Respect your kids

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  • 2. Children take their cues from their parents andteachers. When kids spend more time withrespectful adults, they tend to show more respect topeople. Remember, all kinds of shouting, cursing,swearing and yelling are transferred to the child andgive out wrong signals. Young ones have a habit ofimitating their parents and teachers and oncedisrespectful behaviour is instilled, it takes years ofrefining to negate it. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN
  • 3. Here are 7 simple ways to makingyour child or student morerespectful. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN
  • 4. Be the role modelIf you want the kids to behave in a particularmanner, you have to behave in the same waytoo. You cannot rave and rant and expect thekids to be polite. Speak to them with respectand you will be surprised not only by theirrespect but a radical change in theirbehaviour. At the same time you need to treatothers with respect too so that the kids cansee and emulate. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN
  • 5. Raise your expectationsChildren react according to what the situationdemands. If you are lenient, chances are theywill take you lightly. But if you have high levelsof expectations from them in terms of respectthen they will also rise to the occasion. Whileraising your expectations do remember thatthey are kids and not adults. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN
  • 6. Teach themEmulating and learning is the best way to fosterrespect among small children. But once in a whileyou need to teach them the proper ways to showrespect. This can be done by role playing situationswhere you spell out the actual salutations oretiquettes that they need to follow. As you cannotexpect them to face all kinds of situations in theconfinements of the home or classroom, enactscenes from real life situations and train theirbehaviour accordingly. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN
  • 7. Applaud themWhen children use respectful language ordisplay polite behaviour, then praise themwholeheartedly. Say that you are proud ofthem. Recognize their efforts and this willmake them more positive in their approach.Reprimanding happens very often, but howmany of us actually applaud good behaviour. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN
  • 8. Illustrate to themOf course one way is by behaving in the wayyou want them to behave. The other is pickingout incidents from real life and discussing withthe child. The incidents can be both positiveand negative. When you witness a scenewhere another child is being disrespectful,point this out to your child. Discuss the wrongway in which the child is behaving and howthis could have been different. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN
  • 9. Correct themBe firm with the kids but do not show themdisrespect while trying to instill respect inthem. Do not give in to display of disrespect atany time. Do not postpone reprimandingthem for later. Do it instantly so that the childis careful in future not to behave in a similarmanner. But while pointing out disrespectfulbehaviour, see to it that you don’t humiliatethe child in front of others. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN
  • 10. Reward themRespect should be an all time thing so how doyou reward them every time? The rewardshould be in the form of extra responsibilitiesand privileges along with praise andrecognition. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN
  • 11. Teaching respect to kids as a parent or as a teacher is not a one time thing but should be an all time effort. As a parent or as a teacher, this can take time and try your patience along with the need to practice what you preach all the time. But remember, once the respect has been instilled and comes from within, no amount of anger or disrespect can dislodge it. So, it’s well worth the effort to create a generation of respectful info@udgamschool.comThaltej, Ahmedabad-380 054 Phone: 07926850339Gujarat , India 99251 53153 UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN