Coal briquetting plant

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The coal briquetting plant project offers the bio fuel briquettes without using the binders or chemicals.

The coal briquetting plant project offers the bio fuel briquettes without using the binders or chemicals.

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  • 1. • In the developing country, people must have to forward in the way of using the renewable resources to save the environment. • So focusing on the renewable resources, the business growing nowadays in biomass briquettes manufacturing from the biomass briquetting plant.
  • 2. • The coal briquettes are made from the low immensity residues such as the forestry leaves, agro-waste and industrial waste. • By applying high pressure to these residues, the briquettes are formed without any chemical binder.
  • 3. • Huge quantity of briquettes is made with less power equipment in very short time period. • Hence, this process is the energy predictable and eco friendly process.
  • 4. • Briquettes which are made in biomass briquetting machines have great benefits because of its pollution free nature. • The advantages of briquettes over the black coal are: 1. Briquettes are less expensive than black coal 2. Reusability of briquettes is possible, whereas the black coal can’t be reusable
  • 5. 3. Produce less smoke when burnt as compare to coal as they have lower ash content 4. Contain less carbonic elements which are responsible for pollution 5. Briquettes have higher convenient thermal value 6. Biomass briquettes have reliable quality and high burning capacity 7. Briquettes bio coal are of perfectly sized for complete ignition
  • 6. • Due to higher combustion and eco-friendly feature of biomass briquettes, there are too many briquetting presss manufacturing company are developed all over the world.
  • 7. • The applications of the briquettes are as listed below: 1. In food processing units, briquettes are used for preparing food 2. In Sugar mill and paper mills, briquettes are used for heat generation 3. In chemical plants, the briquettes used as a fuel for electricity and heat generation 4. In brick kiln and ceramic industries, briquettes are used for firing purposes 5. Briquettes are used in heating and melting process of metal
  • 8. • These all applications show that the Briquetting plants contribute more to save the atmosphere from greenhouse gases as compare to other solid fuels. • So, briquettes are more preferable than black coal.
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