BRAGMA Project 7th newsletter


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BRAGMA Project 7th newsletter

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BRAGMA Project 7th newsletter

  1. 1. BRAGMA Bridging Actions for GMES & Africa NEWSLETTER 7 | NOVEMBER 2013 The BRAGMA project, coordinated by IICT is a Coordination and Support Action to GMES and Africa, supported by the European Commission. Copernicus, formerly GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) is the European Programme for the establishment of a European capacity for Earth Observation: The aim of the GMES & Africa ConsolidationValidation Workshop was to bring together representatives from a significant number of African countries to discuss three thematic areas of the GMES & Africa Action Plan (GAAP), and two cross-cutting issues (Governance and Infrastructure). The three thematic chapters, Marine and Coastal Areas, Water Resources Management, and Natural Resources Management, had been discussed in previous GMES & Africa Workshops held in October 2012 (Mombasa-Kenya), May 2013 (Abuja-Nigeria), and June 2013 Sharm El-Sheikh) respectively. The two cross cutting issues, Governance and Infrastructure, were here addressed at a workshop level for the first time, with a view to furthering discussions on the implementation of the GMES & Africa process. The workshop was attended by 100 participants, 46 of whom were representing 30 African countries. The “Call for the Implementation of GMES and Africa” was discussed and adopted by all present. This document outlines the basis for future actions for the GMES & Africa process as well for Earth Observation in Africa. The “Call for Implementation” will be submitted at the EU-Africa Summit in 2014, in order to encourage and strengthen cooperation in the framework of the GMES & Africa Initiative. Recommendations and consolidation – Outputs of the Workshop Marine and Coastal Area: GMES and Africa Priority Products .Operational coastal sea level, coastal circulation and coastal sea state .Operational biological productivity (data, analysis, imagery and mapping) .Coastal sensitivity and vulnerability Atlases and state of environment reporting .Ship traffic situation and maps .Regional weather forecast systems .Real-time Disaster Warning Systems .Mapping of coastal Land use and nearshore coastal and marine habitats .Mapping marine and coastal ecosystem services
  2. 2. NEWSLETTER 7 | NOVEMBER 2013 Water Resources Management: GMES and Africa Priority Products Basic meteorological products short-medium range outlooks; First priority is the continental scale level: Provision of a core set of continental scale Earth Observation - derived products covering different components of the water cycle at low spatial (approx. 1 km) but higher temporal resolution (once per day) e.g. precipitation, potential and actual Evaporation, Soil moisture, Rivers and (ephemeral) stole water levels Water quality monitoring in large lakes: Temperature, suspended sediments, chlorophyll; and Integration of some products to: Derive regional scale water balances; Facilitate regional scale hydrological modelling. Management of Natural Resources: GMES and Africa Priority Products. .Land Cover & LCC maps for Africa (Standardised format/different scales) .DSS for long-term NRM strategies in Africa (Integrated approach (satellite, in-situ); GIS-based system for biodiversity monitoring management and environmental law enforcement (habitats maps, LC/LCC maps, environmental gradients, disturbance assessment, resource zonation etc.) For more details on the Implementation Plans of the three GMES & Africa thematic chapters see Relevant Events - 2013 Annual digital broadcasting switchover forum – 2014 Africa 11-13 February 2014, Arusha, Tanzania Food and Agriculture Futures: Response to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 04 April 2014, London More information and registration:   More information: Uoz4KvnIbX4 Uoz4KvnIbX4space/expo/index_en.htm BRAGMA future Events BRAGMA Project Closing Meeting – December 2013. Links: Design by Tiago Ribeiro - Instituto de Investigação Científica Tropical