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Google Map Is Not The Map


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Information is more than ever geolocated, but who decides what we see on maps? who curates that information? Maps have never been neutral, but now they are ubiquitous.
This session will be a hands on workshop to enter the maps world and understand how communities can produce and edit their own maps (with and edit and curate information above them (
The workshop will explore ways to integrate critical maps created in other platforms and websites.

Have you ever wanted to make your own map but you didn't know how? Do you want to use your GPS/smart phone? People usually approach maps as inert things, as invariable objects. Now, it's easy to make your own maps and meanwhile understand that maps are not neutral, that Google Maps is not The Map, but just another map. GPS devices and smart phones, DIY aerial cartography (the Public Laboratory), OpenStreetMap map making, are making easier building maps and sharing them. BYO laptop, smartphone or GPS, but if you don't have one, come anyway. Maps can be drawn with a pencil.

Workshop. at AMC. Friday June 29th 2012
Detroit, Michigan. USA

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Google Map Is Not The Map

  1. 1. Google Maps it not The Map @numeroteca #notGmaps
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Maps are not neutral
  4. 4. Google Maps
  5. 5. Mercator projection
  6. 6. Digital Cartographies:Bing, Google Maps, OpenStreetMapThey all use Mercator projection
  7. 7. Google Maps is not The Map#notGmapsNotes: Rey Mazón@numerotecaMeipi / Basurama / Montera34
  8. 8. Google Maps is not The Map
  9. 9. Google Maps are not The MapBing + Yahoo
  10. 10. Google Maps are not The MapBing + YahooMercator projection
  11. 11. Maps are subjective
  12. 12. Layers in Digital Maps
  13. 13. Landfill Wheelabrator Saugus Inc. Ash Landfill + Incinerator.MA
  14. 14.
  15. 15. With OpenStreetmap you can edit the map.
  16. 16. Who owns the data? Who has the vectors?
  17. 17. Online maps:Vectors Images
  18. 18. Tiles: square images that form the map
  19. 19. Editing vectort in OpenStreetMap. Potlach2
  20. 20. Edit a mapHANDS ONEditing vectors
  21. 21.
  22. 22.
  23. 23.
  24. 24.
  25. 25.
  26. 26. Image from @immaginoteca
  27. 27. -Meipi. Online version: Online version: Maps / Google earth: My maps.
  28. 28. Texts, photos, videos, audios...-Meipi. Online version: Online version: Maps / Google earth: My maps.Fine tuning Mapbox
  29. 29. Google Maps
  30. 30.
  31. 31. who wants the olimpics?
  32. 32. Info on a MapHANDS ONUploading info collectively to a map
  33. 33. Mapping: GPS are not only for cars.Be a cartographer.
  34. 34. .gpxTime stamp + Location
  35. 35. <trk> <name>Example GPX Document</name> <trkseg> <trkpt lat="47.644548" lon="-122.326897"> <ele>4.46</ele> <time>2009-10-17T18:37:26Z</time> </trkpt> <trkpt lat="47.644548" lon="-122.326897"> <ele>4.94</ele> <time>2009-10-17T18:37:31Z</time> </trkpt> <trkpt lat="47.644548" lon="-122.326897"> <ele>6.87</ele> <time>2009-10-17T18:37:34Z</time> </trkpt> </trkseg> </trk>
  36. 36. <trk> <name>Example GPX Document</name> <trkseg> <trkpt lat="47.644548" lon="-122.326897"> <ele>4.46</ele> A point <time>2009-10-17T18:37:26Z</time> </trkpt> <trkpt lat="47.644548" lon="-122.326897"> <ele>4.94</ele> <time>2009-10-17T18:37:31Z</time> </trkpt> <trkpt lat="47.644548" lon="-122.326897"> <ele>6.87</ele> <time>2009-10-17T18:37:34Z</time> </trkpt> </trkseg> </trk>
  37. 37. <trk> <name>Example GPX Document</name> <trkseg> <trkpt lat="47.644548" lon="-122.326897"> Location <ele>4.46</ele> <time>2009-10-17T18:37:26Z</time> </trkpt> <trkpt lat="47.644548" lon="-122.326897"> <ele>4.94</ele> <time>2009-10-17T18:37:31Z</time> </trkpt> <trkpt lat="47.644548" lon="-122.326897"> <ele>6.87</ele> <time>2009-10-17T18:37:34Z</time> </trkpt> </trkseg> </trk>
  38. 38. <trk> <name>Example GPX Document</name> <trkseg> <trkpt lat="47.644548" lon="-122.326897"> <ele>4.46</ele> <time>2009-10-17T18:37:26Z</time> stamp Time </trkpt> <trkpt lat="47.644548" lon="-122.326897"> <ele>4.94</ele> <time>2009-10-17T18:37:31Z</time> </trkpt> <trkpt lat="47.644548" lon="-122.326897"> <ele>6.87</ele> <time>2009-10-17T18:37:34Z</time> </trkpt> </trkseg> </trk>
  39. 39. Where I am?Smart PhonesGPS: "fine" location, accurate. StellitesWifi: Using a database of hotspots googlecollected when doing streetview.3G: Using database of base stations and somevery rough triangualtion.
  40. 40. Paths to #amc2012HANDS ONCollective tracksDraw your way to the #amc2012
  41. 41. 1. As we can not “record” with a GPS that trip, we candrawthe path you took to come to the amc2012 with An alternative solution is to use google earthand export the route as .kmz or .kml and convert itto gpx with Click save “GPX” in Download the .gpx file.4. Upload material to a dropbox folder / email it.Export it as yourname.gpx5. Use JOSM to merge all the .gpx files into one file. open google street maps to see all the tracks6. We will generate a unique allthetracks.gpx file withall the tracks Open the allthetracks.gpx file with google earth.
  42. 42. Google Maps is not The Map#notGmapsNotes: Rey Mazón@numerotecaMeipi / Basurama / Montera34
  43. 43. ExtrasGeotagging your photos