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POSIX Realtime and Evented Patterns presented at Barcamp PT, September 2009

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Barcamp PT

  1. POSIX Realtime Evented Patterns An introduction to AIO, IO reactors, callbacks and context switches Lourens Naudé Trade2win Limited
  2. The Call Stack 09/12/09 The Call Stack 2
  3. The Call Stack 09/12/09 3
  4. The Call Stack Keeps track of subroutine execution (call + return) Dynamic, grows up or down depending on machine architecture Composed of n-1 stack frames Frequently includes local data storage, params, additional return state etc. Optimized for a single action Ordered Usually a single call stack per process, except ... 09/12/09 4
  5. Context Switches 09/12/09 Threads + Fiber / Coroutine overheads 5
  6. Context Switches A stack per Thread / Fiber Context specific data Transient long running contexts are memory hungry Guard against transient threads with a pre- initialized Thread pool Threaded full stack Web Apps == expensive context switches clean_backtrace ? 09/12/09 6
  7. Ruby Threads 09/12/09 Green Threads 7
  8. Ruby Threads 09/12/09 8
  9. Ruby Threads Scheduled with a timer (SIGVTALRM) every 10ms Each thread is allowed a 10ms time slice Not the most efficient scheduler Coupled with select with IO multiplexing for portability Can wait for : fd, select, a PID, sleep state, a join MRI 1.8: Green Threads, cheap to spawn + switch MRI 1.9: Native OS threads, GIL, more expensive to spawn JRuby: Ruby thread == Java thread 09/12/09 9
  10. Fibers 09/12/09 Coroutines 10
  11. Fibers 09/12/09 11
  12. Fibers A resumable execution state Computes a partial result – generator Yields back to it's caller Caller resumes Facilities for data exchange Initial 4k stack size and very fast context switches MRI 1.9 and JRuby only Cooperative scheduling for IO 09/12/09 12
  13. Reactor Pattern 09/12/09 IO Reactor Pattern 13
  14. Reactor Pattern 09/12/09 14
  15. Reactor Pattern Main loop with a tick quantum ( 10 to 100ms ) Operations register themselves with the reactor Process forked, fd readable, cmd finished, timer fired, IO timeout etc. Callbacks and errbacks Reactor notified by lower level subsystems : select, epoll, kqueue etc. Twisted (Python), EventMachine (Ruby, c++, Java) 09/12/09 15
  16. Reactor and Contexts 09/12/09 Best Practices for Multi Threading 16
  17. Reactor and Threads Operations fire on the reactor thread Enumerated and invoked FIFO Blocking operations block the reactor Defer: schedule an operation on a background thread Schedule: push a deferred context back to the reactor thread 09/12/09 17
  18. Blocked Reactor 09/12/09 18
  19. Reactor with a deferred operation 09/12/09 19
  20. System Calls 09/12/09 Syscalls and the Kernel 20
  21. Syscalls and the Kernel 09/12/09 21
  22. Syscalls and the Kernel Function calls into the OS: read,write,fork,sbrk etc. User vs Kernel space context switch, much more expensive than function calls within a process Usually implies data transfer between User and Kernel Important to reduce syscalls for high throughput environments Some lift workloads ... sendfile: request a file to be served directly from the kernel without User space overhead 09/12/09 22
  23. POSIX Realtime (AIO) 09/12/09 POSIX Async IO extensions 23
  24. POSIX Realtime (AIO) Introduced in Linux Kernel 2.6.x Floating spec for a number of years, currently defined in POSIX.1b Implementation resembles browser compat Fallback to blocking operations in most implementations Powers popular reverse proxies like Squid, Nginx, Varnish etc. 09/12/09 24
  25. And then there were Specs 09/12/09 25
  26. AIO Control Blocks 09/12/09 AIO Control Blocks 26
  27. Control Block Struct 09/12/09 27
  28. AIO Control Blocks File descriptor with proper r/w mode set Buffer region for read / write Type of operation: read / write Priority: higher priority == faster execution Offset: Position to read from / write to Bytes: Amount of data to transfer Callback mechanism: no op, thread or signal Best wrapped in a custom struct for embedding domain logic specific to the use cases 09/12/09 28
  29. AIO Operations 09/12/09 AIO Operations 29
  30. AIO Operations on a single fd 09/12/09 30
  31. AIO Operations on a single fd aio_read: sync / async read aio_write: sync / async write aio_error: error state, if any, for an operation aio_error and EINPROGRESS to simulate a blocking operation aio_cancel: cancel a submitted job aio_suspend: pause an in progress operation aio_sync: forcefully sync a write op to disk aio_return: return status from a given operation Uniform API, single AIO Control Block as arg 09/12/09 31
  32. AIO List Operations 09/12/09 AIO List Operations 32
  33. AIO list operations 09/12/09 33
  34. AIO list operations Previously mentioned API still have a syscall per call overhead lio_listio: submit a batch of control blocks with a single syscall Modes: blocking, non-blocking and no-op Array of control blocks, number of operations and an optional callback as arguments Callback fires when all operations done Callbacks from individual control blocks still fire Useful for app specific correlation 09/12/09 34
  35. AIO and Syscalls 09/12/09 AIO Syscalls 35
  36. 8 files, read 09/12/09 36
  37. 8 files, async read 09/12/09 37
  38. Revisit Threads and Fibers 09/12/09 Threads and Fibers, revisited 38
  39. Revisit Threads and Fibers Concept from James “raggi” Tucker Cheap switching of MRI green threads Lets embrace this … Stopped threads don't have scheduler overhead 09/12/09 39
  40. Revisit Threads and Fibers 09/12/09 40
  41. Fibered IO Interpreter 09/12/09 Fibered IO Interpreter 41
  42. Fibered IO Interpreter Thread#sleep and Thread#wakeup for pooled or transient threads Stopped threads excluded by the scheduler saves 10ms runtime per stopped thread when IO bound Model fits very well with existing threaded servers like Mongrel No need for an IO reactor – we delegate this to the OS and syscalls 09/12/09 42
  43. Links 09/12/09 Links and References 43
  44. Links and References A few related projects Event Machine repository http://github/methodmissing/aio Work in progress AIO extension for MRI, API in flux, but usable http://github/methodmissing/callback A native MRI callback object http://github/methodmissing/channel Fixed sized pub sub channels for MRI 09/12/09 44
  45. Questions ? 09/12/09 Q&A 45
  46. Thanks! @methodmissing (github / twitter) 09/12/09 Thanks for listening 46