Content Marketing for Online Advertisers


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Large brands are moving more of their online dollars to a content marketing approach since it greatly outperforms display advertising. View the content marketing presentation to learn how your brand can benefit from this innovative approach in advertising.

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  • OView provides a robust service that eliminates many of the barriers that have existed, enabling delivery of content sponsorship that with compelling results:Oview Service:1. Embed Code on Partner Site <script type="text/javascript“ src= " portal?clientId=X"></script> 2. Manage Experience to maximize partner relationshipComplete visibility - full web analytics, A/B testingIn-market changes - content, applications, layout, etc.Track conversion funnels - x-domains to your conv. sites3. Centrally Manage CampaignsContent management – all distributed content and applicationsChannel management – unique style sheets, campaigns by partnerInteractive Content (Test AppView term)An AppView is a single or collection of interactive applications that serve a variety of content which promote engagement and increase conversions. General Features: Simple partner implementation through a single line of JavaScript.AppView is monitored to improve the performance Updates can be made to experience without redeployment of code by the partner.The partner retains control of all other page elements.The design of the elements are customized to fit the partners look and feel requirements. NOTE: Depending on discussion/participant, may quickly jump to live link to see more of the content…Otherwise go to next slide for overview of existing CASE Study
  • I’d like to try and use this slide to just reinforce the better return on ad spend using this service, regardless of where you are on the maturity curve. However, with more sophisticated implementations the return could increase dramatically.
  • Content Marketing for Online Advertisers

    1. 1. Content MarketingA Higher Performing Approach<br />
    2. 2. Content MarketingDisplay Advertising Returns Diminishing<br />2. Ad Blockers are a Growing Problem<br />1. Visitors Ignore Ads<br />Eyeball tracking Studies, 100% Focus on Content<br />AdBlocker OFF<br />AdBlocker ON<br />3. Higher Performance on Content side of Page<br />Traditional barriers<br /><ul><li>Sponsor & 3rd Party – required IT Project to Implement
    3. 3. Sponsors have to provide compelling content & tools
    4. 4. Required partnership between Sponsor & 3rd Party</li></li></ul><li>Content MarketingReal Estate | Content Real Estate is More Attractive<br />Website<br />Content<br />100% Engagement<br />1,000/1,000 <br />Ads<br />0.10%<br />1/1,000<br />
    5. 5. Content MarketingAnalysis | Why Does Content Work Better than Ads?<br />Content<br />Marketing<br />Funnel<br />Traffic<br />Engagement<br />Conversion<br />Online <br />Display <br />Funnel<br />Why Better<br />Most ignore/block ads<br />More opt into content<br /><ul><li>Content on media site is more trusted
    6. 6. Real-time A/B tests, optimization increases CTRs
    7. 7. More highly qualified
    8. 8. More convinced they need product</li></li></ul><li>Content MarketingApproaches | How Does it Compare to Other Approaches?<br />Ad Slot<br />Advertiser<br />Site<br />Content<br />High Traffic<br />Advertiser<br />Site<br />Publisher<br />Page<br />
    9. 9. Content MarketingOView | SaaS to Manage Content Sponsorships <br />Sponsor manages interactive content and tools to promote engagement <br />OView Service Provides:<br />Content on Partner’s Site<br />Sponsor has full visibility and control – without costly IT overhead<br />Double digit CTRs &lt;1% <br />
    10. 10. Content MarketingCompanies are at Different Levels of Maturity<br />Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)<br />
    11. 11. Content MarketingProcess Change| In-market Changes <br />Display Ad/Content Sponsorship Process<br />Repeat<br />Next Time<br />At or above<br />Expected<br />Orders?<br />Wait to <br />See Orders<br />Run <br />Campaign<br />Change <br />Something <br />Next Time<br />No visibility into visitor interactions on Publisher pages<br />Below<br />Embedded Sponsorship Process<br />Multi-version A/B Run 2 or 3 versions simultaneously, shift to best after 1-2 hours<br />Continuous Learning<br />Analyze interaction data to determine hypotheses for performance changes for next run<br />Run <br />Campaign<br />Single-version A/B Run 1 version and swap out if not performing in 1 hour<br />Near real-time visibility into visitor interactions on Publisher pages<br />
    12. 12. Optaros BackgroundOptaros | Grow Your Business through Assembled Web<br />OView provides a single platform to manage content/applications across desired digital channels. <br />Optaros provides a turnkey service for successful content marketing that includes interactive agency type services plus support for the SaaS<br />Software as a Service<br /><ul><li>Distributed Content Management (DCM)
    13. 13. Integrate analytics, testing, targeting
    14. 14. Client can manage in-market changes</li></ul>Interactive Agency<br /><ul><li>Ideas
    15. 15. Design
    16. 16. Analytics
    17. 17. Testing </li>