Simple and Compound Subjects and Predicates- Unit 1


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Unit 1

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  • Simple subject is usually a noun or a pronoun
  • It is always a verb. Sometimes another word in the sentence comes between the parts of the verb, but that word is not part of the simple predicate.
  • Simple subjects are usually joined by the conjunction (and, or)
  • And/ but/or combine simple predicates
  • Simple and Compound Subjects and Predicates- Unit 1

    1. 1. Tuesday 9/25/20121. Simple Subjects & Predicates2. Compound Subjects & Predicates3. Classwork: page 65 #s 1-16 Questions and Answers
    2. 2. Do you remember?Sabrina, Mercy and Michael missed the bus this morning.
    3. 3. The most important word (or words) in the subject is called the simple subject. The women of the village weave colorful bags.Mrs. Anub shows us pictures of the women at work. All of the villagers are proud of their creations.
    4. 4. Sometimes… complete subject= simple subject They use leave from palm trees.People learned to weave with grasses and leaves thousands of years ago.Weaving is a major industry in many countries.
    5. 5. The key word (or words) in thecomplete predicate is the simple predicate. Each one of the bags is different.The villagers do not use a frame or a loom. The bags will be sold in the market.
    6. 6. Sometimes…complete predicate= simple predicate The village children help.Visitors from other countries watch.After a busy day, the villagers sleep.
    7. 7. Compound Subjects & PredicatesSentences that repeat words can sound awkwardand repetitious. Making your writing smoother by combining simple sentences.
    8. 8. Join sentences that have differentsubjects but the same predicate to form a compound subject. Cotton is used to make quilts Linen is used to make quilts. Cotton and linen are used to make quilts.
    9. 9. Combine simple predicates to form compound predicates. The store owner sells quilts. The store owner teaches quilting. The store owner repairs sewing machines. The store owner sells quilts, teaches quilting, and repairs sewing machines.
    10. 10. Let’s Practice!
    11. 11. Cullen and Thano burped really loudly in class.
    12. 12. Ms. Borja enjoys scolding Thazar on a daily basis.
    13. 13. Salafan farted on his way out of the restroom.
    14. 14. Mhonalie loves Glee.
    15. 15. Jake won’t tell us why he wanted his hair red. Will tell
    16. 16. Ferdie and Odessa are awesomebecause they always do their work.
    17. 17. Theodore likes to say, “Oh snap!” in class.
    18. 18. In your notes…• The most important word in the complete subject is the simple subject• The verb in the complete predicate is the simple predicate• Join sentences that have different subjects but the same predicate to form a compound subject• Join sentences that have different predicates but the same subject to form a compound predicate• Page 65 (1-16) Questions and Answers =)