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Misunderstanding between others leads to hardship

Misunderstanding between others leads to hardship



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D:\Net Collection\Colections From Net\Dont Miss To See-1 Power Points\Misunderstanding In English D:\Net Collection\Colections From Net\Dont Miss To See-1 Power Points\Misunderstanding In English Presentation Transcript

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  • Relationship and Friendship are deepened and strengthened only by open hearted discussions . If open hearted discussions are stopped, guessing and suspicions occupy the place of facts and start deciding everything. Then the relationships get cracked and the friendships are cut off. A story of Vietnam which was read long before flashes to the memory. The story goes on as mentioned below.
  • A Soldie r and a Girl fall in love and get married . War is declared in three months and the soldier is bound to rush up to the war front. When he departs, his wife is pregnant . Both of them part with great mental torture, as coming back alive after war is not sure.   But luckily, the soldier returns successfully after three years . His Wife and Son are eagerly waiting for him at the Airport. The Soldier embrac es his wife and son with great affection. Both the soldier and his wife’s eyes are filled with tears of joy.   They come home. His wife goes to the market to purchase some vegetables and other materials to prepare delicious food for her husband. The father and his beloved son are at home. The Soldier questions his son who feels shy and stands away from him, “Why do you refuse to talk to Daddy ?”.
  • The boy stares at his father with great confusion and says, “You are not my Daddy”. The Soldier asks his son, “ Then who is your daddy ?” . The boy replies, “My mother has said that when she stands, he too will stand, when my mother sits, he too will sit, when mother lies down, he too will lie down with her daily. He is only my daddy ”.   The Soldier gets shocked severely . He has a burning sensation in his ears.   The wife returns home from the market and notices sudden change in her husband’s behaviour . He refuses to take the food cooked by her. He doesn’t touch her. He avoids even her nearness. After two days the wife gets her heart broken and commits suicide.
  • On the night of his wife’s death , when he enquires his son, the facts come out to the lime light. One day the innocent boy looked at his mother’s shadow and asked , “Who is this ?”. The mother thought that her son should not feel for the separation of his father. Hence pointing at her shadow she said, “This is only your father”. From that day onwards, the boy started treating the shadow of his mother as his father.   Due to the intolerable guilty conciousness and sadness , the soldier gets his heart broken. In this story, after listening to the son’s statement the soldier would have got his doubts clarified by his wife. The wife too would have asked the reason for the sudden change and different behaviour of her husband. Their life would have become joyful if both had talked frankly . The husband hated his wife due to the wrong decision taken on her behaviour. At least the wife would have compelled him to explain the reason for his different attitude and behaviour. Without doing, that she herself put a full stop to her life. A family got smashed . Is it not because of not asking frankly and not talking frankly?
  • It is quite easy to misunderstand anything and make the same wrong. When we view through the glasses called suspicion, we can find a number of mistakes in anything and everything . Due to this folly, relationships, friendships and happiness happen to be the scape-goat.   When you don’t understand anything, ask frankly . If any one seems to be abnormal, ask for the reason frankly. Don’t take a decision of your own. Similarly when you happen to behave differently, explain the reason for the same clearly to others. Don’t be under the impression that they will understand themselves.
  • When you think that your family members or friends commit mistakes, point out the same strictly to them. Their explanations or reasons may be just ones. Otherwise when mistakes are pointed out by you, there are chances for them to realize their mistakes and correct themselves and they may not commit such mistakes again. Thus creating an opportunity to correct the mistakes then and there is possible only when we speak frankly. If it is not done so, the minute crack gets broadened and finally it leads to separation among the relationship and friendship .   So, if you want deep-rooted friendship and relationship to last longer, don’t forget to enchant the following manthras .   “ Ask frankly, Speak frankly and Lend your ears to others”.   Let today be the sweetest one and the days to come be the happiest in your life . May God bless you .
  • Brought to you by : Na. PRASANNAN , Trichy, Tamil Nadu 094880-19015, 099415-05431 Translated by : C. CHANDRASEKAR , M.A., B.Ed ., Headmaster (Retd) Kendriya Vidyalaya, Trichy [email_address] , [email_address] See my slide share site for Power points http://www.slideshare.net/nprasannam