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Annual report 2012


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Annual report 2012

  1. 1. ECPAT Indonesia Secretariat office Komplek Kalibata Indah, Lobi-Lobi U 19 Jl. Rawajati Timur, Pancoran - Jakarta Selatan 12750 Phone/Fax: +62 21 794 3719 Website:
  2. 2. 1Title Profile Established in year 2000 through national consultation involving activists, non- government organizations, researchers, academics, and journalist by the name of National Coalition for the Elimination of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (KONAS PESKA). In its development, KONAS PESKA Registered and officially became the affiliate group of ECPAT International in year 2005. In March 2012, the affiliate group officially upgraded its status to national group as ECPAT Indonesia as the only representative of ECPAT International in Indonesia which concern to the children issues whose vision and mission not only towards its members, but also to the society and the government. Vision: Every child in Indonesia is free and protected for any forms of commercial sexual exploitation and the fulfillment of fundamental rights of the children is guaranteed by the whole elements of the society and government. Mission : Mission towards members : To build strong commitment and cooperation, adequate capacity, and broader network in every effort to combating CSEC. Mission towards society : To build and raise awareness, cares, critical value and participation of society at large, children, and young people to work together in combating CSEC. Mission towards government : To encourage the government to commit and make tangible efforts at both administrative and legal affairs to combating CSEC in Indonesia. Objectives : Strengthen management of National Secretariat and the position of ECPAT Indonesia to work professionally, make significant contribution and be a model in sorts of programs for the elimination of CSEC in Indonesia. Strengthen the capacity of members as part of the network of ECPAT Indonesia at provincial level to entirely make affective works in combating CSEC Implement strategic programs on the areas of advocacy, prevention, protection, strengthening capacity of members, and strengthening network and communication.
  3. 3. 2Title Member Organization : At this time, ECPAT Indonesia is a national network organizations working for the elimination of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) with more than 20 members in more than 10 provinces across Indonesia. What We Do :  Advocacy works on policies, laws and regulations at national level  Raising public awareness on CSEC  Data collection and research on CSEC in vulnerable areas  Seminars, socialization and workshop on CSEC  Trainings on the prevention of CSEC  Rehabilitation, re-integration child victims of CSEC  Conference on related areas of CSEC to develop network and cooperation Network & Support :  International Alliance (ECPAT International)  Government agencies (Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Foreign Affair, etc)  International Organizations (Unicef, kindernothilfe Germany, Mensen met een Missie Netherlands, Terre des Hommes, European Union, etc)  Private Sectors (The Body Shop, ACCOR group)  Professionals (Professors, lecturer, consultant, law practitioners, researchers, program specialists, etc) Summary Program ECPAT Indonesia has implemented several programs during the year 2012 to meet the objectives in accordance with the vision and mission. The following are activities have been undertaken by ECPAT Indonesia during year 2012.  Strengthening Advocacy Works and Young People Participation : A Supporting Action to the Implementation of the National Plan of Action on the Eradication of Criminal Acts of Trafficking in Person and Sexual Exploitation of Children. This action is a pilot initiative to support the implementation of National Plan of Action (NPA) on the Eradication of Criminal Acts of Trafficking in Person and Sexual Exploitation for the period 2009-2014. The action focuses on advocacy to encourage the government as part of duty bearers to seriously address the issue and to promote young people participation in advocacy works and awareness raising among peer
  4. 4. 3Title groups as well as community at large. The action was supported by European Union implemented in four (4) provinces where ECPAT Indonesia’s network members work, namely, Yayasan Kusuma Buana (YKB) in DKI Jakarta; LAdA (Lembaga Advokasi Anak) in Lampung; YSK (Yayasan Setara Kita) in Batam; and PKPA (Pusat Kajian dan Perlindungan Anak in Medan. The program was designed to achieve 4 expected results, include: Establishment of national secretariat of National Coalition in Jakarta to conduct affective advocacy works at national level; Affective advocacy works toward relevant government bodies and policy makers resulting political will and commitment addressing Trafficking in Person and Sexual Exploitation of Children; Establishment of young people’s associations which actively perform action supporting the National Plan of Action’s sub- task force on prevention and child participation at national and provincial level; and Capacity strengthening of young people’s association to perform community-based program working in the areas of advocacy and awareness raising among peer groups. In the implementation, various activities that support the achievement of the expected results were carried out, such as: an audience with the sub-provincial task force, consultation meetings, workshops, seminars, training, RadioTalk show, and others.  Education Program of Prevention to Trafficking in Persons(TIP) and Sexual Exploitation of Children (SEC) : The program was supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) and implemented by KOMPAK (Youth Community Anti Trafficking in Person and Sexual Exploitation of Children) which became a recognition and follow up of youth participation enhancement program. The program selected South Tangerang as its project location which
  5. 5. 4Title includes several activities during the period of the program, such as : Mapping the issues to set preventive action on TIP and SEC; TIP and SEC Prevention Model Development; Socialize TIP and SEC prevention to society and the promotion of participation of young people to prevention efforts;, community training on the prevention of TIP and SEC. The program has resulted in the development of knowledge and understanding of public on TIP and SEC prevention, the establishment of a joint commitment (Element community) to build a safe environment which free from TIP and SEC. Intertwining synergistic communication between the government with all of the elements of community on the efforts to prevention of TIP and SEC.  Strengthening ECPAT Indonesia in Investigating, Monitoring and Reporting Cases of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Indonesia : The ongoing program is supported by MM Netherlands (mensen met een Missie Netherlands) for a period of 1 (one) year which have entered the fourth month of its implementation. For the past three months, some of the activities on the program have been made, including: preparation of the SOP of Legal Services Unit ECPAT Indonesia; produce Leaflets and Factsheets; Socialization of the legal services unit of ECPAT Indonesia; assisting victims of sexual crimes against children; network meetings and audience with the police and other relevant institutions.  Conference on Sexual Crimes against Children Online : Law Enforcement and Regional Cooperation.The Conference was held on 29- 30 October 2012 at the Mercure Convention Center Ancol Jakarta – Indonesia incooperation between ECPAT Indonesia with the French Embassy and Terre des Hommes Netherlands. The overall objective of the conference is to increase knowledge about the trends
  6. 6. 5Title of sexual crimes against children online using information and communication technologies, and to review national legislation and international legislation in order to build and strengthen networks and regional cooperation. Activity in the event which was attended by more than 170 participants from 11 countries and represents 21 speakers from different countries and backgrounds include presentations, discussions, exhibitions, social programs and film screenings.  Research Program on Reducing Trafficking of Children in ChildFund Working Areas: The ongoing program which have duration for approximately 6 months supported by ChildFund works at 3 areas of research, namely: West Jakarta and Tangerang;, Central Java; and East Nusa Tenggara. The main activities of this program are primer data collection from targeted respondense comprises of children who are becoming victims/survivors of trafficking for various purposes and primer data collection from key stakeholders relating to the issue in each research area including goverment members, social organizations, sociatal figures, etc. This research overall aims to capture the situation of child trafficking in ChildFund working areas and to design relevant intervention program upon the issues include prevention, protection and/or empowerment.  National Dialogue on the Harmonization of Legislation Post Ratification of Optional Protocol on the Convention of the Rights of the Child on the Sale of Children, Child Prostitution and Child Pornography : The Event was fully supported by ECPAT International and held on December 19th 2012 at Ibis Arcadia Hotel, Jakarta presenting 3 (three) speakers from the ministry and ECPAT International legal expert. This Event was to bridge the initiative from relevant key stakeholder in responding the next steps post the ratification of the optional protocol and generate recommendations on legislation related to pornography and sexual exploitation in Indonesia.  Strengthening Management of ECPAT Indonesia : The program is supported by The Body Shop, initiated and proposed in 2012 and approved to be implemented this year 2013. This program not only aims to improve ECPAT management following its status upgrade as national group but also to
  7. 7. 6Title extend its works on direct services program for victims and survivors of sexual exploitation against children. Funding Sources of ECPAT Indonesia Year 2012 Successes and lesson learn  The coalition has now been acknowledged as the only representative of ECPAT International for Indonesia working on the issue of child protection of sexual exploitation against children. The coalition has officially permitted to use the name of ECPAT Indonesia and the ECPAT logo. The upgrade status indicates the confidence of ECPAT International towards the performance which has been done and has clearly increased the visibility of ECPAT existence in Indonesia as well as its works in all levels of networks includes the national organizations, international organizations, governments law enforcers and many more. The upgrade status is followed up with several reconciliation in the body of the organization includes its system and management whose works aligned with global and regional strategic directions. European Union, 138,529,094 , 13% Ministry of Education&Cult ure, 40,000,000 , 4% MM-Nederland; 82.420.000 ; 8% French Embassy,TDH, AFP, ILO; 601.934.238 ; 56% ChildFund; 115.088.400 ; 11% ECPAT International, 21,625,794 , 2% IOM, 56,800,000 , 5% TBSI; 41.350.000 ; 1%
  8. 8. 7Title  Ratification of the optional protocol on the sale of the children, child prostitution and child pornography into the law number 11/2012 is one of successful result of ECPAT Indonesia ‘s advocacy works toward the government. ECPAT Indonesia works with several strong organization and corporate on advocacy such as European Union, Kinder Not Hilfe, Mensen meet en Missie, The Body Shop, etc.  Through numbers of programs and events, ECPAT Indonesia has successfully made several collaboration and cooperation with different sectors including NGOs, Government, International Agencies, Private Sector, law enforcement and many more at both national and regional level, including in the fight against online sexual crimes of children. This collaboration will be the starting point in developing a program that had escaped the attention of many parties. Challenges  Commitment to collaboration from various agencies including government, community and private sectors to combat sexual exploitation of children is one aspect that is continuously need to be developed. The issues of child sexual exploitation needs more promotion across the country as a serious problem faced by children and appropriate methodologies in addressing it need to be comprehensively developed that the problem can be quickly resolved.  Lack of human resources and the availability of supporting institutions are still significant obstacle in developing the program.  The implementation of the ratified optional protocol is a challenge where at the same time an opportunity of ECPAT Indonesia in order the changes of national legislation and national policy can be directed and focused.