Updated B2B social media stats - December 2013


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Summarising stats on B2B audience use of social media and best practice across Twitter and LinkedIn - update December 2013. Including a look at three new updates from November 2013 (LinkedIn showcase pages, Facebook updates to custom audience targeting and Twitter Ad updates).

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Updated B2B social media stats - December 2013

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA METRICS AND USAGE Update December 2013
  2. 2. THREE NEW LAUNCHES FROM NOVEMBER 2013 One each for Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  3. 3. LINKEDIN SHOWCASE PAGES • • • • Launched in November, these are more flexible than product pages, more targeted than company pages The new showcase pages sit ‘underneath’ your company page and let you provide a specific feed of new stories to followers Set them up for special interest areas (like ours on B2B social media!) More here: http://blog.linkedin.com/2013/11/19/an nouncing-linkedin-showcase-pages/
  4. 4. TWITTER ADS – NOW OPEN TO ALL • In November, Twitter opened up its ad options to all businesses – making it easy to set up either promoted tweets or to promote your account
  5. 5. PROMOTED TWEETS Lead gen ‘cards’ aren’t widely used yet but let you create flexible calls to action to capture user email addresses directly from a tweet https://blog.twitter.com/2013/lead-generation-card-now-availableto-all-advertisers-with-new-features Promoted tweets have 2 relevant targeted options (or 3 if you know which TV shows your audience watch!): by keyword (including hashtags) or by types of user
  6. 6. FACEBOOK CUSTOM AUDIENCES • • • • Facebook custom audience ad targeting is now available to all businesses One option will let you upload a list of customer/prospect email addresses and target ads to them IF they use that same email address to login to Facebook We’re intrigued to see if it works for B2B audiences… More here: https://www.facebook.com/business/news /Custom-Audiences-Is-Now-Available-toEvery-Advertiser
  9. 9. B2B DECISION MAKERS “One of the most startling revelations is that these decision makers aren't just as likely to use social media as the average user: they score well above average. In fact, when it comes to a network like LinkedIn, senior decision makers are twice as likely to use or contribute there (17.3% of respondents versus an average of 8.6%).” Reaching Key Decision Makers Through Social Networks http://slidesha.re/18lyj6W
  11. 11. CIOS AND SOCIAL MEDIA CHALLENGE “Only about 10 percent of CIOs in the top companies — Fortune 250 and and Global 250 — actively use public social networks. Within that group, only four CIOs write blogs, and more than one-third either do not have LinkedIn profiles, or have profiles with fewer than 100 connections.” The Top 25 Social CIOs in the Fortune 250 http://harmon.ie/blog/04-04-2012
  12. 12. THE TOP 25 SOCIAL CIOS IN THE FORTUNE 250 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Oliver Bussmann, Global CIO SAP Benjamin Fried, Google CIO Abraham Galan, Pemex CIO Ian Alderton, CIO Corporate Banking, Royal Bank of Scotland Anthony Scott, Corporate VP and CIO, Microsoft Wayne Shurst, EVP and CIO, Supervalu Ramon Baez, VP and CIO, Kimberly-Clark Cora Carmody, SVP and CIO, Jacobs Engineering Group Mike McNamara, CIO, Tesco Kenneth Corriveau, CIO, Omnicom Group Michael Kirschner, SVP and CIO, Office Depot David Smoley, CIO, Flextronics Carol Zierhoffer, VP and CIO, Xerox Denis Edwards, SVP and Global CIO, Manpower • David McCue, Corporate VP and CIO, Computer Sciences • Rebecca Jacoby, SVP and CIO, Cisco Systems • Mike McClaskey, SVP and CIO, DISH network • Paul Moulton, EVP and CIO, Costco Wholesale • Robin Johson, Global CIO, Dell • Michelle McKenna, CIO, Constellation Energy • Jeanette Horan • Matthew Carey, EVP and CIO, Home Depot • Donagh Herlihy, SVP and CIO Avon Products • Dana Deasy, CIO, BP • Benjamin Williams, CIO and VP, BI&T, Devon Energy Special Mention: • Casey Coleman, CIO, US General Services • Sabine Everaet, CIO, Coca-Cola Europe
  13. 13. IT PURCHASING GOES SOCIAL Awareness phase Planning phase 54% of IT decision-makers are influenced by social media during the “awareness phase” 46% of IT decision-makers are influenced by social media during the “planning phase” 47% of IT decision-makers are influenced by social media during the “select phase” Select phase 44% of IT decision-makers are influenced by social media during the “implementation phase” Implementation phase http://marketing.linkedin.com/efficiency-and-relevance
  14. 14. TWITTER
  15. 15. HOW TWEETS CAN HAVE AN IMPACT ON B2B TECH AUDIENCES Compete examined the online activity of more than 6,000 Twitter users as they visited more than 400 B2B tech sites in late 2012. Twitter Touts Its B2B Lead-Gen Capabilities http://bit.ly/1ioWeXc
  16. 16. TWITTER AND CTR • The average click-through rate (CTR) for a link shared on Twitter is about 1.6%, BUT—the average CTR drops as one’s number of Twitter followers increases. Accounts with 50-1,000 followers generate a better-than-6% average CTR; the rate drops to less than 0.5% on average for accounts with 10,000 or more followers. (Bit Rebels) • During the work week, Tuesday has the highest CTR (1.8%) and Friday the lowest (under 1.5%). (Bit Rebels) • During the day, CTRs are highest between 8:00-10:00 am and 4:00-6:00 pm. (Bit Rebels) http://bit.ly/ShVyKg
  17. 17. PROMOTED ACCOUNTS AND TWEETS – HUBSPOT CASE STUDY By connecting with a highly relevant audience through Promoted Accounts and increasing engagement with Promoted Tweets, HubSpot experienced gains in sales, conversion rates and ROI, as well as a significantly lower cost-per-lead. Twitter Success Story http://bit.ly/1bFDrbo 150%increase in sales through Twitter46%lower Twitter46%lower cost-per-lead 32%ROI
  18. 18. LINKEDIN
  19. 19. B2B: LINKEDIN DRIVES MORE TRAFFIC “On average, social media drove 5% of traffic to all B2B sites, however, it drove 17% of traffic to blogs and only 1.1% of traffic to commercial B2B websites. When they looked at the traffic by site, 90% of the social traffic was driven by the big three networks, with half of it coming from LinkedIn.” REPORTS: LinkedIn is the Most Effective B2B Social Network http://bit.ly/19ft1v5
  20. 20. B2B: LINKEDIN DRIVES MORE LEADS In a study of over 5,000 businesses, HubSpot found that traffic from LinkedIn generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%, almost 3 times higher than both Twitter and Facebook. This was a mix of both B2B and B2C companies, but the large sample size clearly shows that a focus on driving leads from LinkedIn works. REPORTS: LinkedIn is the Most Effective B2B Social Network http://bit.ly/19ft1v5
  21. 21. SOURCE OF LINKEDIN REFERRAL VISITORS – LEADFORMIX STUDY Source Of LinkedIn Referral Visitors REPORTS: A Research Report For B2b Marketers By Leadformix http://bit.ly/Hm0BqT Please note: • LinkedIn Answers no longer exist • Data from 2010
  22. 22. LINKEDIN ADVERTISING LinkedIn Ads allows B2B advertisers to create advertising campaigns with very high-level targeting options: General Segmentation In-depth Segmentation Location Age School Gender Interests Company Industry Job Title Skills Furthermore, we can edit as we go — testing various targeting combinations and deciding whether we want increased segmentation for narrower targeting or broader audience categories. These highly-customizable segmentation options can be used across all LinkedIn ad offerings.
  23. 23. HOW TO LEVERAGE LINKEDIN GROUPS TO GAIN MORE INFLUENCE #1 Join right groups #2 Listen and participate #3 Start your own discussion #4 Share your own content #5 Don’t sell
  24. 24. LINKEDIN GROUPS CXO/CIO/CEO/MD/CTO: • CXO – 100,055 members, very low interaction/high activity • Chief Information Officer (CIO) Network – The group for CIOs - 89,622 members, good interaction levels/moderate activity • TOP LEADERS/ EXECUTIVES - CXO/ CEO/ CIO/ COO/ CFO/ President/ VP/ AVP/ Director/ Head/ Managers 72,032 members, low interaction levels/moderate activity • CIO Forum – 54,655 members, good interaction levels/low to moderate activity • The Linked CXO / President, CEO, COO, CIO, CTO, MD, VP, Director 's – 27,746 members, low interaction levels and low activity • FOUNDER, CEO, CXO, COO, CKO, CFO, CMO, CAO, CVO, CDO, CRO, CLO, CSO, CIO, CTO, MD, VP – 16,534 good interaction levels and low activity • CDO/CIO/CTO Leadership Council – 9,289 members, low interaction levels and low activity • CIO Community – 7,880 members, low interaction levels and low activity • CXO Community - CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, CTO, CAO, CSO, and MD – 7,035 members, low interaction levels and low activity
  25. 25. LINKEDIN GROUPS CSO/CMO AND HR: CSO/CMO: • Sales / Marketing Executives (CSO/CMO) - 122,496 members, good interaction levels/moderate activity • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Network - #1 Group for CMOs – 53,773 members, very good interaction levels/high activity • CMO Executive Network – 5,952 members, low interaction levels and low activity • Forbes CMO Network – 4,964 members, low interaction levels and low activity HR: • • • • HR Directors / Managers - 4,272 members, low interaction levels and low activity HR Directors International Group – 1,723 members, low interaction levels and low activity HR Directors Club – 1,516 members, low interaction levels and low activity European HR directors – 758 members, low interaction levels and low activity
  26. 26. LINKEDIN COMPANY PAGE “Informative, useful updates receive the highest engagement rates because that’s the information members expect from companies they follow on LinkedIn. After all, your followers are active on LinkedIn because they want to be more productive and successful professionals.” LinkedIn Best Practices http://linkd.in/Sv1Yqj 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 60% 53% 43% Industry insights Company news New products and services
  27. 27. LINKEDIN COMPANY PAGE BEST PRACTICE Post at least 20 status updates per month to maximize your reach to approximately 60% or more of your unique audience each month. Best-in-class marketers are posting 3-4 status updates per day, per audience 20% of followers are typically reached with one status update. LinkedIn Best Practices http://linkd.in/Sv1Yqj