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Presidents Truman-Ford

Presidents Truman-Ford



Key highlights and accomplishments.

Key highlights and accomplishments.



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    Presidents Truman-Ford Presidents Truman-Ford Presentation Transcript

    • President Harry Truman(D)1945-1953• Became Vice Presidentfor FDR in January, 1945• Took over for FDR whenhe died in April, 1945• On of the most unpopularpresidents of all timewhen he left office-22%approval rating• Rating has improvedgreatly over the last 60years
    • Truman’s PresidentialAccomplishments• President when WWIIended with Germany andJapan• PotsdamConference/Declaration• (German consequences/Japan’s surrender or elseface destruction)• Decided to use theatomic bomb againstJapan• “We have discovered themost terrible bomb in thehistory of the world. Itmay be the firedestruction prophesied inthe Euphrates Valley Era,after Noah and hisfabulous Ark.”• Harry Truman
    • • Had to deal withtransition fromwartime economy topeacetime economy• Helped organize andlater join the UnitedNations• Took a hard-linestance againstcommunism and theSoviet Union-Policy ofContainment• Desegregated the USmilitary• Truman Doctrine andMarshall Plan werepassed• Created the CIA andthe national SecurityCouncil• “The Buck Stops Here”
    • The Fair Deal• Similar to FDR’s Newdeal of the 1930’s• Aimed to promoteeconomic developmentand social welfare• Faced a lot of oppositionfrom Southern Democratsand Republicans• Most Fair Deal proposalsdid not get passed• Civil Rights• Housing• Social Security• Minimum Wage• Health• Labor• Education• Agriculture
    • • Recognized Israel as ahomeplace for the Jewishpeople• “Hitler had been murderingJews right and left. I saw it,and I dream about it even tothis day. The Jews neededsome place where they couldgo. It is my attitude that theAmerican government couldntstand idly by while the victimsof Hitlers madness are notallowed to build new lives.”• President Truman• Berlin Airlift• NATO established• Chinese Civil War ends• McCarthyism• The Korean Conflict and firingof General DouglassMacArthur• "I fired him [MacArthur]because he wouldnt respectthe authority of thePresident ... I didnt fire himbecause he was a dumb sob,although he was, but thats notagainst the law for generals. Ifit was, half to three-quarters ofthem would be in jail.“ Truman• Assassination attempt overPuerto Rican independence
    • 1948 Election• Truman(D) vs Thomas Dewey(R)• Truman came from way behind to win• Newspapers and polls all assumed Deweywould win easily
    • President Dwight Eisenhower(R)1953-1961• Famous WWII general• Decided to join theRepublican Party afterWWII• This all but guaranteedhim a win in the 1953election• Richard Nixon was hisVice-President• Diagnosed with Crohnsdisease and had a minorstroke while president
    • Eisenhower’s PresidentialAccomplishments• Dominated by the ColdWar-Containment Policy• Also used CIA to docovert-ops to disruptcommunist governmentsabroad(Iran/Guatamala)• Opened relations withSpain• Ended the KoreanConflict as promised inhis 1952 electioncampaign• Defensive alliances weresigned with South Koreaand Taiwan• SEATO was formed• Increased USinvolvement in SoutheastAsia(Vietnam)-USadvisors sent• Developed idea thatnuclear weapons wouldbe defensiveweapons(deterrence)• NASA created due toSoviet Sputnik launch• US spy plane(U-2) wasshot down over USSR• Allowed McCarthy to dohis thing but privately didnot approve• Eisenhower Doctrine
    • Ike and Chiang Kai-shek
    • • Believed in laissez-faire• Believed in a balanced budget• Deported around 1 million illegalimmigrants(mostly Mexicans)• Sent federal troops to Little Rock,Arkansas to help in the desegregation ofall public schools-1954-Brown case• Helped pass the Federal-Aid Highway Actof 1956 which created the United StatesInterstate Highways
    • President John F. Kennedy(D)1961-1963• Served in WWII• Was a US Representativeand Senator fromMassachusetts beforebecoming President• Married Jacqueline LeeBouvier• First and only Catholicpresident• Youngest electedpresident and secondyoungest president• Assassinated in 1963 inDallas, Texas by LeeHarvey Oswald
    • 1960 Election• Ran against Vice-President Richard Nixon• First presidential televised debates tookplace• Many say this helped JFK win the election
    • Kennedy’s PresidentialAccomplishments• "Ask not what yourcountry can do foryou; ask what youcan do for yourcountry." JFK• Cold War Issuesdominated Kennedy’spresidency• Berlin Wall was builtin 1961• Bay of Pigs invasion-1961• Cuban Missile Crisis• Alliance for Progresswith Latin America• Kennedy increasedthe number ofhelicopters, militaryadvisors andundeclared U.S.Special Forces in theVietnam
    • • The CIA helped the new Baath Partygovernment overthrow Communists inIraq. This new party systematicallymurdered large numbers of Iraqseducated elite—killings in which SaddamHussein himself is said to haveparticipated• Nuclear Test Ban Treaty was signed in1963
    • The New Frontier• promised federal funding for:• 1. education• 2. medical care for the elderly• 3. economic aid to rural regions and• 4. government intervention to halt therecession• 5. end racial discrimination
    • • Peace Corps was established in 1961 whereAmericans volunteer to help underdevelopednations in areas such as education, farming,health care, and construction• Signed the Equal Pay Act of 1963, a federal lawaimed at abolishing wage disparity based on sex• "First, I believe that this nation should commititself to achieving the goal, before this decade isout, of landing a man on the Moon and returninghim safely to the Earth. No single space projectin this period will be more impressive tomankind, or more important for the long-rangeexploration of space; and none will be so difficultor expensive to accomplish—JFK Moonshotspeech in 1961
    • President Lyndon Johnson(D)1963-1969• JFK’s Vice-President• Took over asPresident after JFKwas assassinated