Use the Right Trout Fishing Lure


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Use the Right Trout Fishing Lure

  1. 1. Pretty much anything that has caught a fish at some pointcan be considered a trout fishing lure. There are so many different kinds of lures that it can seem overwhelming trying to pick one or two to use. So how does one goabout picking the perfect trout fishing lure? The key is to know which lure is best for which situation.
  2. 2. Some people like to use artificial baits. Artificial bait is an effective trout fishing lure. For example the artificial crawdaddy will often catch nice panfish or bass. The smaller the trout fishing lure, the easier it is to cast.However, sometimes it takes a monster sized lure to catch a monster sized fish.
  3. 3. Many times a fishermans favorite trout fishing lure is a spoon. Spoons are versatile and provide many options. Depending on the color and design, they will catch different fish. If you are out to get big brown trout, thenyou might choose a gold lure. Brown trout seem to prefereither plain gold spoons or those that are gold with a fewbright streaks on them. However, rainbow trout will morelikely chase after silver spoons. Lots of fishermen claim a silver spoon with red streaks is a trout slayer.
  4. 4. Brook trout prefer the plain copper spoons. Particularly those with a hint of blue or a touch of green. Of course, even if you have the perfect trout fishing lure for speciesof fish you are trying to catch, you might not catch a thing. This is because the lure is only part of the equation. Presentation is equally important. You must learn to jig and strip the trout fishing lure in a way that attracts fish.
  5. 5. Trying Artificial Flies or Noisy Lures
  6. 6. Most fisherman believe that fish are finicky and easily startled. For this reason, complete silence is often maintained while fishing. However, some people like to throw out the occasional trout fishing lure that makesnoises in an effort to attract fish. Supposedly these noiseproducing trout fishing lures dont put down the fish, but instead attract them. However, the results are mixed.
  7. 7. Some fisherman use nothing but artificial flies when theytrout fish. An artificial fly can be an excellent trout fishinglure. This is especially true if it is fished appropriately. Dryflies are great for river fishing. By making slight flicks with your rod you can easily imitate the movements of real insects.
  8. 8. Moving your trout fishing lure slowly through the water isa great way to begin. If this doesnt catch any fish then youcan mix it up a little. Try changing the length of your strips or the speed you bring in your trout fishing lure. Eventually you will discover the trouts weakness.
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