Introducing Albion


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Albion is the name of a new proposed garden city in the Black Country in the West Midlands. It has been designed by a consortium of experts led by MADE, the centre for Placemaking, for entry to the Wolfson Economics Prize

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Introducing Albion

  1. 1. Who is this man? clue: you may be wearing his underpants
  2. 2. Simon Wolfson Conservative Life Peer Chief Executive of Next
  3. 3. He is giving away £250,000
  4. 4. Yes £250,000!
  5. 5. we would like £250,000
  6. 6. to get the money we need to provide the best answer to this question... “How would you deliver a new Garden City which is visionary, economically viable and popular?”
  7. 7. Garden cities are in the news
  8. 8. for the politicians garden cities mean... new towns in the countryside
  9. 9. We decided to enter £250,000! but our garden city will be...
  10. 10. introducing... ALBION NOT THAT ONE
  11. 11. introducing... ALBION the garden city in the Black Country
  12. 12. This is the BEST place for a new garden city ...because of...
  13. 13. existing infrastructure
  14. 14. proximity to all types of jobs
  15. 15. existing public services
  16. 16. character
  17. 17. edge
  18. 18. no NIMBY objectors
  19. 19. a foundation of co-operation
  20. 20. From day 1 Albion has...
  21. 21. Art Greening Growing Pop-ups Street food
  22. 22. it grows into a new place with...
  23. 23. distinctive architecture
  24. 24. the best in landscape and urban design
  25. 25. smart use of technology
  26. 26. growing everywhere
  27. 27. led by its citizens and businesses
  28. 28. with space to start-up, self-build, invest, create
  29. 29. made easy by a design code and special planning zone which help create...
  30. 30. the Albion premium the additional return on investment from a development which has the quality and vision to create a strong market, and benefits from existing infrastructure and easy planning
  31. 31. (P-B)n-R > (P-A)n-I Black Country Garden City less remediation costs less infrastructure costs ALBION value VALUE added ADDED current black country values peak regional values peak regional values Conventional garden city value added agricultural land values Rural Garden City
  32. 32. and it grows...
  33. 33. the whole Black Country as garden city subsequent phases ALBION Phase 1
  34. 34. find out more at if you want to help contact