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Ni and product_information_english

  1. 1. Nutritional Immunologyand Product Information E. Excel International
  2. 2. 1 Contents1. Introduction …………………….…………. 2 1.1 Nutritional Immunology …………………….………… 2 1.2 The Immune System ……………………………………… 3 1.3 The Power of Plants ……………………………………… 5 1.4 Next Step to Better Health ……………………………….. 5 1.5 Dr. Jau-Fei Chen -- Pioneer of Nutritional Immunology …… 6 1.6 E.Excel International ………………………………………. 72. Product Information ………………………9 2.1 One of a Kind Standardization ………………………………. 9 2.1 E.Excel Products ..………………………………………….….11 2.2 E.Excel Product Consumption’s Recommendations …….….. 21 2.3 Healing Reaction ……………………………………………. 24 2.4 How to Take the E. Excel Products ……………………….…. 25Appendix 1 ………………………….……………..…………. 26 Awards and International RecognitionAppendix 2 ………………………………………..………….. 28 Miraculous of CactusAppendix 3 ………………………………………..………….. 32 The Benefits of Ginseng BerryAppendix 4 ………………………………………..………….. 34 What Makes ABM Mushroom Unique 1
  3. 3. 2 1. Introduction1.1 Nutritional ImmunologyThe human body is constantly at war. Every day the immune system defends againstinnumerable threats to our health. But the ability to ultimately win the war against illnessand disease is in our control. We have the best defence known to man – the humanimmune system.Nutritional Immunology® is the study of how nutrition supports and enhances theimmune system and its related functions. It focuses on the delicate balance betweennutrition and our ability to maintain optimal health. When we eat properly, get sufficientrest, and exercise regularly our immune systems can function at peak efficiency.However, when we deprive our bodies of proper nutrients, our immune system isweakened, making us susceptible to poor health.E. Excel International has taken the guesswork out of your diet. Their qualified team ofscientists, led by Dr. Jau-Fei Chen, has carefully researched each ingredient and productformulation, so you never have to wonder if you are getting the nutrition you need. Theyuse whole food ingredients, sourced from all over the world and harvested at theappropriate time for maximum nutrition. These ingredients are then tested to ensure thateach meets our stringent standards of quality and contains the highest nutritive value.And their products are designed for lifestyles on the go – conveniently pre-packaged andcontaining the right combination of herbs to suit individuals at every stage of life. 2
  4. 4. 31.2 The Immune SystemThe immune system encompasses almost every system of the body. Tonsils, lymph nodes,spleen, bone marrow, intestine wall and thymus are the organs that control and produce ourimmune response. The immune system is a complex network that regulates our physical andmental well-being.Step One: Defend B Cell AntibodiesWhen an invader attempts to enter the body, it must first cross multiple barriers suchas our mucus membranes and skin. If the invader enters the body, white blood cellsquickly recognize the pathogen as an invader and begin to coordinate the defencesystem. Soon, other defender cells, such as killer cells, macrophages and phagocytescome to help destroy the invader. White blood cells begin to produce an antibody todefend against any future attacks. The body produces more than one billion differentantibodies to combat many types of invaders.Step Two: AttackNatural killer cells destroy cells that have been taken over by enemy antigens. They are thebody’s strongest defense against cancers and tumors. When cancer takes over healthy cells,for example, it is the natural killer cells’ responsibility to attack them and destroy theoccupied cells. The Natural killer cells are highly toxic to enemy antigens. Even slightcontact causes an antigen to begin breaking apart. 3
  5. 5. 4Step Three: Cleanse Mouth Tentacles A macrophage with tentacles pulling bacteria, opening up a “mouth” and enclosing the bacteria. Fiber Macrophage engulfs a dead body cell Macrophage engulfs a dead red blood cell Macrophage engulfs a fiberMacrophages, the “garbage men” of the body, ingest any foreign particles, including deadvirus and bacteria, dead cancer cells, dead blood cells, and dead body cells.So you see these garbage men are essential for keeping our bodies clear of all kinds ofstuff.Step Four: Repair Immune cells repair broken arteriesDamaged areas are repaired and the normal, healthy condition of the body is restored.Mast cells release histamine and heparin which stimulate other cells to open the bloodvessels, thereby increasing circulation and allowing the process of cell and tissueregeneration. 4
  6. 6. 51.3 The Power of PlantsNutrition is the key to better health. The United States Department of Health has statedthat the poor diet is second only to tobacco as the leading cause of death in the U.S.Without nutritious whole foods, the four-step defence process cannot function properly.While our bodies require nutrition from a wide variety of food groups, studies haveshown that plant foods – fruits, vegetables, and herbs – nourish the body in ways thatother foods cannot. The healing power of plant foods comes from vital nutrients calledphytochemicals, antioxidants and polysaccharides. These nutrients offer enormouspromise in the fight to maintain optimal health.1.4 Your Next Step to Better HealthNow that you know that proper nutrition is the key to an efficient immune system, I urgeyou to take charge of your health! Begin now to get sufficient rest, regular exercise, andto include these nutritious plant foods in your diet so that your body can better fightagainst those invaders that compromise your health. E. Excel International can providethe vital nutrients you need to start on the path toward better health. I invite you toexperience the natural goodness of E. Excel products for yourself and see what propernutrition can do for you. 5
  7. 7. 61.5 Dr. Jau-Fei Chen -- Pioneer of Nutritional Immunology With over 20 years of medical research behind her, Dr. Jau-Fei Chen has dedicated her life to the study of the immune system and its relationship to a healthy diet. Early in her career, she realized that the most effective way to battle illness is to focus on prevention through proper nutrition. , which is now in its third edition, is currently being sold across the United States. Her book “Plant Foods and Nutritional Immunology: A Scientific Approach” won the first award in the Third of Conference of World Traditional Medicine in 1996. Dr. Chen has received numerous awards and international recognition for her contributions to both the scientific community and the business world. In 1992, The Academia Mexicana Traditional, the third largest such academy in the world, awarded Dr. Chen with the Martin De La Cruz Award for her meritorious service in the area of traditional / alternative medicine. DR. Chen was named the 1996 Woman of the Year for her meritorious contribution to the scientific and medical communities through her study of Nutritional Immunology. Dr Chen was presented with awards by government officials such as California Governor Pate Wilson, Senator Milton Marks, the mayor of San Francisco. Senator Marks even proclaimed March 8 as “Jau-Fei Chen Day” for the state of California from 1996 on. In 1997, Dr. Chen received on of her greatest awards when she was named one of Ten Outstanding Young Americans based on her scientific and technological contribution. Dr Chen’s two books -- Dr. Chen was invited to meet Chinese Government Honors Dr. Nutritional Immunology the US President Bill Clinton Chen With Commemorative Stamp 6
  8. 8. 71.6 E. Excel International SingaporeDr. Chen knew that there are many plant foods, such as cactus, mushrooms, grape seeds,ginseng berries, and soy that contain valuable nutrients, but are not available to most of theworld. In 1987, Dr. Chen founded E. Excel International with a desire to provide mankindwith better health through improved nutrition.The founding of E. Excel International in 1987 was a major stepping-stone for Dr. Chen. Itprovided the perfect tool for the advancement of nutritional immunology and the research ofeffective plant foods. It created a way for Dr. Chen to share the results of her studies andincrease the general publics knowledge about nutritional immunology. Most importantly,perhaps, it facilitated the formulation of the finest whole-food products on the market today.E.Excel International has now developed a worldwide presence and gained global respect.Their facilities and offices can be found all over the world. As Dr. Chen reaches out to thepeople, the knowledge of nutritional immunology is spreading at an increasingly rapid rate.The whole-food formulations are the best available and E. Excel continues to createexceptional products for the improvement of nutrition and health.In todays world health community, E. Excel International serves as the leader in the field ofNutritional Immunology, a science that focuses on the delicate balance between nutritionand the ability to maintain optimal health. E. Excel is dedicated to improving quality of lifethrough wholesome, nutritious products based on this remarkable science.E. Excels manufacturing process is overseen by a management team with years of 7
  9. 9. 8experience in manufacturing according to strict pharmaceutical standards. An independentteam of qualified control specialists verifies that each product meets their high level ofquality. Nutritional Immunology is the foundation for each of their product formulations.In the laboratory, E. Excel technicians first priority is to test every batch of product,ensuring it meets the companys strict standards of quality. Several tests are also performedto guarantee that every product is free of impurities. It is not until these tests are completethat the laboratory technicians give their stamp of approval. E. Excel takes great care toprovide their world. 8
  10. 10. 92. Product Information2.1 One of a Kind Standardization Nutritional standardization used in manufacture of E. Excel products is based on Nutritional Immunology philosophy. 1.Growth Environment Healthy plants have to be grown in rich soil, with no pesticides or chemical fertilizers. 2.Right Harvest Time Harvesting affects nutrient quality, thus, plants should ideally be harvested when nutrients are most plentiful. Fruits like bananas are most nutritious when they ripen on trees as compared to picking them when they are green. Rice and barley as well as mushrooms contain the most nutrients when they are tender. In contrast, ginseng must be grown for at least six years before its root has any nutritional value. Harvest in the best time to make sure that the plants contain enough nutrients. 3. Accurate Plant Selection Although plants are natural, not all of then are safe or healthy enough to be consumed as a plant food. For example, tobacco leaves. Plants are in two varieties: • plant foods or food herbs that do not give harmful side effects. • medicinal plants or herbs, which can bring harm when formulated or used incorrectly. Plant species selected by E.Excel ensure that we we use the best plant foods and best part of the plants which provide the highest in nutrients for immune system, extending cells’ longevity, and increasing cell damage repair. The Comet Assay technology is used to determine the DNA repair capacity of our ingredients, and will identify any ingredients found to inhibit or damage DNA repair. A cell showing extensive DNA damage, resulting in the appearance of a comet 4. Precise Formula 9
  11. 11. 10E.Excel products are based on ancient, traditional wisdom validated by modernScience, and years of research. Quantum physics technology is used to make sureto have highest bio-energy level for each formula.5. Fast Processing & Strong ConcentrationProcessing and concentration keep all nutrientsin the plant by using a freeze-dry, flow dry, andfiltration technique.Freeze-drying is used as an effective method forpreserving plant foods that should not cannot be exposedto heat. The advantages of freeze-drying arehighlighted as the followings:follows: Freeze-drying • Nutritional content is preserved. • Original flavor, shape, color, and texture. • Quick and complete reconstitution. • Long shelf life with storage at ambient temperatures without using preservative. • Concentration of nutrients.Flow drying is ideal for ingredients, such as soy,where a small amount of heat is necessary forprocessing.Filtration is used to concentrate essential nutrientsand eliminate unwanted contaminants. E.Excelemploys multi-filtration method for its high qualityproducts, such as is used in the processing of a cactus product Millennium.By Mmulti-filtration, E.Excel removes all contaminants,viruses or bacteria, with diameter raging from 100microns to 0.1 micron,which include viruses and bacteria, in the meantime, andstill retainsMillennium’s pure and effective nutrients. 10
  12. 12. 11 2.2 E. Excel Products Body Cleansing Beverages Triflora Triflora promotes balance among the body’s natural cleansing (42 pks, 65g) processes. This beverage comes in the form of tea, and can be (1.54 g/pk) enjoyed any time of the day. Many health problems can be General Cleansing traced to toxicity within the body. We are constantly being Herbal Drink in Tea Bag bombarded with potential toxins: artificial colors andPossible Benefits preservatives and even chemicals in the water we drink and• Improved cleansing of toxins the air that we breathe. Triflora is formulated to cleanse the• More energy body by eliminating wastes and other pollutants. (Steep in• Improved fat digestion warm or cold water. Do not boil or microwave.)• Reduced cholesterol levels• Better blood pressure regulation Ingredients: Triflora Tea [Sweet Tea Vine (Gynostemma Pentaphyllum), Jasmine Flower, Chrysanthemum Flower]• General nutrition for all body systems Li-Dan Li-Dan provides superior nutrition specifically designed to (30 Pks, 450 g) address the liver, gallbladder, and other components of the (15 g/pk) digestive system. These organs are very important for proper digestion and the cleansing of toxins from the body. When the Nourish Liver liver and gallbladder are not functioning properly,Powdered Drink Mix complications can occur, such as gallstones and diarrhea.Possible Benefits When functioning properly the body is able to improve fat• Stronger liver function (detoxification) metabolism, strengthen liver function (detoxification), balance• Improved fat metabolism the gallbladder, and provide relief from digestive problems• Better appetite and insomnia. It can be used daily as a body cleanser.• Better nutrient extraction• Relief from digestive problems Ingredients: Dried plum, Orange peels, Barley sprouts,• More tolerance for unusual foods Crystalline Fructose, Vanilla powder, Mulberry leaf,• Improved sleep; relief from insomnia, less Chrysanthemum flower. nervousness• Relief from rapid, feeble heart condition Refresh Refresh contains nutrients to complement the natural function (60 pks, 120 g) of the urinary system, which includes the kidneys, bladder and (2 g/pk) the urine-transporting ducts and promotes good eyesight (poor eyesight sometimes results from poor liver or kidney Nourish Kidney function). It feeds the circulatory, gastrointestinal andPowdered Drink Mix respiratory systems and enhances the immune system. Refresh contains tumor inhibiting properties and reduces the symptomsPossible Benefits of cardiovascular blockage. It is very nutritious with high• Improve urinary system health protein content. It contains a wide spectrum of minerals and• Enhance kidney function vitamins B1, B2, and C. Refresh contains anti-inflammatory• Cleanse reproductive system of both men and properties and promotes visual acuity and health. women, and help to prevent any problems occurring Ingredients: Barley powder, Natural lemon flavor,• Regulate blood sugar level and blood pressure Asparagus, Shiitake mushroom, Ganoderma mushroom,. Cassia bark, Morinda citrifolia fruit, Maltodextrin. 11
  13. 13. 12 Herba Herba is an all natural beverage designed to address the (30 pks, 450 g) circulatory system, including the heart and an extensive (15 g/pk) network of blood vessels. Heart disease does not develop overnight, but is an accumulation of years of unhealthy eating. Herba helps to nourish, balance and cleanse the circulatory Cleansing Circulatory System system. It may help to regulate cholesterol, normalize blood pressure and strengthen the heart. Other systems nourished byPowdered Drink Mix Herba include the cardiovascular, lymphatic and gastrointestinal.Possible Benefits• Improve blood pressure Ingredients: Dried plum, Orange peel, Barley Sprouts,• Strengthen heart muscle and capillaries Winter melon, Crystalline fructose, Vanilla powder, Pearl• Reduce risk of arteriosclerosis millet.• Balance cholesterol and circulation• Balance nervous system EverNew EverNew provides a convenient, great-tasting source of both (30pks,15g/pk) soluble and insoluble fiber, and is a natural way to promote efficient digestion. Just one serving of EverNew has the same Cleansing Digestive System amount of fiber as six oranges, seven carrots, eight tomatoes, or nine peaches! These fibers help the digestive tract with the potential to reduce blood cholesterol levels. It may help to control the rise in blood sugar after meals and, because of itsFiber Drink rich content of fiber, may also help weight loss in a natural way.Possible Benefits• Relief from constipation and other digestive Ingredients: EverNew Fiber Blend (Psyllium husk powder, system problems such as gastrointestinal Natural banana powder, Pure vanilla powder, Apple fiber, disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, bowel Barley grass juice powder, Blueberry powder, Cherry powder, irregularity, diarrhea, gaseous distention, Grape juice powder, Oat fiber, Pear fiber, Rye flour, Wheat abdominal pain bran), Fructose.• Lowering of blood cholesterol levels• Shed pounds / Stay trim 12
  14. 14. 13 Body Nourishing Beverages Nutrifresh According to nutritional experts, we should be eating up to (30 pks, 15g/pk) 15 different fruits and vegetables every day to provide the body with a balanced assortment of nutrients. While Nourish Every System achieving this sort of variety may be difficult, Nutrifresh makes it easy. Nutrifresh is a low-calorie source of different Nutritious Drink fruits and vegetables. It is a fast, convenient beverage. Nutrifresh is a healthy replacement for milk and otherPossible Benefits traditional beverages. It has no additives or preservatives.• Provide balanced nutrition on a daily basis Nutrifresh is just fruits and vegetables. (Available in• Strengthen the body against common and Strawberry, Peach, Mixed Fruit, Original and Chocolate degenerative diseases flavors)• Stay trim/Shed pounds Ingredients: Soybean, Grape juice, Pear juice, Pears,• Low Calorie Cactus, Pineapple, Grapes, Cantaloupe, Carrot, Asparagus,• Source of protein, vitamins, enzymes & minerals Banana, Barley, Citrus peel, Grapefruit, Honeydew, for all ages Mushroom, Broccoli, Cabbage, Peas, Kelp, Spinach, Strawberry, and Tomato. Enjoi can be used any time of the day, supplying the body Enjoi with energy and balance. This nutritious drink is a good (30 pks, 15 g/pk) alternative from the soy based drinks. It is lotus based and its ingredients have been shown to contain tumor-inhibiting Nourish Every System properties. Enjoi is beneficial to the digestive, circulatory, nervous and immune systems. It has a wide spectrum of Nutritional Drink (without soy) vitamins and minerals. It is high in Vitamins B & E,Possible Benefits calcium, carbohydrates and protein. It contains anti-• Nourish skin inflammatory properties, promotes strength and maintains• Regulate appetite and cravings for unwholesome skin health. It is good nourishment for the overall body. foods• Increase strength Ingredients: Rice, Apple flakes, Vanilla, Blueberry,• Recuperate faster after exercise Strawberry, Pineapple, Lemon, Barley, Lotus leaf,• Preserve youth and longevity Ganoderma, Pearl, Fructose, Maltodextrin.• Rich in iron Nutriall This soy beverage is formulated to provide a form of plant- (30 pks, 15 g/pk) based protein which the body can easily assimilate. Nutriall also offers a natural, healthy source of nutrients for the Nourish Every System body. This formula is known to be a complete nutrient drink. The yield of protein from soybeans, weight for weight, is twice that of meat, four times that of eggs, wheat and other cereals, five times that of bread and twelve timesHerbal Drink that of milk. Researchers have isolated a few elements inNutritious Drink soy which exhibit anti-cancer properties. Soy providesPossible Benefits essential minerals and vitamins from plant foods and has• Enhance immune function phytochemicals that are very beneficial to the immune• High protein drink system.• Recuperate faster after exercise Ingredients:• Regulate appetite and cravings for unwholesome Nutriall I: Soybean, Carrot, Ji-Lin Ginseng, Licorice Root, foods and Tangerine Peel.• Improve cholesterol levels Nutriall Berry: Rice powder, Soy flour, Soy extract, Pure• Increase muscle strength and endurance vanilla powder, Strawberry powder, Natural strawberry• More alertness and emotional stability flavor, Natural lemon flavor, Oriental lotus flower, Fructose. 13
  15. 15. 14 Body Balancing Herbal Concentrates ACT ACT balances the immune system which is responsible for (100* 320 mg Capsules) cleansing and filtering the blood of harmful microbes or foreign particles. It helps the body resist ailments such as Immune System allergies, sinus problems, and even potentially fatal autoimmune diseases. Modern immunologists believe thatPossible Benefits• Strengthen Immune system the best medicine is the body’s own defense system. It is• Reduce inflammation essential to have a strong immune system to protect the• Regulate cholesterol body’s healthy cells by detecting, identifying and destroying• Strengthen heart muscle these potential enemies before problems develop.• Reduce allergy symptoms• Help to fight cold and fever Ingredients: Barley leaf, Luffa fruit, Ganoderma• Reduce risks from viral infections mushroom, (fruiting body).• Rich in vitamins A, B, & C ART ART nourishes the musculoskeletal system which is (100* 500 mg Capsules) comprised of the bones, joints, and connective tissues. Proper diet is critical for the development of strong bones Musculoskeletal System and muscles. ART provides special nutrients to this system to help ease movement and relieve inflammation of tendons. It also strengthens the joints and connective tissues. Possible Benefits Ingredients: Peach seed, Safflower, Chinese lovage root,• Strengthen joints and muscles Licorice root, Chinese date, Dong quay, Ginseng.• Reduce swelling in joints• Shorten the recovery from injuries• Reduce aches and pains• Relief from arthritis symptoms• Help regeneration of joints, bones and muscles Circle Heart and other circulatory system problems are very (100* 500 mg Capsules) common in North America. Such disorders have been related to heredity, diet, stress and lifestyle. Immunologists Circulatory System believe that if the circulatory system can be cleaned out, both cholesterol and blood pressure levels will be normal automatically. The nutrition in Circle nourishes, balances and cleanses the body’s cardiovascular system.Possible Benefits• Improved circulation/ stronger capillaries Ingredients: Cassia tora L (seed), Chrysanthemum flower,• Stronger heart muscle Tangerine Peel, Peach seed, Chinese date, Ginger.• Reduced risk of arteriosclerosis• Lower blood cholesterol levels• Better regulation of blood pressure• More restful sleep• Rich in vitamins A, B, C, protein and amino acids 14
  16. 16. 15 Concenergy Concenergy provides high nutrients to the endocrine system (100* 500 mg Capsules) to help the body maintain optimum vitality. Chronic “fatigue” and a general lack of energy are a common Endocrine System weakness of the endocrine system which is in charge of secreting balanced hormones. The formula in Concenergy is used to maintain hormone balance, enhance endurance and energy in the body, and help to overcome stress, fatigue andPossible Benefits weakness.• Increase energy, stamina and “zest for life”• Improve focusing Ingredients: Bee pollen, Ginseng root, Licorice root,• Enhance virility Tangerine peel.• Feeling of well-being• Improve stress tolerance• Rich in vitamins A, C, D, E, B - complex. Noco Noco provides special nutrients to the respiratory system (100* 500 mg Capsules) which is the body’s primary defense against pollutants and airborne pathogens. The respiratory system is also a large Respiratory System cleansing organ. Restoring its full function will assist the body to clean the waste which will help to improve the interior health of the body. This, in turn, can help the skin to overcome diseases. Noco may be used to enhance thePossible Benefits body’s immune system by nutritionally supporting the• Strengthen the respiratory system and balance the lymphatic system (lymph glands produce lymphocytes immune system which recognize foreign cells, infectious agents and other• Help recovery and weaken infection, fever and foreign substances). allergy symptoms• Help to overcome colds, fevers and flu attacks Ingredients: Chinese lovage, Spearmint, Fang-feng leaf,• Improve skin health Jing-jie (schizonepeta), Ginger, Peppermint, Licorice root. D.I. Each day more than seven liters of digestive juices flow into (100* 500 mg Capsules) the gastrointestinal tract from our mouth, stomach, small intestine, liver and pancreas. In a healthy body, all of these Digestive System organs work together so that each organ secretes the right amount of chemical at just the right time. The herbs in the D.I. formula are widely used to strengthen, balance and nourish the digestive system. If our digestive tract is notPossible Benefits working properly, we will be unable to fully assimilate the• More balanced digestive system important and essential nutrients contained in foods.• Relief from indigestion Ingredients: Tangerine peel, Chinese date, Licorice root,• Relief from diarrhea or constipation Perilla, Ginger root.• Soothes irritated stomach lining• Fewer digestive problems• Better nutrient extraction• Relief from stomach pain and discomfort• Rich in vitamins A, B12, C, and E 15
  17. 17. 16 Dong-Quai Dong-Quai has been used throughout (100* 500 mg Capsules) history to nourish and balance the female reproductive system. Dong-Quai is known as the menstrual Female Reproductive System regulator. It also balances the body’s production of hormones. In addition, it was reported to strengthen the brain and the nervous system and help with the manyPossible Benefits problems associated with menopause (hot flashes,• Improve menstrual cycle sweating, fatigue, nervousness, depression, insomnia,• Increase stress tolerance• Improve blood circulation and accelerate healing stomach upset, chills, headache, etc.) This plant food process also addresses the circulatory system of both men and• Reduce menopausal symptoms women.• Rich in vitamins A, E, and B12. Ingredients: Dong-quai root, Angelica Sinensis (oliv), Diels. Pearl’s unique formula addresses the female reproductive Pearl system, while bringing out the natural beauty of the skin. (100* 500 mg capsules) The ingredients in Pearl help to improve the metabolic circulation, increase vigor, prevent disease and preserve Reproductive System youth. The herbal ingredients contained in the Pearl formula (such as Luffa) have long been revered by women as beauty aids for their skin. They also consider herbs such as DongPossible Benefits Quai to be very nourishing for the female organs. Pearl• Rich in calcium appears to nourish and stabilize the processes of the female• Reduction of wrinkles hormone system and is purported to strengthen the• Improved skin tone integumentary, skeletal and muscular systems. It is a good• Relief from menstrual cramping source of calcium.• Menstrual regularity• Relief from premenstrual syndrome Ingredients: Proprietary blend (Pearl powder), Luffa (stem• Smoother transition to menopause and fruit), Chinese date (Jujube), Dong quai, Ginseng, Royal jelly, Lotus (seed), Licorice (root), Chrysanthemum• Enhanced sexual response (flower).• Greater emotional stability Ji-Lin Ginseng Ginseng is known as the king of herbs. It is believed to be a (100* 450mg Capsules) source of nutrition with lots of power. The Ginseng used by E. Excel is grown in the Ji-Lin province of China: It takes Every System eight years to fully mature without the aid of chemical fertilizers. It is considered to be the best ginseng available. Herbalists believe Ginseng helps to regulate blood pressure,Possible Benefits relieve feverish and inflammatory illnesses, reduce• Promote both mental and physical vigor hemorrhage, and improve circulation. It has been used as a• Overcome fatigue and stress restorative drug, a sedative, a psychic energizer, and an• Increase brain cells’ health agent to counter senile changes and prolong vital force.• Reduce arthritis pain Women have taken it for everything from normalizing menstruation to easing childbirth. A valuable source of• Enhance body’s natural vitality and strength. nutrition for the whole body. Ingredients: Panax ginseng C.A. (Ji-lin ginseng) 16
  18. 18. 17 S.T. S.T. nourishes the body so that it can better maintain a (100* 500mg Capsules) healthy nervous system. It. is formulated to soothe and balance the nervous system, assist with the effects of stress Nervous System and help the brain to concentrate better. ST may assist with feeling calm, alert, capable all day, sleeping peacefully at night and overcoming addictions to various substances. It may also assist with attention deficit disorder or hyper-Possible Benefits activity. It also nourishes the skin.• Increased alertness, focus and concentration• Relief from pain and minor discomfort. Ingredients: Chinese privet, Multiflowered knotweed,• Increased capacity to handle stress Pearl powder, Chinese dodder, Chrysanthemum flower,• Relief from addictive cravings Ginseng.• Increased confidence• Improved sleep quality• Reduced nervousness or anxiety Vision Vision contains grape seed extract, a plant food rich in (60* 420 mg Capsules) proanthocyanidins (OPC). Our bodies do not naturally produce OPC, making plant foods our only source of this incredibly beneficial substance. The antioxidant activity of Circulatory System OPC is significantly greater than that of vitamins E, C and Eyes beta carotene. Research has shown this powerful antioxidant to be healthy for the body and the eyes. OPCPossible Benefits from grape seeds is a powerful antioxidant which protects us• Stabilize and strengthen eyes from allergies, works as a strong anti-inflammatory,• Protect against eye disease strengthens the immune system and maintains tissue• Speed recovery & regeneration of the eyes elasticity.• Stabilize retinopathic lesions & macular degeneration Ingredients: Grape seed extract, Cassia tora L extract• Protect cardiovascular system• Strengthen capillary resistance• Lowers cholesterol W.L. W.L.’s low calorie plant foods assist the body’s natural (120* 500mg Capsules) metabolic processes. W.L. is designed to nourish and balance the body’s fat metabolism. When the body is completely balanced, it will know when to store fat and Metabolic System when not to. The body is really a very complex organic machine with a large number of interrelated systems working together to achieve balance. (Modern medicine calls this balance homeostasis).Possible Benefits Ingredients: Bee pollen, Ginseng root, Cassia tora L seed,• Stabilize the metabolism Chrysanthemum flower, Tangerine peel, Peach seed, Black• Provide balance to overall body bean, Chinese date, Oriental lotus leaf, Reed (Phragmites) (Rhizome). 17
  19. 19. 18 Daily Pack Combos Daily Nutrition Pack (DNP) The body requires literally thousands of different nutrients to keep its systems running smoothly. The DNP provides a valuable source of pure nutrients to complement every body system, without all the fat and calories. It contains a 30-day supply of morning and evening products to provide maximum nutrition as a healthy convenient fast food. OverContents plus 2 small packs*: 35 herbal foods have been proven over centuries to keep theDNP Original (I): 2-Nutriall Origianl; 1-Triflora body healthy. The DNP is specially designed to cleanse, nourish and balance the systems of the body on a dailyDNP Enjoi (II): 2-Enjoi; 1-Refresh basis. If you want to stay healthy and/or get your healthDNP Berry (III): 2-Nutriall Berry; 1-Triflora back, then eat the DNP every day. There are three differentDNP Nutrifresh (IV): 2-Nutrifresh; 1-Refresh packs to choose from, each varying slightly. Ask an E. *In each DNP pk, there are two morning capsule Excel distributor for more information.bottles and two evening capsule bottles which containsimilar ingredients as in ACT, Circle, Concenergy,D.I., Noco, S.T. Millennium The main ingredient of Millennium is cactus. Cactus has (750 ml btl/1000ml cheer pack) tremendous life force and contains thousands upon thousands of phytochemicals. Many studies have proven that phytochemicals inhibit cancer growth and even prevent cancer from developing. The effects of cacti on the immune system are nothing short of amazing. Millennium provides ideal nourishment for the overall body to achieve optimum health and is a must for people with depleted immune systems. E. Excel has spent countless hours testing, and retesting, to discover the proper processing and stabilization techniques to create this remarkable elixir without destroying its natural properties & nutrients.Dr. Chen won first place award for Millenniumat the 1996 Conference of World Traditional Millennium: Prickly pear cactus pad extract, Royal jelly,Medicine. Honey.Possible Benefits Millennium Red: Prickly pear cactus pad extract, Sorbitol.• Stronger Immune System Other Ingredients in both Millenniums: Deionized water,• Inhibit & prevent cancer growth Natural orange and lemon flavors, fructose, (citric acid,• Stronger resistance to all diseases ascorbic acid, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate to• Increased energy preserve freshness in bottled Millennium only. No preservatives in cheer pack).• Lower cholesterol levels• Speed up wound healing• Alleviate inflammation• Lessen scar formation 18
  20. 20. 19 Poly5 For centuries, mushrooms have played an active role in (180 capsules, 400 mg) maintaining health. Today, science validates tradition. E. Excel’s Poly5 is a concentrated blend of mushrooms with standardized ingredients to provide you with the optimum balance of polysaccharides to ensure good health. Make today a Poly5 day!Possible Benefits: Ingredients:• Strengthen Immune system Agaricus Blazel Murill (ABM) Mushroom,• Inhibit cancer growth and recurrence Coriolus Versicolor Mushroom, Shitake Mushroom,• Prolong survival for terminally diagnosed cancer Ganoderma Mushroom, patients Maitake Mushroom• Fight viruses• Fight aids• Enhance healing effect• Benefit to asthmatics• Anti-inflammatory• Enhance energy ABM Mushroom Maitake Ganoderma Mushroom Mushroom• Increase thinking faculty• Prevent forgetfulness• Associated with longevity Coriolus Versicolor Shitake• Prevent high blood pressure, diabetes, Mushroom Mushroom obesity and high cholesterol. Symphony of Excellence is specifically arranged by Dr. Jau- Fei Chen to create a harmonious balance in your body and in Symphony of Excellence your life. Ingredients: This package is the combination of the following 3 E. Excel powerful products: Millennium , Poly5 , Daily Nutrition Pack Capsules.Possible BenefitsProvide a strong foundation of balanced dailynutrition. Ginberry Ingredients: White Mulberry Leaf, Lycium, Imperata (180 capsules, 400mg) (rhizome), Citrus peel, Bitter melon, Asian ginseng berry and GelatinPossible Benefits:• Maintains glucose levels• Aids Weight loss• Increases stress resistance & calms the nerves• Prevents urinary disturbances• Fights fatigue 19
  21. 21. 20 Plant Essence Beverages Possible Benefits: Essence of • Twenty times more Vitamin C than in lemon. Vitamin C Time 1000% (140 ml, 4.76 fl.oz) • Anti-free radicals • Reduce cellular damage • Protect and renew collagen, slow down aging processIngredients: Water, Prickly pear cactus fruit, Fructose, All natural and contains no caffeine or preservativesRose concentrate, Lemon juice Essence of Possible Benefits: • Enhance stamina and energy Knowledge • Enhance memory and concentration (140 ml, 4.76 fl.oz) • Ideal for work or study All natural and contains no caffeine or preservativesIngredients: Water, Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng), Berryconcentrate, Grape juice, Fructose, Royal jelly, Honey Essence of Possible Benefits: • Delicious Play • High protein drink for children (140 ml, 4.76 fl.oz) • Boost the immune system • Boost in energyIngredients: Water, Concentrated bee pollen, Ginseng leaf,Grape juice, Fructose, Peach juice, Melon juice, Lemon All natural and contains no caffeine or preservativesjuice, Dried jasmine flowers Essence of Possible Benefits: • Balance the digestive system Simplicity • Help with the relief of digestive system problems (140 ml, 4.76 fl.oz) • Cleanse intestinesIngredients: Water, Proprietary blend (extracts of • Increase the beauty of the skinSterculia seed, Honeysuckle flower, Winter melon seed, • Rich in CalciumPearl, Ginger leaf), Sorbitol, Natural lemon flavor, Citric All natural and contains no caffeine or preservativesacid 20
  22. 22. 21 2.2 E. Excel Product Consumption’s Recommendations System Symptom of illness E.Excel Product Recommendation. • Herba: 1 pk/am; 1 pk/pm • Refresh: 1 pk/am; 1 pk/pm Rheumatoid arthritis; Multiple • ACT: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/pmMusculo-Skeletal system Sclerosis etc. • S.T.: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/pm • ART: 2 cpsl / am; 2 cpsl / pm • Herba: 1 pk/am; 1 pk/pm • Refresh: 1 pk/am; 1 pk/pm Osteoporosis; Back pain; • Circle: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/pm • S.T.: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/pm • ART: 2 cpsl / am; 2 cpsl / pm • Concenergy: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/pm • Herba: 1 pk/am; 1 pk/pm Gout • Refresh : 1 pk/am; 1 pk/pm • W.L. : 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/pmNervous System Muscle Pain; Spasms; insomnia; • Herba: 1 pk/ am, 1 pk/pm stress; depression; headaches; • S.T.: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/pm Parkinson’s disease; • Concenergy: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/pm hypertension Hyperthyroid; • DNP (III): 1 pk/dayEndocrine System hypothyroid; • Millennium: 20 ml/am; 20 ml/pm • Refresh: 1 pk/am; 1 pk/pm • ACT: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/pm Acne; anorexia; bulimia; graves’ • DNP (III): 1 pk/day disease (exophthalmia goiter); • Refresh: 1 pk/am; 1 pk/pm acromegaly; etc • Concenergy: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/pm Diabetes • Millennium Red: 20 ml/am; 20 ml/pm • Refresh: 1 pk/am; 1 pk/pm • ACT: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/pm • Vision: 1 cpsl/am; 1 cpsl/pm • Concenergy (if high blood pressure): 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/pmCardiovascular system Irregular heartbeat; • DNP (III): 1 pk/day (arrhythmia/palpitations); high • Herba: 1 pk/am; 1 pk/pm blood pressure; high cholesterol; • Circle: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/pm strokes • S.T.: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/pm 21
  23. 23. 22 System Symptom of illness E.Excel Product Recommendation.Cardiovascular system Arteriosclerosis • DNP (III): 1 pk/day • Herba : 1 pk/am; 1 pk/pm • Circle: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/pm • ACT: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/pm • S.T.: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/pm • Concenergy: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/pm gallstones; parasites; vomiting, • D.I.: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/pmDigestive System etc. • Li-Dan: 1 pk/am; 1 pk/pm • S.T.: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/pm hepatitis • Li-Dan: 1 pk/am; 1 pk/pm; 1 pk/pm • Enjoi: 1 pk/am; 1 pk/pm • ACT: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/noon; 2 cpsl/pm • Poly5: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/noon; 2 cpsl/pm • Millennium: 20 ml/am; 20 ml/pm **At least take those product for 6 months diarrhea • DNP III: 1 pk/day • S.T.: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/pm • Concenergy: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/pm • D.I.: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/pm Peptic ulcers • D.I.: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/pm • Enjoi: 1 pk/am; 1 pk/pm Hemorrhoids; constipation • DNP III: 1 pk/day • Li-Dan: 1 pk/am; 1 pk/pm • Evernew: 1 table spoon/ am; 1 table spoon/ pm • DNP III: 1 pk/dayImmune System • Millennium Red: 30 ml each time, 3 Cancer times per day • Refresh: 1 pk/am; 1 pk/noon; 1 pk/pm • Li-Dan: 1 pk/am; 1 pk/pm • Poly5: 6 cpsl/am; 6 cpsl/noon; 6 cpsl/pm Allergies • Trifloia: 2 pk/day • Noco: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/noon; 2 cpsl/pm • ACT: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/noon; 2 cpsl/pm • Evernew: 1 table spoon/ am; 1 table spoon/ pm • Autoimmune diseases • DNP III: 1 pk/day • Millennium: 30 ml/am; 30 ml/pm • Refresh: 1 pk/am; 1 pk/noon; 1 pk/pm • Concenergy: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/pm • S.T.: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/pm 22
  24. 24. 23 System Symptom of illness E.Excel Product Recommendation.Respiratory System Pneumonia; tuberculosis; • Trifloia: 2 pk/day allergies; colds; flu; asthma; • Noco: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/noon; 2 cpsl/pm bronchitis; emphysema; mucus; • ACT: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/noon; 2 cpsl/pm sore throats, etc. • Evernew: 1 table spoon/ am; 1 table spoon/ pmUrinary System Kidney stones; bladder • Refresh: 1 pk/am; 1 pk/noon; 1 pk/pm infections; kidney infections, etc. • ACT: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/noon • Millennium: 20 ml/am; 20 ml/pmReproductive System Irregular menstruation; Male: DNP I: 1 pk/day endometriosis; infertility; Refresh: 1 pk/am; 1 pk/noon; 1 pk/pm menopausal symptoms; Concenergy: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/pm impotence; prostate problem, S.T.: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/pm etc. Female: DNP II: 1 pk/day Refresh: 1 pk/am; 1 pk/noon; 1 pk/pm Concenergy: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/pm Pearl: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/pm S.T.: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/pmIntegumentary System Acne; cysts; baldness; eczema; • DNP III: 1 pk/day skin; diseases, etc. • Refresh: 1 pk/am; 1 pk/noon; 1 pk/pm • Li-Dan: 1 pk/am; 1 pk/pm • Pearl: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/pm • Evernew: 1 table spoon/ am; 1 table spoon/ pmSensory System Glaucoma; cataract; keratitis; • Trifloia: 2 pk/day buzzing in the ears, weak of • Noco: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/noon; 2 cpsl/pm hearing • ACT: 2 cpsl/am; 2 cpsl/noon; 2 cpsl/pm • Evernew: 1 table spoon/ am; 1 table spoon/ pm 23
  25. 25. 242.3 Healing Reaction (or Cleansing Effect) Some consumers might experience feelings of discomfort after taking E. Excel Products. This may be stronger if the person has been suffering physical weakness for a long time. This is not a side effect. This is a healing reaction or reconstruction of the body. Three major phenomena of the healing reaction: 1) Natural adaptive phenomenon. Muscles will slowly degenerate if there is no exercise for a long time. Heavy exercise will result in muscle weakness, pain and an uncomfortable feeling. These are not side effects but rather adaptive reactions. To get rid of all these symptoms and restore the muscles’ normal function, there is only one way. Ignore the pain, continue to exercise and one day the pain will disappear naturally. This is what we call, ‘natural adaptive phenomenon’. 2) Protective phenomenon Body pain indicates problems and forces the body to have a rest. Both pain and rest help the body to accelerate the healing process. The pain is the command which orders the body to protect itself. During this adaptive period, do not try to kill the pain or fight against tiredness if you still can bear it. Use E. Excel products to support a weaker body by providing balanced and high quality nutrients which will speed up the healing process. 3) Addiction Ceasing Phenomenon Smokers will not feel comfortable when they quit smoking, nor will meat lovers if they change their diet to a vegetarian or low-meat diet. This discomfort is regarded as ‘addiction ceasing phenomenon’. Individuals on E. Excel cleansing products will show the addiction ceasing reaction because most stimulants will be washing out as the body re-adapts itself. As the individual continues using the E. Excel products, that adaptive period will be shortened. Process of Perfection From what you can visualize and feel with a cost to pay. 24
  26. 26. 252.4 How to Take the E. Excel Products Take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 in the evening with cool or room temperaturewater on an empty stomach as a general rule. It is preferable not to eat for about an hourafterwards. For a person with a serious illness or who wants to speed up their recovery time,please increase the dosage 2 or three times. 1. All the drinks in the pack (pk) (such as: Li-Dan, Refresh, Herba, Triflora, Enjoi, Nutrifresh, EverNew, DNP, Nutriall) to be prepared by using cold water or warm water, not hot water. Do not use hot water because it will destroy the nutrients. Do not heat the drink in a microwave oven. 2. All drinks can be mixed together and taken at the same time. 3. The products are organically grown, natural, wholesome foods and may be taken by expectant mothers and infants. 4. Anyone who has diabetes is advised not to take Li-Dan, Herba, Enjoi, Nutrifresh, Evernew, DNP (II), and Plant Essence beverages. 5. Anyone who has high blood pressure is advised not to take Concenergy, DNP (I), Ginseng, Essence of Knowledge. 6. For anyone who has allergies to any food, it is highly recommended that you check the ingredients in the products. 7. E. Excel products are highly concentrated herbal foods but not medicine. Consuming E. Excel products to help a body recover from its illness needs at least 6 to 12 months. 9. Millennium: Keep refrigerated after opening the bottle or the cheer pack. 10.Essense Beverages. Keep refrigerated after opening package. 25
  27. 27. 26Appendix 1 -- Awards and International Recognition In 1992, Dr. Chen won the Martin De La Cruz Award for her meritorious service March 8 as “Jau-Fei Chen Day” for in the area of traditional / alternative the state of California from 1996 on. medicine.At the 1996 Conference of World Traditional In 1997, Dr. Chen received one ofMedicine, Dr. Chen won two first awards for her greatest awards when she washer book, Plant Foods & Immunology: A named one of Ten Outstanding YoungScientific Approach, in the Thesis category, Americans based on her scientific andand for her formulation of Millennium, one of technological contribution.E.Excel beverages, in the Product category. 26
  28. 28. 2727
  29. 29. 28Appendix 2 Miraculous of Cactus 28
  30. 30. 29Appendix 3 The Benefits of Ginseng Berry 29
  31. 31. 3030
  32. 32. 3131
  33. 33. 32Appendix 3 The Benefits of Ginseng BerryAppendix 4 What Makes ABM Mushroom Unique 32
  34. 34. 3333
  35. 35. 34Appendix 4 What Makes ABM Mushroom Unique 34
  36. 36. 35 Nutritional Immunology ---- Is the Key to Your Health & Longevity!!! E. Excel InternationalThe information contained in these materials is included for reference and educational purposes only. It is not intended as asubstitute for the advice of a qualified medical professional. E. Excel International does not condone or advocate self-diagnosisor self-medication in any way. If you have a condition that requires medical diagnosis and treatment it is important that you visit 35a licensed health professional. The opinions expressed by the authors and contributing distributors do not necessarily reflect theopinions of E. Excel International.