OVN E-Newsletter Feb. 2011


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Quarterly newsletter of the Ohio Valley Node (OVN) of the NIDA CTN

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OVN E-Newsletter Feb. 2011

  1. 1. OVN Quarterly Newsletter FEBRUARY 2011 Ohio Valley Node Community Treatment Quarterly Newsletter Programs Dissemination Briefs: NIDA • CTN-052, an OVN concept, has CTN been accepted for protocol devel- opment to investigate buspirone for relapse prevention in cocaine- dependent persons •Dr. Winhusen received the Besteman Award for her ex- traordinary contributions to the NIDA CTN 15 States •FDA has approved Vivitrol (long acting naltrexone) for 23 Programs opiate dependence •NextGen Ambulatory EHR 5.6 is the first EHR with behav- ioral health certificationNIDA CTN Election Results: •In 2009, 2.1 mil ER visits•Greg Brigham, Executive Committee were due to drug misuse or•Kathy Burlew, Research Development Committee abuse http://bit.ly/fxHhiS•Betsy Wells, Chair of Research Utilization Committee•Dennis McCarty, Chair of Steering Committee •U.S. to Crack Down on Web Drug Stores http://bit.ly/emI7pA New Special Interest Group (SIG) •Counties in KY are moving to ban pain clinics The Treatment Decision Guide SIG will work to develop clinical http://bit.ly/f3LRCt decision-making support tools to assist providers in implementingevidence-based interventions for substance use disorders in a variety of •More people overdose on medial settings. prescription drugs than illegal drugs http://nyti.ms/gBTCLGContinuting Education•“Pain Management, Prescription Medication, & Drug Addiction” atShawneee State University (Portsmouth, Ohio), 6.5 CE credits, $55 Current OVN Studiesregistration fee, e-mail Ginnie Moore at gmoore@shawnee.edu•The ATTC is offering 3 NAADAC credits for FREE for participating in a • CTN-0037 STRIDE2hr online workshop on the dissemination of EBP http://bit.ly/go6YeL • CTN-0044 Web-based Therapy •CTN-0044-A2 Web-based Please welcome Dr. Felipe Vallejo, our new NIDA IN- Therapy with Native Ameri- VEST Fellow from Chile. Dr. Vallejo is a Psychologist cans at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso. • CTN-0046 S-CAST • CTN-0047 SMART-EDTwitter: AODtxWorks Facebook: Ohio Valley Node of NIDA CTN
  2. 2. OVN Quarterly Newsletter FEBRUARY 2011Upcoming Conferences Dissemination Briefs:• Ohio’s Opiate Epidemic: A Summit on Policy, Prevention & Treat-ment on April 12th, 2011 at the Hyatt Regency in Columbus, Ohio •The CTN STRIDE study ap-($75 registration fee) peared in Addiction Profes-•Addiction Studies Institute, August 17-19th at the Greater Columbus sional (10/7/2010)Convention Center •Financial incentives are being•Let us know about other upcoming conferences in your State, Erin used to encourage healthy be-Winstanley 513-487-7812 (winstanley@carc.uc.edu) haviors & address smoking, drug addiction, weight loss (Newsweek 7/22/10) •NIDA has an online tool toEvidence-Based Practice Tips ..... screen for drug use in general medical settings (NM ASSIST)Training Counselors in EBTs •NIDA & NIAAA merger ap-“Which Training Strategies are Optimal to Teach Counselors EBTs? proved by NIH Director, wait-Given the limited evidence about training strategy effectiveness, it is ing for congressional approvalpremature to specify guidelines for how to best train counselors in •Annual staff turnover in be-EBTs. Nonetheless, the research findings to date warrant provisional havioral health programsconclusions that: ranges from 25-50% •distance learning methods appear to develop counselors’ knowledge; •NIAAAs Rethinking Drinking •workshops may serve as a platform for establishing basic website skills; •New websiite helps to iden- •counselors likely require clinical supervision that includes ob- tify health insurance ................ servation, feedback, and coaching to become proficient in us- www.healthcare.gov ing EBTs with real patients; •64% of youth with a lifetime •blending some or all of these strategies is probably the best mental disorder do not receive way to approach counselor training.” tx http://bit.ly/dWb1lx •AHRQ has a searchable da- --Martino S. 2010. Strategies for Training Counselors in tabase of innovative txs for Evidence-Based Treatments. Addiction Science & Clinical Prac- AOD disorders tice. December 5(2): 30-39. http://www.innovations.ahrq.govResearch Tips .....★ CTN CTPs are getting IRB approval to use Facebook to contact research participants What’s New ★ Research suggests that African-Americans and Hispanics are willing •The CTN Dissemination Li- to participate in health research at a rate that is similiar to non- brary has a blog that summa- Hispanic Whites. rizes new publications - Wendler D et al. 2006. Are Racial and Ethnic Minorities Less Willing •The NIH is forming a new to Participate in Health Research? PLos Medicine 3(2): 201-10. institute on drug discovery, National Center for Advancing Translational SciencesTwitter: AODtxWorks Facebook: Ohio Valley Node of NIDA CTN