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Ten reasons why_travel
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Ten reasons why_travel


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advertising,outdoor advertising

advertising,outdoor advertising

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  • 1. 10+ reasons why Travelbrands should use Outdoor
  • 2. Outdoor brings travel to life in vibrant colour
    A colourful medium for a colourful product
  • 3. Outdoor can demonstrate the travel experience with impact and scale
    Outdoor can bring the travel experience to life like no other medium
  • 4. Unparalleled ability to target
    • Outdoor can target all audiences, from business to leisure travellers
    • 5. Outdoor offers a selection of relevant environments, from airports to stations, car parks to underground
  • Outdoor reaches people in the right mindset
    The audience is already on the move when they see the travel advertising
    They are in a travel mindset, mobile, already disposed to the idea
  • 6. Outdoor Audience growing long-term
    % Population OOH
    Time of day
    Source: IPA TouchPoints Hub Survey 2008
  • 7. A constant stimulus
    The diversity of media on offer keeps the opportunities front of mind
  • 8. High impact makes outdoor the most visual branding medium
    Outdoor can’t be missed, switched off, turned over or zapped
    It’s the best medium for planting a visual brand memory
  • 9. Outdoor lets advertisers keep their latest offers in view
    With travel bookings being a 12 month market, advertisers need to keep their travel offers in view on a continuous basis
  • 10. Outdoor is a truly broadcast medium
    Everyone sees Outdoor, together. It’s a public medium
    That means everyone gets involved in the “where and when” decision
  • 11. Leading travel advertisers trust outdoor
    Top spending 50 travel advertisers in outdoor 2010
    (ave. spend £595K)
    British Airways, easyJet, Emirates Airline, bmibaby, Monarch Airlines, Egyptian State Tourist Office, Heathrow Express, National Express, Cathay Pacific, Virgin Trains, British Airports Authority, Transport for London, Singapore Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Turkish Airlines, Moroccan National Tourist Office, Air New Zealand, Expedia, Thomas Cook Group, East Midlands Trains, Skyteam, AerLingus, Virgin Holidays, P&O Ferries, Istanbul Tourism, Etihad Airways, Gatwick Express, Lufthansa, Air France, East Coast Mainline, Gulf Air, Portuguese Trade and Tourism, Disneyland Resort Paris, Jet2Com, Manchester Airport, Oman Air, Flybe, Tourism New Zealand, Continental Airlines, Tunisian National Tourist Office, Eurostar, Brittany Ferries, Israel Government Tourist Office, American Airlines, Australian Tourist Commission,, Austrian National Tourist Office, Icelandair, Qatar Airways
  • 12. £5.01
    Outdoor offers best return on investment (ROI analysis of travel campaigns)
    Source: BrandScience (Travel)
  • 13. Outdoor drives web search for travel brands, more than TV, press and radio
    Increase in travel brand online search volume caused by £1m advertising.
    Note: press and radio were found to have negligible effect. See Admap article 2011
    • Mindshare research shows that Outdoor drives web search volume for the advertised brand
    • 14. Outdoor generates more search than TV, press and radio
    Source: Mindshare “The Branding Power of Outdoor”
  • 15. Heavy Outdoor audience represents more air travellers
    Adult 000’s
    Source: CBS Outdoor, TGI Media Neutral quintiles 2010
    “Heavy” quintile is the 20% of the media audience who consume that medium most, ie the most typical consumer of that medium
  • 16. Word of mouth: Outdoor delivers more people influencing travel choices
    Adult 000’s
    Source: CBS Outdoor, TGI Media Neutral quintiles 2010
    “Heavy” quintile is the 20% of the media audience who consume that medium most, ie the most typical consumer of that medium