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Backwards and Forwards Birmingham Public Art, Beyond Public Art, Stuart Mugridge and Robert Colbourne


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Presentation on public art in Birmingham from the Beyond Public Art event at MADE on 24/3/15. Presentation by Stuart Mugridge and Robert Colbourne, Artists.

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Backwards and Forwards Birmingham Public Art, Beyond Public Art, Stuart Mugridge and Robert Colbourne

  1. 1. Xshould never mark the spot
  2. 2. X Art “celebrated by Birmingham residents” The new sculpture, which stands outside the Library of Birmingham and was commissioned by the city’s Ikon gallery, was made in China and financed by a mixture of public money and private donations. [Daily Mail] In a percent for art policy 1% of £10, 000000. One artist, made in China. A on-off event or art-investigation.
  3. 3. &/or 'An art of' turning art spectators into “cultural citizens” [Jonathan Vickery] Strange Cargo laid turf in Canterbury’s new shopping centre for the Tour de France event, the response was overwhelmingly positive. This (extra)ordinary patch of grass took on the relaxed atmosphere of a festival or a family gathering with people embracing the similarities between strangers, rather than the differences. Strange Cargo “an organisation with a long-term political commitment to an urban locale.” [J.Vickery]
  4. 4. X Art “reflective of Birmingham's identity”
  5. 5. “the opportunity for informal contact between artists, architects and landscape architects as well as interdisciplinary projects at degree, postgraduate and professonal levels” [Context and Collaboration Symposium, Birmingham, 1990] Not simply reflective of - but within the city's DNA &/or
  6. 6. X Art “ intended to sit 'alongside' other key strategic documents” Birmingham Development Plan, Big City Plan Lighting Spaces Supplementary Planning Document Strategies such as Transforming Place Birmingham’s Neighbourhood Strategy.......... + public art National Planning Policy Framework (Department for Communities and Local Government, 2012) and Planning Practice Guidance. “Permanent or temporary physical works of art visible to the general Public whether part of a building or free-standing. For example, sculpture, lighting effects, street furniture, paving, railings and signs.”
  7. 7. Of Soil and Water: King’s Cross Pond Club ...architects Ooze (Eva Pfannes and Sylvain Hartenberg) and artist Marjetica Potrč Something “ambitious, surpasses requirements and embedded into planning policy” [table spokesperson at Stakeholder consultation] The possibilities of 'Cultural well-being' [NPPF] as part of sustainable development ….as the result of embedded artist activity or even artist led activity.... &/or
  8. 8. X “To HAVE world class public art” $23 million. No public funds were involved; all funding came from donations from individuals and corporations. Professional photographer need permits. Public space + Cloud Gate once closed for corporate function.
  9. 9. “An art of making places public” [Jack Mackie] Whitehead’s cutting-edge work integrates art and sustainability, as she traverses disciplines to engage with engineers, scientists, landscape architects, urban designers, and city officials in order to hybridize art, design, science, and civic engagement, for the public good. &/or
  10. 10. “An art of making places public” [Jack Mackie] &/or
  11. 11. “An art of making places public” [Jack Mackie]&/or
  12. 12. “An art of making places public” [Jack Mackie] Is more about possibility and Cultural Democracy (participation, access, diversity..) Than definition: or a Democratization of culture (top-down, elitist, mainstream..) &/or