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Thailand general 20120711


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* Thailand General Sight
* 01Booster General Info

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Thailand general 20120711

  1. 1. Growing Thailand 11th July 2012 Supporting of your Global Reach
  2. 2. 27-30th June 2012 Open Meetup Inc.
  3. 3. Who we are.. / Professional Company Group as Open Meetup Inc. Norifumi Suzuki : Business Development ! CEO of NextMarket! - CCC Corporate Planning Director, IPO! - Founder of Kids Base Camp, acquired by Tokyu Railway Company Mitsuhiro Hata : Educational Consulting! Director of CareNet, CEO of Millennium Partners! - Boston Consulting Group! - VC, Founders of Ventures (one was IPO)! - Lecturer of Globis Management School George Goda : Global Marketing! CEO of WEGLO Inc., Strategic Advisor of Samurai Int.! - Toshiba, Murata MFG Co. Oversea Business, Alliance, Marketing! - Nobot Inc. Marketing Director (acquired by KDDI Group)! - International Strategies GM of KDDI Subsidiary company George Goda : Back office! CEO of RiyudoCho Consulting Group! 龍土町 - Tax Accountant, and supports many companies! コンサルティンググループ - Representative of Globis Entrepreneurs Club Kimito Higuchi : Oversea Human Resource! CEO of iForce! - ILO Organization under Japan Government! - Supported human resources related to ODA etc
  4. 4. Our Services (Some are under planning) New Business Development - Incubation for Startups! - Business Development for Middle/Large size companies! - Human Resource, Offshore, Back-Office such as accounting Education Business - Event! - Education, New Business, Oversea, New Reader Research and Investment Business - Research of Market, Business etc..! - Seed funding, supporting Venture Capital and Investment Companies Networking and Media Business - Meetup Event, Alliance with partners! - Media and IT services
  5. 5. Our Activities, Started from 1st June 2012 Discussing the collaboration with! Globis Management School, ! Business Development! (Oversea Expansion Support) Largest Japanese MBA School Event / Education Share Office Incubation
  7. 7. ENJOY! ขอบคุณ ครับ/ค่ะ
  8. 8. Supporting of your Global Reach George GODA! ! E-mail :! Tel : 81-(0)90-9690-5984! Twitter : Global_GG! Facebook :