Geopaparazzi, state of the art


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Presentation given at the GFOSS conference in Bologna (2013-10-11).

This also was use as release notes for the geopaparazzi 3.7.0 release.

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Geopaparazzi, state of the art

  1. 1. 1 /21 nvironmental ngineeringydroloGIS HydroloGIS S.r.l. - Via Siemens, 19 - 39100 Bolzano Geopaparazzi, state of the art GFOSS-day - Bologna Andrea Antonello, HydroloGIS Silvia Franceschi, HydroloGIS 2013-10-11
  2. 2. 2 /21 What is Geopaparazzi Basically an engineering survey tool ...if necessary, something to just have in your pocket... easily map the important professional targets... ...and in general important things in life...
  3. 3. 3 /21 Geopaparazzi in few words... text picture audio sketch gps logs raster or mapsforge vector basemaps spatialite vector overlays
  4. 4. 4 /21 Geopaparazzi documentation Main documentation site: Presentations given involving geopaparazzi: News and tips about geopaparazzi: This presentation is about new features, check out the docs.
  5. 5. 5 /21 Notes enhancements Notes now support simple styling and labelling, in order to support better redability of the survey. Previous with custom shape/size with labels
  6. 6. 6 /21 MBTiles and WMS support Geopaparazzi now supports the following basemap sources: Mapsforge offline map files MBtiles offline databases Mapurl config files TMS offline tiles folders TMS online sources WMS online sources - - - * * *
  7. 7. 7 /21 MBTiles backed tiles Thanks to a contribution of Mark Johnson ( it is now possible to back online tilesources into mbtiles databases. url= minzoom=11 maxzoom=22 center=11.42 46.8 type=wms format=jpg defaultzoom=17 mbtiles=provincia_bz/_ortofoto.mbtiles a new mbtiles db is created and the tiles fetched online only if not available and those downloaded are stored there Example *.mapurl file of WMS of Province of Bolzano: if mtbiles db starts with "_", then it will not be listed in the sources list (avoid duplication)
  8. 8. 8 /21 Tile sources organisation Since now mapsforge vector, mbtiles, wms and tms online/offline resources can be used seamlessly, the old way to present maps didn't make sense any more. The old way: default online local tilesets mapsforge vector maps The new way: all compatible tile sources are shown default online are now mbtiles backed data sources (still added if no source is available) -> data are automatically saved fo offline access
  9. 9. 9 /21 Notes and bookmarks handling Notes and bookmarks can now be visualized/zoomed to/edited in a dedicated list view. notes list bookmarks list zoom to edit/rename delete
  10. 10. 10/21 Decorations... textfactor For mapsforge vector maps it is now possible to change the maptext factor (default 1) in the preferences. factor = 1 factor = 2
  11. 11. 11/21 Decorations... center cross Since it is used for notes insertion, it was necessary to make it more visible and customizable. before after
  12. 12. 12/21 Decorations... map units Geopaparazzi has been quite metric until 3.7.0. metric imperial
  13. 13. 13/21 The secret view! In the secret view some advanced options are available. a demo mode that simulates a gps log for in-house use different logging levels that write debug messages into the project database -> can be sent to the developer to solve strange bugs! HINT:pushthebackbuttonoften
  14. 14. 14/21 The database queries view The database queries view can be used to quickly check some db content
  15. 15. 15/21 Contributions New languages contributions: just because on transifex met at Foss4g added after Foss4g Done on - collaborative translation platform, free for open source projects (started as a Google Sommer of Code: addedlastyear
  16. 16. 16/21 Contributions Code: - tiles writing engine - mbtiles backed online services - better map centering handling - support for nested folders structure in maps folder Tutorials:
  17. 17. 17/21 Projects implementing (or partially funded some of) it Disaster Management Information System city of Osaka Gasdroid: Natural Gas Emission Flux Measurements
  18. 18. 18/21 Projects implementing (or partially funded some of) it Smartmanhole, a system to detect RFID tags under the surface Geo-droid - urban network?
  19. 19. 19/21 Projects implementing (or partially funded some of) it Geolocalization of fleets and rescue support Fleet: gestione realtime flotte veicoli Rescue: supporto per operazioni di soccorso
  20. 20. 20/21 nvironmental ngineeringydroloGIS HydroloGIS S.r.l. - Via Siemens, 19 - 39100 Bolzano Geopaparazzi, state of the art Useful links: Questions? Write to the mailinglist: