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Have you ever wondered if your your favorite celebrity is gay or straight? Are you a gay fan of a celebrity movie star, actor, vocalist, professional athlete or journalist? This presentation provides a detailed overview of the entertainment website The slideshare walks readers through information on how lists male celebrities on its website and explains how aggregated data from news sources are infused into each article to help readers better understand if a celebrity may be gay, straight or bisexual. Detailed information on each celebrity is listed for for listed actors, vocalists, news reporters and athletes. From time to time, we also blog about male celebrities that have a large gay following. Be sure to visit us online and check to see if you favorite male celebrity is listed. Please like us on Facebook, +1 us on Google+ and share with your friends on Twitter. Thank you for watching this presentation.

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Gay Celebrity Gossip: Pink Topics in Hollywood & Entertainment News

  1. 1. Gay Celebrity Gossip: Pink Topics in Entertainment By: John Hollywood
  2. 2. What is (GSG) Gay Celebrity Gossip is a fan entertainment website of male celebrities that are of particular interest to fans, including gay men. The site is designed to offer insight to the followers of movie stars, television personalities, vocalists and sports players who may be seeking great insight into the following questions: • • • • • What is the sexual orientation of a given celebrity? Is the celebrity supportive of GLBT Issues? What is the celebrity’s basic background? What are some fun facts about the celebrity? What do other fans think of the star? Gay Celebrity Gossip is not in the business of Outing people.
  3. 3. Gay Celebrity Gossip What types of celebrities are featured?  Movie Stars  Television Actors  Professional Athletes  Daytime TV Stars (Soaps)  Vocalists  News Personalities  Others Who May Have Some Fame
  4. 4. What appears on each celebrities page?  Name with photo(s)  Voting widget for sexual orientation  Birthday & Astrological Sign  Dating File []  Bio Snippet (IMDB, Wikipedia, etc)  Video (if available/appropriate)  GAY-TA File (see next page) Example Below : Is Josh Henderson Gay or Straight?
  5. 5. What is a Gay-Ta File? Gay-Ta File © The Gay-Ta File© is the collection of aggregated data on a featured celebrity using only information from the web that has been published in the public domain; generally from newspapers, magazines, reputable blogs and celebrity websites. We always include a published source with Gay-Ta File data for direct quotes, news stories and interviews See Next Slide for Example Listing Example Below  Is Chris Evans Gay or Straight?
  6. 6. Example Listing Click on My Name Below Photo Is Marco Dapper Gay or Straight?  Gay  Straight  Bisexual Marco Dapper Total Answers 0 Total Votes 0 Fan Poll Marco Dapper Gay-Ta File Marco Dapper Key Data Born July 9 1983 Place of Birth: Hayward California Sign: Cancer Celebrity Type: Actor Sexual Orientation: Identifies as Straight Relationship history: Who’s Dating Who Data File for Marco Dapper
  7. 7. Example listing con’t Gay Related Quotes: “Straight marriage ain’t doing so well! There is like an 80 percent divorce rate. So why not let the gay people be as miserable as the straight people? Seriously! Frontiers LA IMBD Bio Snippet for Marco Dapper “Marco Dapper arrived in Hollywood in 2003 and went right to work pursuing his passion of becoming a professional actor. Along the way, he landed several European modeling assignments and more recently, Marco wasted no time moving forward and in 2006, he landed his very first film role in the independent feature “Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds.” To his surprise, Marco developed a huge fan base from that experience, which is apparent as he travels the country promoting the recent release of the film on DVD (he appears in the cover art). He studied Martial Arts for over 10 years and has a black belt in Tae-KwonDo. His actor training includes Doug Warhit and Lesly Kahn” – IMBD GCG Thoughts Many gay men have fantasized about Marco Dapper. This super sexy, California Hunk is stands at 5’11, has greenish, bluish, hazel eyes, hot looking tattoos and is all muscle and stud. He is by all accounts gay friendly and very supportive of GLBT causes and civil rights. Here is a photo of him with arm/shoulder tattoo.
  8. 8. Example listing con’t What Fuels Marco Dapper Gay Rumors? Many of the rumors involving Dapper are fueled by roles he has played in over the years in movies. One major gay related movie and scene on this topic happened in Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds where Marco Dapper and Brett Chuckerman are involved in a steamy, hot scene that includes nipple licking/biting, kissing, heavy body worship and other oral activity. The scene is racy to say the least and for gay men, visually stimulating – and hot. There is also some frontal nudity of Dapper in the movie, which is often searched for by gay men and straight women on the Internet. We have included the video here for your review. Eating Out 2 is the sequel to Eating Out – a series of gay focused movies. We’ve put an Amazon link on the right side of page if you want to Eating Out 2 with Dapper and Chuckerman and stream to your computer or tablet. It’s worth checking out! It should be noted that extremely good looking guys like Marco Dapper are the subject of gay rumors, gossip and fantasies – similar to what we see with people like Mario Lopez. Marco Dapper has indicated that he is not gay. In a 2006 interview with Boy Culture, he indicated that he hopes audiences and the industry are open minded to his range of acting abilities. There is no doubt about it however, Marco Dapper is synonymous with eye candy of the most hypnotizing kind. Dapper is also well known for his work on the popular daytime television show, Young and the Restless playing the role of Carmine Basco. Dapper has also been seen in a number of television commercials for companies like United Airlines and United Airlines. This hot hunk who is the stuff of gay and straight fantasies was also a UPS Guy, according to his YR bio. The question of Marco Dapper’s sexual orientation is a fun and hot topic for many people. He gives audiences information in one way that suggests he may be gay and then suggests that he may not be gay. QUESSTION: Is Marco Dapper is Straight, Gay or Bisexual? [Blog postings below for fan interaction]
  9. 9. FAQs Q: Who operates the website? A: is a Mister Hollywood Production. Mister Hollywood is an entertainment and pop culture reporter. Facebook: Q: The articles are very detailed – do you do a lot of research on the celebrity? A: Each listing is done with great care. Our bloggers try not to cut corners and go for the “quick post”. Instead, we provide context so that readers can see a larger mosaic. This means taking hours to research websites and news sources on a given celebrity so that our readers do not have to [this is why our site exists]. We try to update listings with new information on a regular basis. Q: Are you trying to “Out” Celebrities? A: No and we do not support the outing of celebrities. Our site is designed to offer a central place of information on a listed celebrity’s possible sexual orientation. In many cases, fans do not know if the celebrity they are following is gay, straight or bisexual. GCG attempts to share available information from news sources, published interviews and other news outlets that may give insight into a celebrity’s sexual orientation. We also try to include information that demonstrates that a star is supportive of GLBT issues. It is important to note in many cases, our site helps to dispel rumors and fill vacuums with facts. Our site does offer the opportunity for readers to speculate on a listed celebrity’s sexual orientation through a voting widget and a discussion area. A vote of straight, gay or bisexual is an expression of a reader’s personal opinion only. The site itself is for entertainment purposes. Q: How is it decided if a Celebrity is Listed on Your Site? A: We try to list celebrities who are in the public spot light and are gaining popularity. Often, the celebrity may be a newer person to the public arena where not much is known. We also try to list celebrities where a vacuum of information may exist. We welcome celebrities to contact us for listing consideration. We reserve the right to list or delist a celebrity or not consider for inclusion. Q: Who is considered a Celebrity? A: Any person who is in the public arena – primarily actors, professional sports players, vocalists and news personalities. Q: Are You Connected to Social Media? A: Yes – you can find us at the following: Facebook [Mister Hollywood] Twitter [MisterHWood] Google Plus
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