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Consult Fotofacial
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Consult Fotofacial


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  • 1. Skin Rejuvenation / Fotofacial Presentation
  • 2. Skin RejuvenationA non-surgical laser that helps remove age spots, sun spots, dark pigmented lesions, broken capillaries, uneven skin tones & other skin imperfections caused by sun and aging Gives a more Youthful appearance Improves Skin Texture & Tone No down time. Non-Invasive
  • 3. Skin Rejuvenation - How it Works The laser light is selectively absorbed only by the skin imperfections such as sun spots, leaving the skin unharmed This light energy is transformed to heat which destroys the spots permanently. That’s really all there is to it. This is called ‘Selective Photothermolysis’
  • 4. Skin Rejuvenation - How it Works Our eLight machine uses combined Laser Light & Radio Frequency (RF) energies to effectively restore & rejuvenate your skin
  • 5. Skin Rejuvenation Presence of vascular and Treatment with skin Vascular andpigmented lesions rejuvenation pigmented lesions technology disappear
  • 6. Skin Rejuvenation – How it works Unfortunately …… there are several spots and they vary in depth. The skins turn over every 30 days bringing the lesions at the bottom to the top To get noticeable results, research shows you need 5 sessions. This reverses 10 yrs worth of damage and if you take good care of your skin will protect you for the next 10 years Comes with our Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 7. What to expect (benefits) – Generally speaking, after your 5 sessions, most of your lesions should be gone! Expect about 90% improvement You may still have some stray lesions 5 Treatments done once a month over 5 months Each session takes about 30 min on face
  • 8. PAIN The procedure should not be painful. Expect pain at 2 to 3 level on a scale of 10. 1 being the least and 10 being the worst pain you ever had. Most people say it feels like a snap of a rubber band or a warm heating sensation. Any pain more than level 4 requires reevaluation. Tell us to STOP
  • 9. TANNING NO TANNING!! Tanning changes the color of the skin causing it to absorb the laser light intended for the lesions thus decreasing efficacy and increasing risk of burns Avoid tanning 4 weeks before and 2 weeks after the treatment
  • 10. Why Results Vary The 3 main reasons are  Skin Color – Light skin vs Dark skin  Lesion Color – Dark black to light brown  Lesion Type – Pigmented vs Vascular Several other factors are - age, sex, genetics, heredity, hormonal changes etcTherefore RESULTS CANNOT BE GUARANTEED
  • 11. Risks and Complications It is generally safe but there are some risks involved. These risks are minimal Our rate is less than 0.1% But you need to be aware of these before undergoing this procedure.
  • 12. Risks and Complications The 3 main risks are  Burns  Scarring and  Discoloration (hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation) ALL THESE CAN BE PERMANENT
  • 13. Preventing Complications2 things you can do to help us prevent these NO TANNING – Artificial or Sun; while undergoing these procedures Tell us about pain level during the treatment. If it hurts, we will stop and reassess. We can reschedule the treatment but why risk a burn?
  • 14. Containdications -Who Cannot have this Procedure CANNOT be done on Skin Type VI - Dark African-American skin CANNOT be done if you have skin cancer Disclaimer – This is a cosmetic procedure. If you are concerned about skin cancer, please visit your Dermatologist. We cannot be liable for missing a skin cancer
  • 15. SUMMARY1. 90% improvement after 5 Sessions2. RESULTS CANNOT BE GUARANTEED3. 3 main risks involved, all of which can be PERMANENT, are – 1) Burns 2) Scarring 3) Discoloration4. 2 Things you can do to prevent these 1) NO TANNING 2) Tell us about your PAIN level during treatment
  • 16. FAQ’s Q.What Do I Need To Do Before & After My Treatment?  NO TANNING  After treatments – avoid sun exposure for a couple of days  Make-up off  No products on the face (or tx area)
  • 17. FAQ’s Q. Which are the most popular areas? A. The top 3 areas are –  Face  Neck  Forearms Q. How Many Treatments Do I Need? A. Generally 5, sometimes more.
  • 18. Pictures – Before & After
  • 19. Skin RejuvenationBefore Treatment After Treatment
  • 20. Skin RejuvenationBefore Treatment After Treatment
  • 21. Skin RejuvenationBefore Treatment Before Treatment
  • 22. Skin RejuvenationBefore Treatment After Treatment
  • 23. Skin RejuvenationBefore Treatment After Treatment
  • 24. Skin RejuvenationBefore Treatment After Treatment
  • 25. Skin RejuvenationBefore Treatment After Treatment
  • 26. TestimonialsSee our facebook page with live feedback from our clientsFacebook Testimonial Link
  • 27. Why choose us? Better Results Less pain Affordable Price
  • 28. Price Benefits Satisfaction Guarantee & Maintenance Price 0% Interest Financing Price Match Guarantee Low First Time Only Price
  • 29. Price Benefits Satisfaction Guarantee or Transfer Credit• At the end of 5 sessions, if you are not happy we will repeat the whole procedure or transfer credit to any other Laser Procedure - NO QUESTIONS ASKED!• In addition, after 5 Treatments, you are eligible for discounted ‘maintenance’ price per session• See details posted online
  • 30. Price BenefitsLow Monthly Payments (0% Interest) In-house financing Low monthly paymentsBenefits of In-House Financing – No interest 3,6,12,18 & 24 months plans
  • 31. Price Benefits Price Match Guarantee We will match competitor’s price for upto 90 days after purchase date Prior to purchase – Bring us proof, and we will match the price Upto 90 days after date of purchase - We will credit your account for the price difference. You can use this (like a gift card) towards future purchases
  • 32. Price Benefits - Refund Policy Unlike our competitors, we do not lock you into a contract; if you are not satisfied, cancel anytime. We will issue a Pro-rated refund of the unused portion of your series/package (see refund terms & conditions)
  • 33. Price Benefits - 1st time Treatment Price Low starting price - $97 100% Money back guarantee (90 days) If you upgrade to the full series within 30 days, we will credit your payment towards the upgrade
  • 34. Why choose us? This is our only focus – (not a side venture) Your packages goes with you - Transfer to any of our 6 clinics if you move. Pregnancy – We ‘Freeze’ the package
  • 35. Why choose us? - Staff We study the latest research & protocols to bring you the best technology. We try to stay ahead of the curve. We are constantly innovating – Our physician, Dr Kanase spends about 100 training hours including CME training at Harvard – the world’s best laser research institute
  • 36. Why choose us? - Staff Personalized care and Follow up : Only 1 technician is assigned to you during your treatments to ensure optimal outcome & 1 on 1 care Well Trained Friendly Staff Training & Certification that far surpass the Industry Standards
  • 37. Why choose us? - Technology Top of the line technology Can treat all skin lesions – pigmented & vascular. BETTER RESULTS – Our equipment has both Laser and RF technologies LESS PAIN - Built in cooling mechanism
  • 38. Why choose us? Summary BETTER RESULTS, LESS PAIN Affordable Price Physician Supervised & Well-Trained Staff Top of the line Technology Personalized 1-on-1 care Constantly Monitoring Progress & Results Outstanding Customer service  Phone, Website or email – with 24 hrs turnaround
  • 39. Do you have any questions so far?
  • 40. So now let’s talk about price
  • 41. For more information please C or Visit us Call 9