3rd Quarter


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making it in the film industry

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3rd Quarter

  1. 1. How to make it in the movie/film/ TV industry Monell S.
  2. 2. gr a to em r nCi he ap movie/film/ TV industryThere are so m any areas of the m ovie and TV business that there is alm ostsom ething for everyone. C inematographers work on set all d ay surround ed by hund red s of peoplewhile ed itors work largely alone in a d ark room long after the prod uction has"wrapped ."From pre- to post-prod uction there is a job to fit alm ost every personality andskill set. K now what youre good at and where you fit in. If youve stud ied art, then you m ight consid er prod uction d esign. If youvespent hours splicing together your own vid eos on your hom e com puter, thengo for ed iting. But in the beginning, you should get whatever you can.
  3. 3. Be aware Be aware that while a few positions in the ind ustry are extrem ely lucrative, m any m ore are less so. Writers, actors and d irectors are som etim es paid obscene am ounts of m oney while grips, ed itors, and the m any people who fill out the various d epartm ents on a film or TV series such as costum e, props, art, photography, etc. G et paid m uch m ore m od estly and work very hard . H ours on the set are long and grueling. People d o the work because they love it and can im agine d oing nothing else.
  4. 4. Prepare When it com es d own to it, the tim e were you finally have the opportunity to show what you have to som eone really im portant in the m ovie ind ustry your going to want to have everything on hand so your prepared and you d on`t waist there tim e which leaves a bad im pression. Be organized and have best work on hand . For exam ple if you want to be a top m ake up artist , you will want photos and want good quality in those photos to im press them If you want to be a m ovie d irector you want to have a professional and again organized way of showing what you know about cam era angles and have a strong story to go with it.
  5. 5. Business The business is truly all about who you know. M ost ind ustry jobs are freelance, therefore, the m ost im portant aspect of getting a job, be it your first or your hund red and first, is who you know. G et noticed to be in this ind ustry you can not be quite and shy you need to be d eterm ined and well d riven to get to your goal.
  6. 6. Work Your ego is not your friend . While it is certainly ad visable to get as m uch training as you can before you go looking for work, the best way to learn is in on the job. In the beginning, get any job you can. AN Y JO B. It will be lousy pay and long hours, but this is how you start learning and m eeting people. A fam ous m ovie prod ucer started out as a prod uction assistant on horror m ovies. He spent his tim e on the set working hard and asking sm art questions. H e then prod uced his first low-bud get horror m ovie and prom ptly got a job on another m ovie as a d olly grip for pennies a d ay. H e d id nt turn d own the job because it was beneath him . H e took whatever jobs he could find and it paid off.
  7. 7. Jobs/internships Find out what types of jobs exist in the ind ustry and which ones you are best suited for. If you d o not live in L os Angeles, N ew York, Vancouver or Toronto, get a sense of what kind of ind ustry exists in your area. If there is none, consid er relocating. production assistants are not paid m uch but it is a great way to learn m any aspects of the way a production works. You m ight be asked to run from props to hair to ed iting to an actors trailer all within a days work also interning is a good way to get a sense of what the job is like before you fallow through with it as a career. Write a strong resum e that prom otes your strengths without being unrealistic. There are m any crossover skills from other field s so be honest about your past experience.
  8. 8. contacts If you get an im portant num ber that can help you reach your goal in the ind ustry your going to want to have that num ber in 2 d ifferent places. The possibility that you loose your phone and you would n’t get the num ber back right away can be trouble som e . H ave a notebook with nam es and num bers of contacts and m ake sure to keep track of these item s. When you go on interviews, keep track of the answers to your questions and if your being interviewed keep track of what there looking for.
  9. 9. Follow Up Know the business. Go to m ovies. Watch TV. Read the trad es. L earn as m uch as you can about the workings of film and TV prod uction before you arrive on set for your first d ay of work. K now the d ifference between a D irector of Photography and an Assistant D irector. Take classes at your local continuing stud ies program . You can m eet people this way and begin to build up a network. •Be professional and presentable. The m ovie business tend s to be m ore casual than m ost, but that d oesnt m ean you can be sloppy. D ress to im press . T he only one who gets to be the worst d ressed person in the room is the d irector. •Be nice to EVERYBO D Y . M ore than in other ind ustries, tod ays lackey is tom orrows show runner or O scar-nom inated d irector. Sucking up d oesnt help. K eep your d ignity and self-respect. Be helpful and d eterm ined , without groveling or begging. Your boundaries might be tested but in the end they will be respected.
  10. 10. Acting If your jum ping straight into the ind ustry yet you’ve never been in front of a real cam era or on a film ing site your going to want practice. For exam ple, I took a year of acting at John Robert powers acting school ,were you get the opportunity to read scripts, learn about if you m ess up while film ing d on’t say sorry. K eep read ing and following the scene norm ally have the tim e no one notices the m istake. Talk into a cam era and act out scenes in front of other stud ents. Also tongue twisters is a great thing to practice “sally sells sea shells by the sea shore” the faster you can say tongue twister with out m essing up the easier it gets to read a script. While taking this program you get opportunitys to perform in front of huge d irectors and talent agents like, IPO P, D isney channel and nickelod eon. O ften tim es even agents looking for actors from up com ing m ovies
  11. 11. Trends Study trend s, whats hot the coolest places to eat ,what to were and hairstyles. This gives you and opportunity to be up to d ate and m any tim es you can be in the sam e place as a celebrity because trend s are everything. Your not going to want to show up in shoes with holes or stains on your shirt this is not im pressive and it m akes you look unapproachable. If m oney is an issue ,were going to go back to one of the first steps . GET A JO B! AN Y JO B! Do not wear tons of jewelry. If you’re an assistant or who ever you work for has you m oving around a lot your not going to want all that extra weight on your bod y to slow you d own and wearing a lot of jewelry can look to flashy. Instead try wearing flashy shoes this is a great way to be d iscreet while still rocking hot trend s.
  12. 12. Sleep & health The m ovie ind ustry is fast paced and your going to want all the sleep you can get. A lot of the tim es youll have to work late and / stud y late or so if you d on’t get the opportunity to sleep m uch m ost the tim e your going to want to grab a coffee or energy d rink to keep you up. I would recom m end eating healthy instead of d rinking over 3 energy d rinks a d ay, try eating a healthy m eal. Vegetables and fruit have vitam ins which keep your energy up and your im m une system . Your not going to want to be slow , groggy or call in sick while working. To m any sick d ays can lead to getting fired and that is never a good thing so try to keep your health and working balanced while having a busy sched ule.
  13. 13. Equipment K now the equipm ent and what it d ose, how the pieces contrast. You want to research about cam era and lighting filters and want to know what each m ood light gives off and how to m ake a scene intense to get your point across. In a d ram a you would want L ight that is d im and m akes a scene look d ark this gives it a d ram atic effect. If it is a scene of love you want to have a lot of light and often tim es this will m ake the actor look like there glowing this showing a scene of harm ony.
  14. 14. Music Pay attention to what type of m usic each film category uses. L ighting, acting, equipm ent and m usic is what m akes a film . Som e tim es there are silent film . Silent film s often intensify one of the other 3 things for exam ple no m usic in a silent d ram atic film you would want to have intense light and em otion in your actor. You d o not want to put the wrong m usic in the wrong m ovie for exam ple if it was a happy m ovie you would not want the “Jaws” sound track playing the hole tim e.
  15. 15. How to make it in the movie/film/ TV industry.