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  1. 1. Immigration By: Natalia Caballero
  2. 2. Should Question Should the federal government increase regulation in illegal immigration?
  3. 3. Immigration in the United States People all over the world are hungry for political, social and economic change. These people enter the United States illegally to enjoy a better lifestyle, make money and help support their families here and abroad. Most are fleeing oppression, chronic unemployment, poverty and little or no opportunities in their homelands. They crave a place with freedoms and new opportunities, a place like the United States of America. Being desperate, they enter the United State illegally, causing conflict and issues for American citizens. Some believe that these illegal immigrants are corrupting our society and some believe that these people need help. This creates controversy of how the United States government should regulate illegal immigration.
  4. 4. Pro Immigration Immigrants help keep the economy moving by filling low-wage jobs, they provide a better lifestyle for those who enter the country illegally and they create a pool of consumers for a variety of goods and services. These immigrants give us diversity and excitement in the American culture. They bring their traditions and values from their home countries to the United States, giving us different tastes and new ideas, giving value to all the people around the world.
  5. 5. Against Immigration Illegal immigrants take jobs away from legal American citizens. Illegal immigrants don’t have to pay federal taxes, making it unfair to others. Illegal immigration has high costs for the federal government.
  6. 6. Federal Policies The policies of the federal government have a broad impact on both the domestic and foreign affairs of the United States. Since illegal immigration is considered a domestic and foreign affair, the federal government mostly deals with this issue. Congress has complete authority over immigration.
  7. 7. State Polices The federal government can’t always keep up with the many immigrantion problems in the United States so the state governments take over. However, states have limited legislative authority regarding immigration. One example how the state controls immigration is forced exclusion and forced integration.
  8. 8. Local Policies The local government is the government that helps out with local issue and problems. However, local governments don’t have much control with immigration issues. Illegal immigration is mostly a federal issue, not a local issue.
  9. 9. Survey Results There were many different ethnic groups taking the survey such as Hispanic, African American, Asian, European and American. There are certain trends of the results that show certain ethnic groups have certain views on immigration. Most Americans wanted to reduce the amount of immigrants that enter the United States and increase regulation in illegal immigration. While other ethnic groups like Hispanic and Europeans wanted to increase foreign aid in other countries and help immigrants in the United States, especially those who were born outside America.
  10. 10. Survey Results Continued… There are certain biases that contribute to the results of the survey. It seems that the Americans dislike the immigrants entering the United States and didn’t want to do anything to help them while the Hispanics wanted the United State’s federal government to help foreigners enter the United States and their countries. The Hispanics seem to want that help because they are the ones coming to the United States and wanting help for them and their people back at home
  11. 11. Pictures