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Immigration presentation april 2012


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Immigration presentation april 2012

  1. 1. Undocumented Immigrants
  2. 2. • Use the term UNDOCUMENTED • No person can be illegal, only actions are illegal • Not a crime to be undocumented – Civil violation not illegal, meaning no criminal record
  3. 3. Reasons why people have immigrated throughout U.S. History: • Political freedom • Religious tolerance • Economic opportunities • Political refugees • Freedom • Forced Immigration (slavery) • Family reunification(L. Samusenko, personal communication, April 8, 2010)
  4. 4. • MYTH: Immigrants don’t want to become citizens.• FACT: Many immigrants to the U.S. seek citizenship even though the process is extremely difficult, costly, and can take many years.
  5. 5. Who are immigrants?•• Top Ten Countries Immigrate to U.S. (2009): – Mexico 7.03 million – El Salvador 570 thousand – Guatemala 430 thousand – Philippines 300 thousand – Honduras 300 thousand – Korea 240 thousand – China 220 thousand – Brazil 180 thousand – Ecuador 170 thousand – India 160 thousand
  6. 6. Statistics•14 million UndocumentedImmigrants in U.S. as of 2008•61% from Mexico•25% live in California
  7. 7. • MYTH: Weak border enforcement has led to high rates of undocumented immigration. We should increase enforcement.• FACT: Increase border control and fences have done very little to reduce the flow of immigrants across the border and is extremely costly. In addition, the undocumented population has increased due to the difficulty to return to country of origin.
  8. 8. U.S Spending on Regulation of $85 Immigration billion Cost of continuing$285 enforcement overbillion a five-year period.Total cost todeporttheundocumented $94 Billion estimated cost forimmigrant deportation of undocumentedpopulationand continue immigrants.border $200interdiction billionand interior Total cost to findenforcement and arrest, detain,efforts over a legally process,five-year period and transport the(in undocumented2008 dollars).1 population over a five-year period.
  9. 9. Immigration costs to the U.S. – MYTH: Immigrants have a negative impact on the economy and the wages of citizens and take jobs away from citizens. – FACT: Immigration has a positive effect on the American economy as a whole and on the income of native-born workers. AAy8/VeaK4Gpd5RM/s320/money_management.jpg
  10. 10. • MYTH: Immigrants are a drain on U.S. social services. • FACT: Undocumented immigrants pay taxes and social security, which contributes greatly to public revenue. They will never get a return until they become citizens. Immigrants pay sales, income, and property taxes.
  11. 11. Current immigration Policies
  12. 12. Current Immigration Policies • How laws are enforced? – Deportation methods • Purpose: – To control the number of non- citizens allowed in U.S., why they can be in country, who, and duration of stay • Alien Act 1798-1917 • McCarran-Walter Act of 1952 – Posed current immigration law structure – Created quota system based on nationality – Set up deportation procedure
  13. 13. Current Immigration Policies• The Governing Law Arizona Immigration Law SB1070 of – Who is immigrant, who is citizen 2010 – Who can enter country from Defines any undocumented abroad person a “trespasser” Law enforcement have legal – Determine Visa administration right to ask for documentation if – How immigrants maintain legal they suspect an immigration status status: “if reasonable – Which immigrants can become suspicion exists that the permanent residents or person is an alien who is naturalized citizens unlawfully present in the U.S” – Which immigrants can be Any offender will be turned over removed to ICE for deportation – Who qualifies as refugee or asylum
  14. 14. Why comprehensive immigration reform is needed? • Recession + Immigrants = Economy Stimulation – Save on detention and deportation fees – New legal immigrants will pay more fees, fines, and become greater tax- payers – Congressional Budget Office estimate Treasury revenue $44 Billion net increase over 10 years • Decrease violence at border regions and decrease drug trafficking • Create stronger U.S.-Latin American relations and end shameful treatment of Latin workers in U.S. and abroad • Lessen racism in government and American society
  15. 15. • MYTH: Immigrants, particularly Latino immigrants, don’t want to learn English.• FACT: Immigrants, including Latino immigrants, understand that it is necessary to learn English in order to succeed in the U.S. and will need to know it for work.
  16. 16. Comprehensive reform cont.• DREAM Act 2009: – The Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors. – Allows undocumented students to gain citizenship after completing higher education or 2 years of military service. – Within 6 years of applying for the program• HB 1079 – Low income undocumented students could qualify for state financial aid• HB 1706: – Expanding resident student eligibility for purposes of the state need grant program (R. Guillen, personal communication, May 8, 2010)
  17. 17. • MYTH: Immigrants bring crime to our cities and towns.• FACT: Immigrants are far less likely to commit crimes because of increased chances of detainment and deportation if caught. Even though undocumented populations have increased in the U.S., crime rates have decreased significantly.
  18. 18. Detention Centers/Deportation Ethics• Where are the well-known centers? – Puerto Rico – Colorado – Florida – New York – California – Texas – Arizona – Georgia – Washington • North West Detention Center Tacoma Contract Detention Facility • 1500 beds
  19. 19. Detention Centers cont.• Business of the centers – Organizations are privatized • Make profit from number of detainees • U.S. citizen tax money supports privatized detention centers• Obstruction of rights of immigrants: – Unaware of reasons being detained – Not read Rights in corresponding language – Inadequate access to attorney representation• Ethical Violations – Inadequate health care – Insufficient nutritious food and living conditions – Language barriers• ICE – Use criminal enforcement and detention – Immigration Customs Enforcement – There are more than 30,000 detainees and more than 200 facilities in the U. S.
  20. 20. Local Agencies–– Aguila del Norte Immigrant Justice Program: – • Works with immigrant leaders, local organizations, elected officials, and – Immigrant Services Include: law enforcement to provide • Family reunification immigrant support. • Citizenship/naturalization • Humane immigration reform • Adjustments of status (Green Cards) • Education for civil and human rights • Travel documents • Employment authorization • Green Card replacement • Mock interviews • Education/Awareness Student Coalition for Immigration Rights • Multilingual staff • WWU community organization and allies. • Brings attention to DREAM act and positive social, political, and economic matters • Support for undocumented students
  21. 21. National/State Agencies• •American Immigration Lawyers• Mission: “We work to protect freedoms of speech and religion, Association: WA Chapter equality, privacy, and fair treatment • Non-profit organization of over by government, the rights guaranteed 10,000 attorneys and law to us by the U.S. Constitution.” professors who practice and• Immigration Services: teach immigration law – Legal information •Represent foreign individuals – Coaching to assert own rights and families to gain residence – Advocate services – Referrals – Support
  22. 22. How this applies to you!!• “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”• What kind of legal and ethical obligations do you have if you know that an undocumented immigrant is seeking services from your agency?