,000 loan balance. The buyer is typically responsible for title insurance & escrow fee, recording fees, any new loan fees, and any inspections they choose to have done on the property. Property taxes & HOA dues are pro‐rated based on the closing date. 2950 Buskirk Ave. Suite 300 | Walnut Creek, CA 94597 | Phone: 925.415.6075 | Fax: 925.478.7910 | BRE # 01869066
  • 21. Sample Marketing Support 2950 Buskirk Ave. Suite 300 | Walnut Creek, CA 94597 | Phone: 925.415.6075 | Fax: 925.478.7910 | BRE # 01869066
  • 22. Sample Marketing Support 2950 Buskirk Ave. Suite 300 | Walnut Creek, CA 94597 | Phone: 925.415.6075 | Fax: 925.478.7910 | BRE # 01869066
  • 23. What People Are Saying... 1051 Northoak Dr. We were very impressed with the skills Ken Jacobs brought to the sale of our property. He made us feel at ease with all the paperwork we needed to understand. He made the process go smoothly from start to finish. Ken paid attention to detail, helped with staging the property, and answered our questions promptly. We have purchased and sold several properties during the last thirty years. We never found an agent as professional and capable as Ken. He is caring, a good listener, organized, and proficient with technology. He helped us every step of the way. Ken is helping our family to find a new home in a terrific area. We are delighted that we were able to work beside Ken Jacobs. He did an outstanding job for us! Bob & Maura Gleason – Walnut Creek 1015 Northoak Dr. I contracted with Ken to be listing agent on a Walnut Creek townhome because of his years of experience and local knowledge. He efficiently evaluated the repairs and cosmetic work required to market the property, and he arranged for all the various service providers to complete that work. His estimates for cost and timetable for this work were realistic. Once the property became an active listing on the MLS, he regularly informed me of the status, and after I had accepted an offer, he kept me advised of the status of the transaction. From my viewpoint, the sale went smoothly, and what “hiccups” we encountered Ken handled with knowledge and calm. I recommend him highly. Maria Woodbridge – Walnut Creek 2950 Buskirk Ave. Suite 300 | Walnut Creek, CA 94597 | Phone: 925.415.6075 | Fax: 925.478.7910 | BRE # 01869066
  • 24. 33 Julianne Ct. As a retired Real Estate Broker with over 35 years experience, I was very careful on who I wanted to represent my wife and I on the selling of our home. I made the right choice with Ken Jacobs. He did a great job on presenting our home in the market place as well as representing us in the negotiation stage. You will not find another agent that is more detailed on all aspects of a house transaction. My advice to those that might think that a larger office would give better service – stick with an agent that you can trust and that knows the Real Estate business. I think that person is Ken Jacobs. Hap Parks – Walnut Creek 765 Bloching Cir Ken was recommended to us by friends who’d worked with him, and it turned out to be a great recommendation. Ken is highly engaged, gives great advice yet always makes you feel like you’re in control and bottom line — really understands the business, market and process of real estate. In addition Ken has a network of contractors to make life very easy for busy professionals like us. Jeremy & Helena Lamb - Clayton 2950 Buskirk Ave. Suite 300 | Walnut Creek, CA 94597 | Phone: 925.415.6075 | Fax: 925.478.7910 | BRE # 01869066