NGOYONC - Presentation of NGO "Youth of new century"
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  • 1. Presentation of the Republican Public organization «Youth of New Century»Presenter: Executive DirectorRustem Takhirov Dushanbe, 2012
  • 2. Information about organization: Republican Public organization “Youth of newCentury” is a voluntary, autonomic, nongovernmental society organization. It was registered in the Ministry of Justice ofthe Republic of Tajikistan on October 16, 2009. Theregistration number is #1206. Mission of organization is to support thesociety development through the awareness building,also to lower the level of poverty among populationof the Republic of Tajikistan and ensure sustainabledevelopment of the national potential (youth) on thenational and regional levels.
  • 3. Main work directions: 1) Youth policy– development of sport, health, activitiesand legal protection; 2) Development of informational-communicationaltechnologies (including support to the realization of electronicgovernment project); 3) Journalism (including blogging); 4) Promote the expansion of legal informational space; 5) Promote volunteer movements; 6) Formal education; 7) Ecology and environmental protection; 8) To support the lowering of corruption and itsprevention; 9) Propaganda against the drug use and its harmful affects; 10) To support the lowering of extremism among youth.
  • 4. Current projects: From September 2011 till May 2012 –Realization of project “Blogging as a tool to expandthe legal informational space” under the financialsupport of the Norwegian Embassy. Goal of the project: to train 20 lawyers onestablishment of legal and consultative blogs, toestablish and train a volunteer group of 10 people,who will further travel to the regions and train theyouth on the principles of “peer-to-peer” how to usethe online consultancies, sites and search for legalinformation.
  • 5. Promotion of blogging among youth: Currently NGO “Youth of New Century” is formingvolunteer groups. First of all, all volunteers are trained on howto create blogs. NGO train the volunteers with the purpose ofthem to spread the knowledge they gained. Along with that Organization provides free internetaccess on the base of office for journalists, bloggers and NGOemployees, volunteers and young IT specialists. The free internet access is provided by OJSC “TTmobile” – brand name “Megafon-Tajikistan” who is ourGeneral partner. Along with that we have an agreement with Generalpartner to provide internet to our 4 other partners from 4towns (Khorog, Kulyab, Penjikent and Khudjand) with thepurpose to promote the blogging and internet access for theyouth.
  • 6. Membership and Partnership of NGO «Youth of new century» Currently our organization is: - A partner of the Agency on state financial control andanticorruption with the purpose to implement «Electronicgovernment» project and prevent the corruption; - An independent member of the working group whichimplements a state strategy program “Development of health ofthe youth of Tajikistan for period 2011-2013” - is a member of the Club of all ecological NGO’s ofTajikistan; - Observer of the working group on incorporation andrealization of “Initiatives of transparency of extractiveindustries” (EITI).
  • 7. Our services: NGO «Youth of new Century» provides following services: 1 – development of training modules; 2 – consultation on registration of society organizations; 3 – providing trainings on following subjects: a) blogging (development of sites and multifunctional blogs); b) team building; c) leadership; d) social designing (social project building); e) fundraising; f) management of society organizations (NGO); g) Management of volunteer personnel; 4 – logistic and preparation services to conduct workshops, forums,trainings and volunteer actions and other mass events; 5 – Computer hall with 15 computers, the projector, screen and flipchartsto conduct trainings.
  • 8. How to find us on the internet: Site: Facebook: Twitter:!/NGOYONC
  • 9. Thank you for the attention!!! Will be happy to answer your questions!!! Sincerely, Executive Director of NGO “Youth of New Century” Rustem Takhirov!!!Contacts:Address: 734019, Tajikistan, Dushanbe, Street Ispechak-2, М-11, House # 08, apt. 11Office adress: 734025, , Tajikistan, Dushanbe, Street Mirzo Tursunzade 27 (2 floor)Tel. office: (+992-37) 221-83-74, mobile: (+992) 907-77-87-83Email:, tahirovr@gmail.comSite: Dushanbe 2012