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Japan Outlook for Israel Companies …

Japan Outlook for Israel Companies
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  • 1. “Japan meetsIsrael”25th Apr 2013Powered byOpen Meetup Inc.The Glocal Company
  • 2. First of all, Wonderful Israel!
  • 3. Who am I ? / George GodaSmartphone ads companyX-boarder Business DevelopmentEspecially Japan to AsiaNew Business DevelopmentPast Now
  • 4. A Lots of Asia…JAPAN first,and nextAsia Waiting you!
  • 5. Japan overview / Basic indicatorPopulation : 127MfemalemalePopulation GDP PPPJapan 127,619,2006,125,84235,578Thailand 67,444,960 367,875 10,2041) Aging- Healthcare service- Service for Aged person2) Economically mature- Something different- High quality- Higher request3) Inflexibility of CompaniesJapanIsrael(in USD)
  • 6. Japan overview / General IndicatorIncome : monthly avg 75k ILS (Graduated Univ, First year)Not big gap (Large Middle Class) compared to other countriesCredit Card Penetration : 310%But still lower usage than other developed countriese-commerce rate (online/offline) = around 3% (2011)- Travel : around 6%- House hold goods, Electrical goods : 4%- Fashion, accessory : around 1% -> Korea 10%Source : Ministry of Economy and others
  • 7. Japan overview / Mobile and ICT IndicatorMobile Penetration : More than 100%3G Penetration around 100%, LTE becomes popularSmartphone Penetration : Around 40%Android : iOS = 7:3Flat rate : around 150 ILS - / Total 250 ILS -Internet Penetration : around 80%ADSL : 80 ILS - / 50Mbps -Optical : 150 ILS- / 100Mbps -Mobile : 140 ILS - / 40Mbps -
  • 8. Japan some segmentsHigh-school ladies(Fashion Reader) Elder People(Emerging)Otaku (Geeks)(Niche, but strong)Local cities(High Potential)“NEET”YoungerPeople(No work,no in education)
  • 9. Japan UX日本語 & CreativeHigher Creative** Difference of Color Feeling!Various colorsLong explanations..Some Non-Japaneseapps have strangeJapanese…
  • 10. Growing Market in Japan
  • 11. Japanese Startup Ecosystem (Not all! There are many others!)* Not Including all related org/companiesEarlyGrowthLaterSeedIncubationAngelsMediaEventSome Angels
  • 12. Incubation activities of Mobile OperatorsDocomo Innovation VenturesFund size : Around 100M USDKDDI Open Innovation fundFund size : Around 50M USDIncubation Program & FundingOne of top media (TV etc) company fundhttp://www.fujimediahd.co.jp/Around 15M USDSocial, Smartphone apps, New media tech
  • 13. Japan’s problemIn the past… there are a lot of Great Entrepreneurs, BUT..
  • 14. Japan is still have a economic power and many industriesInboundBtoB : Should be better, but the decision making is mess for you…BtoC : A little difficult because of culture differenceshttp://blog.livedoor.jp/meaningless88/archives/2575471.html
  • 15. Japan overview / LocationTokyo : MetropolitanNagoya : Toyota, manymanufacturingOsaka : Second large city, HealthcareKyoto : Some international companiesKobe : P&G, big sea portHakata : Try to internationalNaha : IT Park, Data CentreSendai : Revival support by Gov.Tokyo area or others
  • 16. Japan’s characteristicsCraftsmanship (vs Cheap/Fast)Serious / Gentle / ShyConsideration to othersHigher HospitalityHigher productivity / efficiencyStrong operation capability ….Need Innovation!
  • 17. Japan’s innovation is..Good at “Reverse (Improving)” InnovationEspecially Glocal to AsiaJapan adopted Western culture to Japan way in Later 1800s
  • 18. Our Dream…+Israel Super Great Innovation Japan’s Glocalizaiton, Productizing and OperationASIAFirst step, to Japan, but Japan company are looking for Asian market now..Why don’t you go to Asia with in near future ?
  • 19. I heard from Israeli people… when going to DinnerChinesefoods!Italianfoods!Israelifoods!GOItalian!He LikesItalianfoodsI like to eatJapanese foods,though..She LikesChinese,butItalianis okIsraeli People Japanese people
  • 20. Tips of Japan…Japanese worry about your honor- Please don’t say only “Benefit” and “Pros” too muchSuggestion : Tell “Pros and Cons” objectively- Please don’t trust “Oh it is nice, it is good!” of Japanese.Suggestion : Ask his/her “Needs” first, and know him/her moreYour problem may not be Japanese problem sometimeExample : Base CampAlign people’s task and moreJapanese problemCan’t say a lot to Boss or Elder peoplePlease understand Big culture differences…Especially communication, Social network area
  • 21. Differences of Decision Making…American Work with Communication RelationshipJapanese Communication Relationship Work withBut please understand, if they decide, Japanese is seriously workingBig company…Please think about like as government… and don’t hurry up…“Owner company or not” (Founder still CEO, or family company)“Top or not”“People who Having power or not”“High motivated people or not”“Having power or not” (Handing over power is limited in many cases)Middle size owner company is better sometime
  • 22. Back ground of Decision Making…People Longer stay in one companyDon’t move as just Business, who care aboutPosition, relationship and future.Not following his/her thinking,more thinking about others,company and bossBut recently changing step by step…
  • 23. But don’t worry !!! Your friendsJapan and Asian ExpansionYour office and more
  • 24. Open Meetup Inc.E-mail : info@01booster.comWeb : 01Booster.comFacebook : facebook.com/01BoosterPowered byOpen Meetup Inc.Supporting of your Global ReachGeorge GODAE-mail : george@weglo.inTel : 81-(0)90-9690-5984Twitter : Global_GGFacebook : facebook.com/weglo.inWeb : weglo.in