Current Eec Programs For Shreveport


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This is a draft of city and parish projects that fit the activities and focus areas of the EECS

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Current Eec Programs For Shreveport

  1. 1. Current Energy Efficiency and Conservation Activities for the Shreveport Community -City of Shreveport, Caddo Parish and Caddo Parish School Board- 10.29.09 The following is a summary of the energy efficiency and conservation activities for the Shreveport community by focus area for the Comprehensive Energy Efficiency and Conservation Plan: Building Energy Efficiency: 1. Energy Efficiency upgrades to City Buildings – Lighting and HVAC upgrades that include 33 buildings? (number and square feet of buildings? Funding? Types of upgrades?) Clean and renewable Energy Sources: 1. Landfill Methane Recapture – The city has installed a methane recapture project at the landfill. The methane is used at the local General Motors assembly Plant. Waste and Pollution Reduction: 1. Curbside Recycling – The city has implemented curbside pickup for single stream recycling of most residential trash except food & hazardous waste. 2. Household hazardous Waste Collection – (Describe and how funded?) 3. Sewerage Sludge Recycling – 100% of the sewerage sludge from waste treatment is processed into “class EQ” materials for use on local farms. No sludge is going to the land fill. (how funded and how distributed?) 4. Recycling of Sewerage Effluent (Gray Water?) – A pipeline is being installed from a waste treatment plant to the Industrial Port of the Red River (funding? who uses? how processed?) 5. Ozone Abatement – The city has implemented an ozone abatement program (describe? Funding?) Transportation / Land Use: 1. Bio-diesel Fuel Blend to reduce fossil fuel use – a. City Diesel fuel fleet now uses a blend of 10% bio-diesel (how funded?) b. Caddo Parish is using B10 or B20 in the entire vehicle fleet c. Caddo Parish Schools are using B10 or B20 in the entire bus fleet
  2. 2. 2. Hybrid Electric Vehicles – Sportran is using 2 hybrid electric buses in their public transit fleet and the city is adding 3 hybrid electric cars. (Funding?) 3. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) – The City / Sportran is phasing in CNG for the bus transit fleet of (number?) buses (how funded?) 4. Intelligent Transportation System – the city is installing in phase an intelligent traffic signalization system (status? And how funded?) 5. Vehicle Pollution Control – Caddo Parrish and Coddo Parish School Board received grant funding to install pollution control equipment on their diesel fleets Green Business Incentives / Workforce: Energy Education / Outreach: Other: