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Leicester Laser Clinic


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Leicester Laser Clinic

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Leicester Laser Clinic

  1. 1. WelcomeLeicestershires Only Dedicated Laser Hair Removal Clinic
  2. 2. Why choose us?• We invest in the latest Laser & Light Systems. We have the largest number of Lasers in one Clinic.• Most of our clients are referred to by Friends & Family.• We offer the most competitive prices without compromising on quality
  3. 3. How does Laser Hair Removal Work?• Laser removes the hair by a process called selective photothermolysis.. The Light energy from the laser is transferred into thermal energy in the hair follicle• The Laser targets the Melanin, the pigmented region of the hair follicle.
  4. 4. How does Laser Hair Removal Work?• Heat from the laser is absorbed by Melanin in the hair resulting in the follicle being destroyed. We use a Dynamic Cooling Device during the treatment which means the skin is further protected & cooled down providing patients with greater comfort.• The Result? Permanent Hair Reduction.
  5. 5. The Hair Growth CycleIn order to understand Laser Hair Removal,you need to understand the Hair Growth Cycle. The Hair growth cycle has three distinct growth phases: • Anagen: Active growth phaseCatagen: Regressive phaseTelegon: Resting phaseIt is ONLY during the Anagen active growth phasewhere the Laser permanently disables hair growth.
  6. 6. In this diagram we can see the Hair Growth Cycle.
  7. 7. The Hair Growth Cycle The cycle for Facial Hair renews every 4 weeks.The cycle for Body Hair renews every 6 weeks.• The cycles for each hair is not syncronised, its important to have mutiple treatments & at the correct time for optimal results. ie. Every 4 weeks for Face & 6 weeks for Body treatments.
  8. 8. Frequently asked questions Are you suitable to have Laser Treatments? • You are suitable if you are a Man or Woman with dark hair on the Face & also if you are prone to having ingrown hairs. You will benefit if you find traditional methods of hair removal difficult or inconvenient & want quick permanent hair reduction. • You will benefit if you want smooth soft skin after hair removal, Laser will ensure that rough, dry skin becomes a thing of the past.
  9. 9. Frequently asked questions Are you suitable to have Laser Treatments? • All skin types are suitable for Laser Hair removal including dark skin, our Nd:YAG Lasers are safe to use on dark skin types. The rule is that the hair needs to be darker than the skin, the darker the hair the better. We cannot treat white/grey, blonde or red hairs. • Your Medical history will be taken at the consultation to check you are medically suitable to have the treatment.
  10. 10. Frequently asked questions How will the Laser Hair Removal be performed? There are 3 main steps involved in a typical session: • The hair should be shaved prior to the treatment. We need the hairs to be as short as possible to make the treatment more effective & comfortable. The area will be wiped & marked out. • The area will be treated with a laser applicator, with a built in cooling device to ease pain & reduce sensitivity. At the end of your session cooling Aloe Vera Gel & Sun Protection (if necessary) will be applied.
  11. 11. Frequently asked questionsIs Laser Hair Removal permanent/What results can I expect? • At Leicester Laser Clinic we make it very clear that there is no such thing as permanent hair removal, it is called Permanent Hair Reduction. The goal of the treatment is to reduce the amount of hair growing significantly, for the hair to grow back lighter, softer & give you a long time of hair free skin. • Laser treatments will get rid of coarse dark hair & leave you with smooth skin.
  12. 12. Frequently asked questions Is the treatment paintful? • We have cooling devices to cool the skin so you don’t have to feel the heat from the laser as much. Candela’s Dynamic Cooling DeviceTM sprays Cryogen Gas into the skin before the laser to make the treatments as comfortable as possible. • Expect there to be a slight discomfort, most clients find the treatment tolerable.
  13. 13. Frequently asked questions Do I have to grow my hair? • You should have short visible hair when you come for a consultation so we can better advise you on you hair type & suggest appropriate treatments. • However, there is no need to grow your hair out for regular treatments; you may shave as many times as you wish, this will not affect the results.
  14. 14. Frequently asked questions What about a patch test? • A patch test is done on a small section of different body areas you want treated. The Patch Test provides us the optimal temperature for your skin • It checks the sensitivity of the laser to your skin.
  15. 15. Frequently asked questions What about a patch test? • You have to wait a minimum of 1 week & 2 weeks for darker skins before your first session. We are looking for any adverse reactions during this time after your patch test. • We charge £20.00 for the Patch Test which is refundable against your first session.
  16. 16. Frequently asked questions How long will treatment take?The duration of treatments depend on surface area. • For example: Full Face can take as little as 30 minutes in & out of the treatment room. • Under Arms will take 15 minutes; whereas Full Legs will take up to 45 minutes.
  17. 17. Frequently asked questions Are there any possible side effects? • After the treatment you can get temporary erytema (redness) or temporary per-follicular oedema (swelling/lumps). Rare cases of temporary blistering & scabbing. • Any initial reactions should settle down within 48 hours.
  18. 18. Frequently asked questions Are there any possible side effects? • Aloe Vera Gel & cool/ice packs should be used to reduce irritation • There is also a very slight risk of hyper- or hypo- pigmentation, darkening & lightening of the skin, which is why it is important to protect the skin from the sun using medical grade sunblock of SPF 30 or above.
  19. 19. Frequently asked questions How many treatments will I require? • Treatments are dependant on the individual. The number of treatments is also dependant on medical background, & hormonal changes in the body. • Some clients are happy after 6 sessions; whereas some will require more. However maintenance sessions will be required.
  20. 20. Frequently asked questions How many treatments will I require? • Usually woman’s faces require more treatments than body areas. Women are predisposed to grow new hair on the face as they get older. Hormones, menopause & medication all increase growth. • Areas like Legs, Bikini & Under Arms are 95% successful because women are predisposed to lose hair in these areas as they get older.
  21. 21. Frequently asked questions How often do I need to come in? • During the initial 6 treatments, we recommend treatments very 4 weeks for the face & every 6 weeks for the body areas. • After the initial 6 the time between treatments varies from client to client.
  22. 22. Frequently asked questionsWhy is Laser Hair Removal the best Hair Removal method? • We have so many clients who wished they had tried this method of hair removal years ago, the pain of removing hair every few days for some clients was too tiresome. The result from laser hair removal cannot be matched by traditional methods of hair removal. • You will save money in the long run especially the time you spend removing the hair.
  23. 23. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)• One of the problems associated with PCOS is excess hair growth.• At Leicester Laser Clinic we have carried out successful Laser Hair Removal on many clients with PCOS. Laser Hair Removal keeps excess growth under control. It gets rid of stubble & & gets rid of thick hair.
  24. 24. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)• Clients can experience smooth skin for the first time.• Leicester Laser Clinic offer 10% Discount to anyone suffering with PCOS.
  25. 25. Medical History• You will need to give us a full medical history at the consultation• We only commence treatment if we are sure you are medically suitable for the treatment. We have a Laser Doctor on call, this enables us to confirm your medical history with a Doctor before we commence your treatment.
  26. 26. Medical History• There are certain contraindications to Laser which means that you cannot have the treatment, some of these are:• Pregnancy, Roacutane users, recently had a peel or Laser Resurfacing
  27. 27. Pre-Treatment & Post Treatment Advice Sheet• You will need to remember some basic rules when commencing Laser Hair Removal:• Shave, Shave & Shave only – No more waxing, threading, plucking, or electrolysis. Remember laser will not work if you have removed the hair from the root.
  28. 28. Pre-Treatment & Post Treatment Advice Sheet• If you have removed the hair from the root you will need to wait up to 4 weeks before your first laser session.• The good point is you do not have grow your hair before laser so you can shave or use depilatory cream as frequently as you like. We do not laser over hair as it can cause pigmentation & secondly the laser will not penetrate the hair follicle.
  29. 29. Pre-Treatment & Post Treatment Advice Sheet• Also no Bleaching, this has harsh chemicals which can cause skin sensitivity.• Sun Alert – Don’t forget you have to wear your Sun protection every day come rain or shine.• Do not come to your treatment with an active tan
  30. 30. Pre-Treatment & Post Treatment Advice Sheet• Remember do shave hairs & do not wear any makeup or cosmetics on the area before your appointment• Your hair will continue to grow after treatment & shed around 3 weeks post treatment, you can shave in between• You will be given an Advice Sheet at your consultation which you must ensure you follow, before & after each treatment so you get the best results from your treatment.
  31. 31. Prices• At Leicester Laser Clinic our prices are extremely competitive without compromising on quality of treatment or safety standards. We continue to invest on new technology to give you the best results.• For our most current prices you can log onto our website or discuss the prices with you at our clinic during your consultation.
  32. 32. Prices• For any treatment you have two options to pay: • Pay as you go. Just pay for each session each time you visit us. • Purchase a block of 5 treatments & get 1 treatment free. • Dont forget to check out our Special Offers.
  33. 33. OUR PROMISE• Our aim is to give you the best possible treatment for your skin type.• We will be very honest with your treatment outcome, & give you all the negatives before you go ahead with the treatment• We will give you the most competitive price• Your results are important to us, & we will be there all the way to help you through any problems or questions.
  34. 34. When Considering Laser Hair Removal be Confident inchoosing Leicester Laser Clinic