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Verb Phrases- Unit 3
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Verb Phrases- Unit 3






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  • Remember this for today’s quiz.
  • A verb that expresses a state of being functions as a linking verb.
  • I suggest you write the helping verbs in your notebook, as you will see them on a quiz. Maybe today. Maybe when we get back from Thanksgiving break.
  • Sometimes a helping verb is hidden in a contraction.

Verb Phrases- Unit 3 Verb Phrases- Unit 3 Presentation Transcript

  • Wednesday 11/21/20121. Review and Oral Quiz on Kinds of Verbs2. Verb Phrases- notes in notebook3. Classwork: p 164 #s 1-20
  • The verb tells what the subject of the sentenceis, has, does, or feels.
  • 1.) Physical Action refers to action that can be seen by others The little girl feeds the ducks.
  • 2.) Mental Action refers to action that cannot be seen by others.She likes the boy in her math class.
  • 3.) Being Verbs do not refer to any kind of action. They simply state what the subject is. Jamaican Grill is my favorite restaurant.
  • A linking verb connects thesubject with a noun or adjective in the predicate that describes the subject. Alexander is a turtle. Turtles are adorable!
  • Pop Quiz!1. What 4 things do verbs tell you?2. Write an example of physical action verb.3. Write an example of a mental action verb.4. Write an example of a being verb.
  • VerbPhras
  • A main verb expresses action or beingAction Verbs Being Verbs• Jump • Be• Run • Feel• Play • Appear• Throw • Become• Slide • Seem
  • A helping verb helps complete the meaning of the main verb • be, am, is, areWe should go on a field trip • was, were, beensoon. • have, has, had • do, does, did • can, could • shall, should • will, would • may, might
  • Do the mathOne (or more) helping verbs + a main verb= a verb phraseThe Hobbit will be showing on December14th, 2012.
  • Verb Phrases Helping Verb Main Verb• My family is celebrating• We should have Thanksgiving.• Next year, we will bought a bigger turkey. bring the biggest one.
  • Forms of be, have, and do • You can use forms of be, have, and do as both main verbs and helping verbs.Main: Kyler is a 7thgrader.Helping: Kyler isplaying soccer afterschool.
  • Hidden Helping Verbs–She’s running well today. (She’s = She is)–Soon she’ll be ready for the race. (she’ll = she will)
  • Sometimes, other words interrupt a verb phrase. These words are never part of the verb phrase.Do you see any sign?I can’t find the map.I cannot learn this route.I shall never learn it.
  • Let’s play…Name that verb phrase!
  • The dog is driving the car.
  • The man will play soccer.
  • The lawyer is leaving work.
  • I might go to Europe one day.
  • We will be having kadon pika for dinner.
  • I can’t possibly go to the party without a date.
  • Questio ns?
  • In your notebook:• A verb phrase is a group of words functioning as a single verb.• The main verb in a verb phrase expresses the action or state of being.• The other verbs are helping verbs.• Page 164 #s 1-20 Questions and Answers
  • Thanksgiving !