Olympic Lessons Learned


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Sports is the ultimate reality show. We can learn much from the athletes and competitions of the 2012 Games.

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  • Olympic Lessons Learned

    1. 1. Lessons Learned Sports is the ultimate reality show. We can learn muchfrom the athletes and competitions of the 2012 Games.
    2. 2. Clearly Defined Goals & Plansto Accomplish! In 2008 Beijing Olympics, Michael Phelps made it clear he was going to win 8 Golds in 8 events. What was his goal thisyear? He added the 400 I/M late and didn’t train the way heshould have for this event. It was still a successful games for him, but the 400 I/M loss could have potentially derailed his games.
    3. 3. It Pays to Havea Great Training Partner!Mo Farah of Great Britian trains with Galen Rupp of USA. They finished the Men’s 10,000m 1stand 2nd respectively. It was a fun race to watch the training partners working together. Mo also went on to win the Men’s 5,000m as well!
    4. 4. Sometimes You Just Have to Keep Going!Manteo Mitchell should have run the first leg of the 4X400m in about 44 seconds. Something seemed wrong as he ran it in 46.1 seconds. Not bad thoughwhen you consider he broke his leg half-way through...
    5. 5. Don’t Let Someone Else Dictate What You Can Do! Oscar Pistorius was told he couldn’t race with able bodyathletes. He fought hard for the right to race, and proved he belonged with the best the world had!
    6. 6. Know What Really Matters Most in Life!Kirani James, the eventual Gold Medalist, seeks out OscarPistorius to exchange name bibs following their 400m qualifying match. James said Oscar is someone special, especially in our event. Its a memorablemoment for me to be out here performing with him.’
    7. 7. Don’t EVER Give Up! In their Gold Medal match against Brazil, the Russian menwere down 2 sets and facing the Gold Medal point for Brazil. They rallied, won that set andthe next 2 sets to win the Gold in amazing fashion! Don’t EVER Give Up!
    8. 8. Don’t Let the Critics Into Your Head!Usain Bolt had lost the 100m in the Jamaican Olympic Trials. Critics were saying he wasdone. Usain thought otherwise. Winning the 100m, 200m and the 4x100m Relay. Good thing he didn’t let the critics into his head!
    9. 9. Don’t Let Past Losses Dictate Your Future!They had lost the World Cup to the Japanese Women, but Team USA Women’s Soccer wasn’tgoing to let that stop them from winning the Gold Medal!
    10. 10. Find Your Home Court Advantage! England’s Olympic Athletes delivered big in their home games! Wining an amazing 65medals, 29 being Gold, the most for them since 1908!