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How to make a music video
How to make a music video
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How to make a music video


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  • 1. Make Sure You Have Recorded A Song“If you are going to make a music video, you will need an audio track of your music so that you cansync the video to it. Just pick a song you’ve written or one you’d like to cover, and you’re good to go.”Pick A Location“For this kind of video, we are going to assume you don’t want a storyline. Storylines are perfect formore complex projects, but considering it’s possible that you are making this by yourself for the firsttime (or you may very well not be), we’ll keep it simple. Else, you would end up storyboarding,planning shots, and doing all types of things.”
  • 2. Shoot Your Video“What I’d recommend is recording yourself playing the song over and over from different angles allaround your location. Some of them could be handheld, some on a tripod, and some of them movingaround like crazy. That’s exactly what your friend, the resident camera operator, will be doing. Hereare a few shots you should take:Waist: Make sure that you have a shot of yourself from the waist-up singing the song.Wide: If you are able, back the camera up as far as possible and zoom out all the way to takein the surroundings you are in. If you are using aDSLR, use the widest lens you own, andmake sure you are focused properly.Close-up: Get the camera right in your face.Extreme Close-up: Get the camera super close to your face where the top of your head isout of view and so is the bottom of your chin.Handheld: Tell your camera operator to go around and get shots that he or she thinks arecool. Have them zoom in, do cool movements, get shots of scenery….everything. Let them becreative.”Edit It All Down“Here’s the fun part – editing. What you should do is put each angle into an individual layer of video,and at that point, try to sync the audio tracks so that they match perfectly with the song.”