Verb Phrases- Unit 3


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  • Remember this for today’s quiz.
  • A verb that expresses a state of being functions as a linking verb.
  • I suggest you write the helping verbs in your notebook, as you will see them on a quiz. Maybe today. Maybe when we get back from Thanksgiving break.
  • Sometimes a helping verb is hidden in a contraction.
  • Verb Phrases- Unit 3

    1. 1. Wednesday 11/21/20121. Review and Oral Quiz on Kinds of Verbs2. Verb Phrases- notes in notebook3. Classwork: p 164 #s 1-20
    2. 2. The verb tells what the subject of the sentenceis, has, does, or feels.
    3. 3. 1.) Physical Action refers to action that can be seen by others The little girl feeds the ducks.
    4. 4. 2.) Mental Action refers to action that cannot be seen by others.She likes the boy in her math class.
    5. 5. 3.) Being Verbs do not refer to any kind of action. They simply state what the subject is. Jamaican Grill is my favorite restaurant.
    6. 6. A linking verb connects thesubject with a noun or adjective in the predicate that describes the subject. Alexander is a turtle. Turtles are adorable!
    7. 7. Pop Quiz!1. What 4 things do verbs tell you?2. Write an example of physical action verb.3. Write an example of a mental action verb.4. Write an example of a being verb.
    8. 8. VerbPhras
    9. 9. A main verb expresses action or beingAction Verbs Being Verbs• Jump • Be• Run • Feel• Play • Appear• Throw • Become• Slide • Seem
    10. 10. A helping verb helps complete the meaning of the main verb • be, am, is, areWe should go on a field trip • was, were, beensoon. • have, has, had • do, does, did • can, could • shall, should • will, would • may, might
    11. 11. Do the mathOne (or more) helping verbs + a main verb= a verb phraseThe Hobbit will be showing on December14th, 2012.
    12. 12. Verb Phrases Helping Verb Main Verb• My family is celebrating• We should have Thanksgiving.• Next year, we will bought a bigger turkey. bring the biggest one.
    13. 13. Forms of be, have, and do • You can use forms of be, have, and do as both main verbs and helping verbs.Main: Kyler is a 7thgrader.Helping: Kyler isplaying soccer afterschool.
    14. 14. Hidden Helping Verbs–She’s running well today. (She’s = She is)–Soon she’ll be ready for the race. (she’ll = she will)
    15. 15. Sometimes, other words interrupt a verb phrase. These words are never part of the verb phrase.Do you see any sign?I can’t find the map.I cannot learn this route.I shall never learn it.
    16. 16. Let’s play…Name that verb phrase!
    17. 17. The dog is driving the car.
    18. 18. The man will play soccer.
    19. 19. The lawyer is leaving work.
    20. 20. I might go to Europe one day.
    21. 21. We will be having kadon pika for dinner.
    22. 22. I can’t possibly go to the party without a date.
    23. 23. Questio ns?
    24. 24. In your notebook:• A verb phrase is a group of words functioning as a single verb.• The main verb in a verb phrase expresses the action or state of being.• The other verbs are helping verbs.• Page 164 #s 1-20 Questions and Answers
    25. 25. Thanksgiving !