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Edited Portfolio-

Edited Portfolio-

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  • 1. Koontz Portfolio January 11, 2006 -A Work in Progress-
  • 2. Starting off with imported IGES files, I did New Gator Vehicle (John Deere & Co.) hood, front fenders, light pockets, grille, 07/07/09 dash, floor mat, and bed-liner.
  • 3. New Gator Vehicle (John Deere & Co.) 6X4 version and Cab concept 07/07/09
  • 4. Starting with scan data (sculpture), my parts were rear fender, radiator covers, front fender bracket, gas tank (under seat), and instrument covers. New Street Rod (Harley-Davidson) 07/07/09
  • 5. Parting line was on bottom edge of fender (not on A-surface crease) using a long draw mold and molding it slightly more “open” than installed. New Street Rod (Harley-Davidson) 07/07/09
  • 6. Development of tailpiece, seats, mounting New Steroid (Harley-Davidson) brackets, side covers, oil cap, glove box, 07/07/09 and inner fender.
  • 7. Starting off with imported IGES files, hood, front Compact Tractors (John Deere & Co.) piece (w/screen), side covers (w/ screens), compartment lids, fuel door, and dash. 07/07/09
  • 8. Rear fenders/deck were RIM parts. Compact Tractors (John Deere & Co.) Floor mat was EPDM. 07/07/09
  • 9. Multiple plastic pieces designed to engage and Steam Iron (Sunbeam-Oster) snap together so only 1 screw is needed for 07/07/09 assembly.
  • 10. Steam Iron (Sunbeam-Oster) 07/07/09 Design options for steam chamber sealing.
  • 11. Concept: Motion Study Saddle bag lids & 4-bar mechanism Saddle Bag (Harley-Davidson) 07/07/09
  • 12. Cab project: Add on (see competition-red) Front fascia, seat base, rear fenders, dash, fuel tank, steering and shift and E- Utility Vehicle (John Deere & Co.) brake boots. 07/07/09
  • 13. Working out proportions, frame, sight and lean angles. This is my passion- Personal Project- Enclosed Motorcycle 07/07/09
  • 14. FCS Turret- Cover concept #3 Conceptual solutions for tank turret problems. 07/07/09
  • 15. Fuel tank, side covers, fenders, struts, ’08 Pitbull- Big Dog Motorcycles and belt guards. I also contributed to 07/07/09 the seat and frame design.
  • 16. ’09 Wolf- Big Dog Motorcycles All the swoopy bodywork, fuel tank workings, mountings for all, and framework inside. I also 07/07/09 designed a quieter air filter.
  • 17. eServ Corp- Contract Design Engineering •AGCO- 55 bu Seeder project tial •Hustler- (Mower) Plastic Mounting Consult onf i de n C i den tial C onf 07/07/09
  • 18. eServ Corp- Contract Design Engineering •Big Dog- Fairing Update 07/07/09 Dash & Fairing design: Framework & Radio Mounting.
  • 19. 07/07/09 AGCO Corp- Combine & Windrower Cabs- ***Present Job-
  • 20. End -for now- 07/07/09