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  • 1. Turkey
  • 2. Headings of Economist Special Report
    • Pillar of the International Community
    • Bounced back from economic meltdown in 2000-2001
    • Anatolian tigers- #1 exporter of cement
    • low wages, poor business practices
    • Will Turkey join the EU? Not until it resolves the problems of Cypress and the Kurds
  • 3. Kurds
    • Constitution article 166: inhabitants of Turkey are Turks
    • Turkey restricts most forms of Kurdish identity (language, schools, official recognition of the minority)
  • 4. Headings of Economist Special Report, continued
    • 9/2010 Referendum on changing the judiciary passed with strong support outside of Istanbul
    • Erdogan displays autocratic instincts and the press feels restricted
    • CHP (Ataturk’s party), wants to prevent AK gaining a majority
    • Erdogan wants "to finish the makeover of Turkey by [2023], the centennial of the republic."
  • 5. Turkey relations with Syria
    • Syrians flooding into Turkey as Syrian forces crack down on protesters
    • Turkey is taking a stance against Bashar al-Assad’s crackdown on his people by remaining to keep the borders porous
  • 6. International Crisis Group says
    • “ Here are ten outstanding diplomatic and political tasks that we think should be tackled with determination by the new Turkish government http://bit.ly/iGuw4r .”
    • 1. Relaunch Turkey’s EU accession process
    • 2. Fix Cyprus
    • 3. Undertake broad, inclusive constitutional reform
  • 7. Top 10 continued
    • 4. Broaden and deepen reforms to solve the Kurdish problem
    • 5. Sustain Turkey’s engagement in the Middle East
    • 6. Seek chances to normalise relations with Israel
    • 7. Seize any opportunity to normalise relations with Armenia
  • 8. Top 10 continued
    • 8. Finesse the Aegean Sea dispute
    • 9. Seek long-term domestic improvements, prioritizing the judiciary, the education system, women’s rights and freedom of expression
    • 10. Continue to widen democratic participation
  • 9. articles
    • http://www.brookings.edu/opinions/2010/1101_turkey_us_relations_taspinar.aspx
    • http://www.brookings.edu/opinions/2010/1108_turkey_us_taspinar.aspx