Ects 504, wr icebreaker


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Ects 504, wr icebreaker

  1. 1. I N T R O D U C T I O N T O “ F I N D I N G Y O U R V O I C E ”T H R O U G H T O N I N GCSUSBECTS 504 - ICEBREAKERM A R C S A X EM A R C H 2 , 2 0 1 2Finding Your Voice
  2. 2. Did You Ever Want To: Be Heard and Acknowledged? Have a Freer, More Powerful Voice? Have Your Voice Reflect Your Energy? Use Your Voice to find Your Voice?
  3. 3. In “Finding Your Voice”: You Will: Review Definition of “Voice” in Oxford & 8th Habit: Discuss Intellectual and other types of “Voice”: Learn About Toning from Laurel Elizabeth Keyes: Exercise, Expand & Connect Your Voice by Toning:
  4. 4. Oxford Definition “Voice” Noun“Voice” the sound produced in a person’s larynx as speech or song, the ability to speak or sing, the distinctive tone or style of a literary work or author, particular opinion or attitude expressed, an agency by which a point of view is expressed or represented, the right to express an opinion, the range of pitch or type of tone with which a person sings, sound uttered with resonance of the vocal cords, the supposed utterance of a guiding spirit, forms of a verb showing the relation of the subject to the action. Verb: to “Voice” Express in words, Utter with resonance of the vocal cords, Regulate the tone quality,
  5. 5. Covey Defines “Voice” “Tapping into the higher reaches of humangenius and motivation--- what we could callVoice --- requires a new mind-set, a new Skill-set, a new tool-set…a new Habit.” (8th Habit, page 4) He calls for a “New Era” in: Effectiveness Relevancy Fulfillment Passion Intellectualizes achieving “Voice”
  6. 6. What is Your Voice? Covey: Intellectualizes a Spiritual Definition Oxford: Broader Definitions Includes physical Includes intellectual Includes spiritual Applications: Practical Applications to Bridge the Definitions
  7. 7. “Toning” to Unlock Your Voice
  8. 8. Unlocking Your Voice: Laurel Elizabeth Keyes Keyes Background: Blended modern psychology, metaphysics andphilosophy. Studied comparative religions & philosophy. Wrote stories, articles and poetry for magazines andnewspapers. Lectured for adult education in the public school system. Lectured & conducted retreats for all the major religion.
  9. 9. “Toning” to Unlock Your VoiceStep One: Basic Relaxation ExerciseStep Two: Active ListeningStep Three: Use Vowel: “Short A”Step Four: Use Vowel: “Long O”Step Five: Use Vowel: “Long E”
  10. 10. “Toning” to Unlock Your VoiceExercise One: Vowel in Normal Register: A, O, EExercise Two: Vowel in Normal Register: A,O, E Focus “Within” Allow Sound to Vibrate Your:• Throat, Chest, Abdomen, HeadExercise Three: Allow Vowel Sound to Change Register: Grow – Volume: Raise Pitch
  11. 11. “Toning” to Unlock Your Voice Allows you to Physically Connect the Intellectual &Emotional Using Your Voice Allows you to Experience Greater Vocal Range Allows you to have Greater Vocal Power Allows you to Project Your Energy with Your Voice
  12. 12. Review “Voice”: How many meanings does “Voice” have? _________________________________________ Can you understand Your Voice intellectually only? _________________________________________ One Process for Unlocking Your Voice is called: ________________________________________ Toning Opens Your Voice by: ________________________________________
  13. 13. - T H A N K S -CSUSB – ECTS 504ICEBREAKERM A R C S A X EM A R C H 2 , 2 0 1 2Unlocking Your“Voice”